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      Blessed is he who expects little, for he shall have but little disappointment. Remember never to set thy desires very high. He that has aspirations to the moon, will be disappointed if he only reaches half as high; whereas, if he had aspired lower, he ... read more

      I heard of a brother who claimed to long having been a teetotaller, but some doubted. When he was asked how long he had been an abstainer, he replied, “Off and on for twenty years.” You should have seen the significant smile upon all faces. An abstaine ... read more

      Aspire to be something more than the mass of church members. Lift up your cry to God and beseech him to fire you with a nobler ambition than that which possesses the common Christian—that you may be found faithful unto God at the last, and may win many ... read more

      If they could but see that all their high joys do not exalt them, and all their low despondencies do not really depress them in their Father’s sight, but that they stand accepted in one who never alters, in one who is always the beloved of God, always ... read more

      Do much, very much, all you can do, and a little more. “How is that?” says one. I do not think a man is doing all he can do if he is not attempting more than he will complete. 1111.273 But, young friend, there is a difference, and more than a slight ... read more

      I think we have greater reason to ask the Lord to impress more deeply upon us the truth we have received than to ask him to give us more truth; for what we already know might suffice us if we did but know it better; and if we kept in mind the things wh ... read more

      There is nothing in the law of God that will rob you of happiness; it only denies you that which would cost you sorrow. 2419.305 It is that which thou art most loath to hear that thou hast most need to hear; instead of being angry with him who points ... read more

      He who has tasted a sour apple will have the more relish for a sweet one; your present want will make future prosperity all the sweeter. PT166 The dog in the kennel barks at the fleas; the hunting dog does not even know they are there. PT166 If th ... read more

      Well, brother, well, sister, remember that where your treasure is your heart will go, and if that treasure be taken away your heart must ache. 1210.10 The more objects you set your heart upon, the more thorns there are to tear your peace of mind to s ... read more

      They who dive in the sea of affliction bring up rare pearls. 619.145 Affliction hardens those whom it does not soften. 1129.484 Some of you people of God, when you get bitter waters, want to throw them away. Do not throw a drop of it away, for that ... read more

      It is a crime to permit our fires to burn low while experience yields us more and more abundant fuel. AM191 From the altar of age the flashes of the fire of youth are gone, but the more real flame of earnest feeling remains. ME556 As we grow older ... read more

      One walking with me observed, with some emphasis, “I do not believe as you do. I am an Agnostic.” “Oh,” I said to him. “Yes. That is a Greek word, is it not? The Latin word, I think, is ignoramus.” He did not like it at all. Yet I only translated his l ... read more

       Some time ago, I read in the paper of a gentleman being taken up before a magistrate. What was the charge against him? Nothing very serious, you will say. He was found wandering in the fields. He was asked where he was going, and he said he was not go ... read more

      The best way to make a man sober is to bring him to the foot of the cross. AM108 Those beer-shops are the curse of this country—no good ever can come of them, and the evil they do no tongue can tell; the publics were bad enough, but the beer-shops ar ... read more

      The wide awake man seizes opportunities or makes them, and thus those who are widest awake usually come to the front. 996.338 ... read more

      Men do not quarrel when their ambitions have come to an end. 2281.529 Do you not know that the higher you rise, even in the Church of Christ, the more responsibility you have, and the heavier burdens you have to carry? 2871.91 And it is much the sa ... read more

      “But,” says one, “are we not to have amusements?” Yes, such amusements as you can take in the fear of God. Do whatever Jesus would have done. GS291 I have nothing to say against recreation in its proper place. Certain forms of recreation are needful ... read more

      Big as men may account themselves to be on account of their ancestors, we all trace our line up to a gardener, who lost his place through stealing his Master’s fruit, and that is the farthest we can possibly go. Adam covers us all with disgrace, and und ... read more

      How angels thus keep us we cannot tell. Whether they repel demons, counteract spiritual plots, or even ward off the subtler physical forces of disease, we do not know. Perhaps we shall one day stand amazed at the multiplied services which the unseen ba ... read more

      Anger is a short madness. The less we do when we go mad the better for everybody, and the less we go mad the better for ourselves. PP36 Do nothing when you are out of temper, and then you will have the less to undo. PP37 Anger does a man more hurt ... read more

      Poor dumb animals cannot speak for themselves, and therefore every one who has his speech should plead for them. PP50 There’s a deal to be done with animals with kindness, and nothing with cruelty. He who is unmerciful to his beast is worse than a be ... read more

      Let us think what that death is! It is not non-existence; I do not know that I would lift a finger to save my fellow-creature from mere non-existence. I see no great hurt in annihilation; certainly nothing that would alarm me as a punishment for sin. WC ... read more

      Man becomes a bad enough sinner when he lives to be seventy; but what he became at seven hundred or more is somewhat difficult to guess. We wonder not that there were giants in those days—giants in crime as well as in stature. 1891.158 ... read more

       We have in spiritual matters things called liberty which are no liberty. There is Antinomian liberty—God deliver us from that! A man saith, “I am not under the law of God, therefore I will live as I like.” A most blessed truth followed by a most atroc ... read more

      We cannot be certain that a thing is right because it is old, for Satan is old, and sin is old, and death is old, and hell is old; yet none of these things are right and desirable on that account. TN95 ... read more

