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1 John 1
      HALF-HOURS WITH JOHN'S EPISTLES FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN CHAPTER I. PRELIMINARY NOTE THE words which open this First Epistle of St. John -- an appeal to three of the five senses in proof of the reality of Christ's body -- sh ... read more

1 John 2
      HALF-HOURS WITH JOHN'S EPISTLES FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN CHAPTER II. THUS far John has treated sin as a reality, and has exposed the fallacies by which its repugnance to the character of God is concealed, and its significance ... read more

1 John 3
      HALF-HOURS WITH JOHN'S EPISTLES FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN CHAPTER III. THE third chapter should begin with the last verse of the second, which speaks of being begotten of God. Then naturally the author describes the present charact ... read more

1 John 4
      HALF-HOURS WITH JOHN'S EPISTLES FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN CHAPTER IV. THE mention of the Spirit, the pentecostal gift, as decisive of the question whether God abides in believers, suggests that a safeguard should be set up agains ... read more

1 John 5
      HALF-HOURS WITH JOHN'S EPISTLES FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN CHAPTER V. IN this chapter true faith is described as acknowledging the Messiahship of Jesus, as experiencing the new birth, as aflame with love to God a ... read more

      THE facts relating to this eminent apostle which are recorded in the New Testament are soon told. He was the son, apparently the youngest son, of Zebedee and Salome, the sister of the Virgin Mary, "the mother of the Lord." Hence he was a first cousin to ... read more

2 John
      HALF-HOURS WITH JOHN'S EPISTLES THE SECOND EPISTLE OF JOHN. THIS Epistle is not catholic or general, because it is not addressed to the church in all lands, but either to an individual or, what is more probable, to a particula ... read more

      After the ascension of Christ, the history of the apostles whom He had trained is left in the utmost obscurity. Except James, who was early killed with the persecutors' sword in Jerusalem, we know not when, or where, or how any of the Eleven died. The Ac ... read more

3 John
      HALF-HOURS WITH JOHN'S EPISTLES THE THIRD EPISTLE OF JOHN. FOR the historical setting of this Epistle see Introduction, [Purpose & Historical Setting]. The record of this brief letter in the sacred Canon was probably ... read more

      His authorship is a striking characteristic of his old age. Sacred scholars now quite generally agree that his first book, the Apocalypse, was written early in the seventh decade of the first century, at about 64 to 67 A. D., describing the events of the ... read more

      There is in the New Testament no hint of John' s residence in Ephesus, but there is ample indirect proof of this fact. Christianity from the beginning of its conquest of the world entrenched itself in those great centres of influence, the great cities of ... read more

      The relation of the First Epistle to the Fourth Gospel is that of an application to a sermon, Or that of a comment to a history. The Epistle presupposes that the persons addressed possessed knowledge of the Gospel communicated either by John's voice or h ... read more

      In the estimation of deeply spiritual minds the First Epistle of John holds the highest place in that series of inspired writings which constitute the Bible. In the order of divine revelations it is probably the last. It may very properly be regarded as t ... read more

      It is exceedingly difficult to analyze the Epistle and discover the author's plan. Some scholars think that he had no clear and systematic arrangement of his ideas when he began to write. They assert that it is "an unmethodized effusion of the pious sen ... read more

      The most marked feature of the style is the constant occurrence of moral and spiritual antitheses, each thought has its opposite, each affirmative its negative; light and darkness, life and death, love and hate, truth and falsehood, children of God and ch ... read more

      The Epistle is not a designed compendium of systematic theology or handbook of Christian doctrine for catechetical training, being written not for the instruction of the ignorant, but expressly for those who "know the truth." Yet "in no other book in t ... read more

A Fundamental of Methodism
      I AM not a polemic. I naturally shrink from controversy. Unfavorable criticism is to me distasteful, doubly so when the object criticised is the production of a friend, a brother minister of the same Conference and colaborer in the same school of theology ... read more

A Kind of Second Blessing Needed by the Church
      THE author who speaks disparagingly of the "so-called second blessing" makes the following candid admission: We wholly agree with the good brethren who are leading in this movement, that the great mass of the members of our churches are in a very unsat ... read more

Address to Seekers of Full Salvation
      We would now address those who are sincerely and earnestly seeking perfect love, but who fail to understand the exhortation to a full surrender to Christ, and to have no will of their own. We are so created that we must regard our own welfare. Self-love i ... read more

All the Saved are Sanctified
      "THAT all the saved are sanctified and that there are no unholy children of God ought to be rung out constantly from the pulpit and prayer meeting." The writer of these words was not oblivious of Paul's words to the "brethren," "babes in Christ," i ... read more

An Address to Professors
      Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free. --ST. PAUL. It has been said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." This maxim may not in form be as old as St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, but it certainly is i ... read more

An Address to the Young Convert -- The Higher Path
      My Brother or Sister in Christ Jesus: permit an older soldier to offer a few words of advice to a new recruit in the army of the Lord. An ancient writer has wisely said, that there have been from the beginning two orders of Christians. The one live a harm ... read more

AN EXPOSITORY SERMON. (1 John 4: 17, 18.)
      "Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in ... read more

