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Acceptability of Preaching
      "It is not our business to make the message acceptable, but to make it available. We are not to see that they like it, but that they get it." Dr. Vance Havner ... read more

Advice to Young Preachers
      "Do not make cronies of any of your flock for your buddy may turn out to be your biggest problem. Do not talk your views, preach them. Dr. Jowett expressed himself from the pulpit but had little to say in general conversation. Do not accept gifts that ... read more

Applying Preaching
      There are many people who do not mind a man preaching against sin unless he begins to name them. Naming them is actually applying the truth to our lives-but some want to call it meddling. Knowing myself as well as I do, if a preacher does not get on so ... read more

Availability for Preaching
      A man who listened once to D.L Moody was very critical of his grammar and reprimanded him for it. Moody's response was:" I wish my grammar were better. I wish I had a better education, but I am using all the grammar I have for the glory of God. Are y ... read more

Clarity In Preaching
      "A preacher ought to so preach, that when the sermon is ended, the congregation shall disperse saying, "The preacher said this." Martin Luther ... read more

Conditional Preaching
      The following came out in a minister's sermon as it was addressed to a fashionable congregation: "Brethren, unless you repent, in a measure, and be converted, as it were, you will, I regret to say, be damned to some extent." God save us from that ki ... read more

Content of Preaching
      "Make Jesus your theme! I have seen preachers espouse causes and champion movements, and when the cause died and the movement collapsed, the preacher vanished too. But, the man who glories in Christ never grows stale." The Vance Havner Quote Book ... read more

Conviction In Preaching
      David Hume, the agnostic, was reproached by some of his friends because on his inconsistency in going to church each Sunday to hear the orthodox Scottish minister John Brown. Defending himself, he replied, "Well, I don't believe all that he says, but ... read more

Crowds in Preaching
      A young preacher once asked John Wesley," How can I get crowds to attend my church services?" Wesley replied," Get on fire and people will come out to see you burn." Knight's Master Book of Illustrations ... read more

Decision in Preaching
      Pastor L.G. Broughton tells how he was invited to preach in one of the leading churches of a large city. He went into the pulpit with a special sense of God's presence. When he finished his evangelistic sermon, the Holy Spirit impressed upon him that ... read more

Definitions of Preaching
      "Preaching is the communication of truth by man to men. The truest truth communicated in any other way than through the personality of brother man to man is not preached truth." --Dr. Phillip Brooks-- Spurgeon said "It is the truth of God med ... read more

Depth In Preaching
      "Depth is not manifested in using complicated terms but through evidence of a personal walk with and knowledge of God." -Dr. Tom Walker- ... read more

Discouragement In Preaching
      A very discouraged and overworked pastor went every day to a railroad track to watch an express train streak by. An observe asked, "Pastor, why do you come here every day to see the Dixie Flyer go by?" His response was:"Well, I do like to see someth ... read more

Dry Preaching
      A man who spoke little English gave this description of a sermon he had heard: he said "Big wind. Much lightening. Loud thunder. No rain!" -Selected- ... read more

Effect of Preaching
      "What once almost made us leap in the aisle, now almost puts us to sleep in the pew." –Unknown-- ... read more

Excitement In Preaching
      "A preacher once put his hand down on a wasp in the pulpit and let out a yell that could be heard all over the churchyard. One listener in the congregation nudged his companion and said, "I am going to like this preacher!" -- Unknown-- ... read more

Experience Before Preaching
      "Any preacher who preaches beyond that which he has experienced is incapable of preaching with conviction." -Billy Graham- ... read more

Favor In Preaching
      "If the audience is entirely in favor of the preacher, then let him beware. He may fall into all sorts of aimlessnesses and carelessnesses." -Dr. G. Campbell Morgan- ... read more

Fearlessness In Preaching
      Years ago in my first church, there was a very elderly, godly man with which I talked very often. At one time we were going through a very trying time in the church because my preaching was a bit too rough for some of the members. The old gentleman gav ... read more

Fervency In Preaching
      "I preach as never sure to preach again, as a dying man to dying men." -Richard Baxter- ... read more

Grammar In Preaching
      A man had an illiterate pastor. When someone questioned him about it, the man said, "Well, I'd rather hear a preacher say, "I seen," who saw something, than to hear one say "I saw," who ain't saw nothin'." My Favorite Illustrations--Hobbs ... read more

      There is one person in your church,who knows your preacher's life. She's wept and smiled and prayed with him, and that's your preacher's wife! She knows one prophet's weakest point, and knows his greatest power.She's heard him speak in trumpet t ... read more

Hints For Preaching
      For young preachers 1. Endeavor to preach without notes 2. Avoid repetition 3. Be natural( be yourself) 4. Make a clearly defined outline 5. Wisely choose your illustrations 6. Carefully prepare your introduction that you might capture the audience ... read more