       But there are districts, especially rural districts, where indifference prevails; and the same state of things exists in various parts of London. It is not infidelity; the people do not care enough about religion to even oppose it. SW117 No wonder t ... read more

       I question whether Butler and Paley have not both of them created more infidels than they ever cured, and whether most of the defences of the gospel are not sheer impertinences. The gospel does not want defending. If Jesus Christ is not alive, and can ... read more

      The first step astray is a want of adequate faith in the divine inspiration of the Sacred Scriptures. DG13 In looking carefully over the history of the times, and the movement of the times, of which we have written briefly, this fact is apparent: tha ... read more

      Reason is folly with the unreasonable. PP58 Some people like rows—I don’t envy their choice; I’d rather walk ten miles to get out of a dispute than half-a-mile to get into one. PT73 Satan greatly approves of our railing at each other, but God does ... read more

      I believe it is a mistake about God himself which has been the root and foundation of all the mistakes in theology. Our conviction is, that Arminian theology, to a great extent, makes God to be less than he is. 394.370 The basis and groundwork of Arm ... read more

      Certain men might have been something if they had not thought themselves so. A consciously great man is an evidently little one. GF48 We know many persons who are always doing a great deal, and yet do nothing; fussy people, people to the front in eve ... read more

      When we are injured, we are bound as Christians to bear it without malice; but we are not to pretend that we do not feel it, for this will but encourage our enemies to kick us again. He who is cheated twice by the same man, is half as bad as the rogue; ... read more

      When we have good work to do for our Lord, we are glad of the company of kindred spirits, determined to make the good work succeed; but if we have no such comrades, we must go alone. There is no absolute necessity for numbers. Who knows? The friends we ... read more

       If thou canst believe, thou art saved. I cannot help quoting my brother Hill’s expression the other day: “He that believeth on me hath everlasting life” (John vi. 47) You know how he put it: “H A T H spells got it.” So it does; it is a curious but a p ... read more

      If a spot could be found wherein there would be no God, what a fine building speculation might be made there. Millions would emigrate to “No God’s land,” and would feel at ease, as soon as they trod its Godless shores. BA174 The atheist is, morally, ... read more

      Let me ask you, how many atheists are now in this house? Perhaps not a single one of you would accept the title, and yet, if you live from Monday morning to Saturday night in the same way as you would live if there were no God, you are practical atheis ... read more

      Never has there been a sin pardoned, absolutely and without atonement, since the world began. 255.241 What the sun is to the heavens, that the doctrine of a vicarious satisfaction is to theology. Atonement is the brain and spinal cord of Christianity ... read more

      I do not believe in an atonement which is admirably wide, but fatally ineffectual. BA143 I may be called Antinomian or Calvinist for preaching a limited atonement; but I had rather believe a limited atonement that is efficacious for all men for whom i ... read more

      Again let me remind you that the Scriptures plainly teach us that the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ has a universal bearing; and it seems to me that those who limit the value of the atonement do most seriously err from the faith. I believe the sac ... read more

      Chosen vessels of mercy, notwithstanding their backslidings, are brought back; but ah! remember that nine out of ten of those who backslide never were God’s people. 590.531 It is very easy to go back in the heavenly pilgrimage, but it is very hard to ... read more

       Balance your duties, and let not one press out another. BA21 We are to take care never to present one duty to God stained with the blood of another, but to balance and proportion our different forms of service, so that our life-work may be perfect a ... read more

       Why, I know tradesmen who have failed five or six times, and yet they think they are on the road to heaven; the scoundrels, what would they do if they got there? They are a deal more likely to go where they shall never come out till they have paid the ... read more

       I should think it a high sin and treason against heaven, if, believing that baptism signifieth immersion, and immersion only, I should pretend to administer it by sprinkling; or, believing that baptism appertaineth to believers only, I should consider ... read more

      Truth suffers nothing from free discussion, it is indeed the element in which it most freely exerts its power. We have personally known several instances in which sermons in defence of Infant Baptism have driven numbers to more Scriptural views, and we ... read more

       I do not question the safety of the soul that has believed, but I do say again, I would not run the risk of the man who, having believed, refuses to be baptized. 980.156 I feel shocked when I hear people say, “But it is not essential to salvation.” T ... read more

       Still, a few historical memoranda as to the Christians commonly called Baptists will not be out of place. Our own belief is that these people are the purest part of that sect which of old was everywhere spoken against, and we are convinced that they ha ... read more

       There is little virtue in the beauty which calls attention to itself; modest beauty is the last to extol its own charms. AM212 As for beauty, one of its most potent charms lies in its modest unconsciousness; it is greatly marred when accompanied by ... read more

       Believing is a matter of the will. A man does not believe without being willing to believe. 2305.197 If thou believest, thy belief will kill thy sinning, or else thy sinning will kill thy believing. The greatest argument against the Bible is an unho ... read more

       Reproaches from those who have been intimate with us, and trusted by us, cut us to the quick; and they are usually so well acquainted with our peculiar weaknesses that they know how to touch us where we are most sensitive, and to speak so as to do us ... read more

       They have no veils of ignorance or prejudice to darken their sight in heaven. Those of us who most candidly endeavour to learn the truth are nevertheless in some degree biased and warped by education. Let us struggle as we may, yet still our surroundi ... read more

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