Necessities for Preaching
      Three elements always found. 1-Truth 2-Clarity 3- Passion Dr. G. Campbell Morgan ... read more

Need of Preaching
      Nineteen out of every twenty who receive the Lord Jesus as Saviour do so before they reach the age of 25. Dr. Wilbur Chapman tested a meeting where 4,500 were present and found the following results: 400 was saved before 10 years of age 600 were saved ... read more

Objective of Preaching
      In the pulpit of the Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Teneessee are the words "Sir, we would see Jesus." Dr. Lee Roberson placed those there years ago to make clear who his ministry was all about-that being the Lord Jesus Christ. It would ... read more

Opportunities For Preaching
      "I've never done any politicking to get to preach anywhere. You don't need to know key men to get along. You need to know the "Keeper of the Keys." --Dr. Vance Havner-- ... read more

Passion In Preaching
      There was a great English actor in years gone by whose name was Macready. A famous preacher once said to him: "I wish you would explain something to me. Man said,"Well, what is it? I don't know that I can explain anything to a preacher." Preacher a ... read more

      OUR PASTOR NEVER STOPS Occasionally someone will say,"Our pastor never stops to visit in our home." If the pastor never stops at your home, you probably should thank God. It means death has not struck, that no serious illnesses have laid you low, th ... read more

Patience In Preaching
      "We do not always see the immediate results that we would like to see in our preaching endeavors. If we could only be like the farmer who plants a seed and would wait patiently to see the crop come up, we would be saved from many a sense of frustratio ... read more

Perseverance in Preaching
      Many faithful pastors have known intense hatred from some people in the church where they have pastored, who feel threatened by an uncompromising witness. In the book The Pastor In Profile, Adolph Bedsole wrote about troublemakers in the church who "t ... read more

Purpose of Preaching
      Someone told G. Campbell Morgan that the preacher must catch the spirit of the age. Immediately the great preacher responded by saying: "God forgive that preacher who does that. The preacher's business is to correct the spirit of the age not to catch ... read more

Qualifications For Preaching
      Martin Luther gave these ten qualifications for the preacher: 1. He should be able to preach plainly and in order. 2. He should have a good head. 3. He should have good power of speech. 4. He should have a good voice. 5. He should have good memory. ... read more

Quality In Preaching
      "Preaching has become tasteless with nothing to chew on, like boneless chicken stewed in cream. Half of what is said cancels the other half and ends with nothing. The most popular shelf in the homiletic market is the baby food department. Strong meat ... read more

Quality of Preaching
      A minister suddenly called away and unable to officiate at the Christmas services in his own church, entrusted his new assistant with the duty. When he returned home, he asked his wife what she thought of the young man's sermon. "The poorest I have e ... read more

Quotes on Preaching
      "We need more candid preaching and less can-died preaching." -Herschel Ford- "Soft soap in the pulpit will not cleanse the sinners in the pew." -Unknown- "Preaching is not telling what we have done but what God has done." -Dr. Tom Walker- "I ... read more

Resistance To Preaching
      "God pity the preacher who has grown cross-eyed watching certain faces in his congregation to observe whether the message is acceptable or not. "The fear of man bringeth a snare"(Prov. 29:25). The chilly countenances of resentful listners who must n ... read more

Response To Preaching
      "Preaching the truth either makes people sad, mad, or glad. Too many people leave church on Sunday neither sad, mad, or glad; they go out as they came in. Better to out mad than just go out!" -Dr. Vance Havner- ... read more

Spoiled Preaching
      The person who refuses to hear the Bible on money stops his ears to God's voice. Money occupies a great place in our lives. There is nothing wrong with this if we will listen to what God has to say on the subject. In a message on the subject of money, ... read more

Straight Preaching
      "People do not like to be called to holiness and righteousness, and will not flock to the prophet who calls to a straight and narrow way. It cost to do that kind of preaching." --Dr. Vance Havner-- ... read more

Structure In Preaching
      A preacher once stood as he preached on the text where God said to Adam-"Where art thou?" The preacher said,"I am going to make three divisions of this text. First, every man has to be somewhere. Secondly, some men is where they ought not to be. Thi ... read more

Studying For Preaching
      " Spurgeon fixed upon a text, and then, for many years gave it to his secretary, who was a minister, in his great library, saying "There is my text." Then that minister went through Spurgeon's library, which he had indexed for him, and brought ever ... read more

Success in Preaching
      Years ago I heard Dr. W.A. Criswell, who is the former Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, preach at a national convention meeting. In his sermon on "The Secret of A Preacher's Power, he listed three characteristics of a great preacher; fir ... read more


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