Apollos -- The Pulpit Taught by the Pew
      APOLLOS flashes like a splendid meteor through the Acts of the Apostles, and is gone. So brief is the view that we are liable to be mistaken respecting this character. We believe that the common conception of him is that he knew nothing of the Gospel of C ... read more

Bible Texts for Sin Examined
      Much of the controversy about sin results from the want of accuracy in the definition of this term. We do not in this chapter include in sin the involuntary deviations from the law of absolute right, but willful transgressions of the known law of God, wri ... read more

Christ our Sentinel
      "DON'T you know that a hat full of wind would have sent you straight to the bottom?" said the captain of a war-vessel to an old slave, who had ventured from Charleston, in a leaky skiff, risking life for liberty. "De good Lord habn't brought dis chil ... read more

Christian Perfection not Ideal
      0UR author is not satisfied with that perfection which consists in "loving God with the whole heart and having every action spring from love, which appears to be the popular modern synonym for Christian perfection, or entire sanctification." He quotes D ... read more

Christian Perfection not in the Articles of Religion
      IN his chapter on perfection, after quoting several different meanings, mostly of ideal perfection and not of evangelical, he says: "The Articles of Re ligion say nothing about it, although it is declared on all sides to be the chief and most distinctive ... read more

Cleansing Means Empowering
      ANOTHER evil effect of letting the dust gather on his dictionary is found in his invention of an unheard-of definition of the word "cleansing." He says: "We would suggest that 'empowering' is a much better term to use, and one less liable to mislead. ... read more

      n a recent struggle for a nation's life, when the volunteering spirit flagged, a conscription law was enacted. This law was designed to reinforce the weak patriotism of multitudes who shrank from the hardships and hazards of the camp. The drafted soldier ... read more

Definition Defined
      MILL in his logic says the most correct notion of a definition is "either the meaning it bears in common acceptation, or that which the writer, for the particular purposes of his discourse, intends to annex to it." If he invents new meanings of old word ... read more

Definition of Holiness
      Definition of Holiness. LET us now read the author's definition of holiness, the fundamental term in this book: Holiness is that condition of human nature wherein the love of God rules. The novelty of this definition is interesting and attract ... read more

Definition of Sin
      0UR author endeavors to reform an acknowledged abuse in the use of the term "sin," which "nearly all writers use in a variety of senses." It is a pretty big job to bring about a reform in all writers in theology, many in ethics, and some, like Brownin ... read more

Deliverance Deferred
      Having shown that Christ proposes to free the believer in this world not only from acts of sin, but from the sinful disposition inherent in fallen humanity, we proceed to enumerate certain ills which are the effects of sin, and wear its appearance, but ha ... read more

Depravity Defined
      THE author of Growth in Holiness has great aversion to a phrase in the Articles of Religion of his own Church, "Original sin." Even contempt seems to mingle with his abhorrence. Hear him: In the light of the truths now enunciated, it will, we trust, ... read more

      The importance of a correct answer to this question cannot be overestimated. St. Paul was chosen by our Lord Jesus, the sole author of the New Testament, to unfold in doctrinal form, after the gift of the Paraclete, those seed truths which Christ sowed in ... read more

Discrediting the Witnesses
      THE author thus kindly apologizes for Wesley's great doctrinal error of Christian perfection in this life as consciously received. He says: "They," that is, Wesley and his colaborers, "were surrounded by a mass of very ignorant followers, whose crude, ... read more

      It was the Psalmist who, according to the Septuagint version, testifies (Ps. 119:32), "I ran the way of thy commandments when thou didst enlarge my heart." In his early spiritual life there was in this Old Testament saint the same straitness, slowness a ... read more

Entire Sanctification a Limit to Growth
      THE conception of entire sanctification as a boundary line beyond which growth in holiness is impossible has been very widely spread, especially in Calvinistic circles. We are sorry that our author, whose education was under Arminianism of the best type, ... read more

Evidence of Entire Sanctification
      0NE of the cardinal truths of Methodism is the absolute freedom of man in all his moral acts. This word "absolute" is used to cut off all causation anterior to volition, which would make it an effect and not a cause. We teach that man is the sole and or ... read more

      To sustain his theory of successive acts of sanctification "up to light," our brother quotes 1 John 1, 7: "The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin." This is his exegesis: "It is not something finished in the past and left behind; ... read more

Experience Colored and Shaped by Theory
      IN his difficult work of invalidating testimony to instantaneous and entire inward purification our author says: "It is the simple truth that every man's experience, and hence his testimony, is colored and shaped by his theory. He puts his profession in ... read more

      Of late there has been earnest effort to restore to modern Christianity the lost charisms or extraordinary gifts of the Spirit described in 1 Cor. 12:4-11. The Irvingites, recently organized under the name of the Catholic Apostolic Church, profess to have ... read more

Five Years with the Indwelling Christ
      IT is the 17th of November, the anniversary of the spiritual manifestation of Jesus Christ to me as the perfect Saviour from all sin -- an event transcending all others in my sojourn on the earth. To the salvation wrought on that day so long as I can move ... read more

      The inner life of every person is inscrutable. We do not see the real self of our most intimate friend. But there are orifices through which the hidden man gleams forth. The mouth is one of these. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." ... read more

Freedom, Through Christ: Free In Christ
      "O for freedom, for freedom in worshipping God, For the mountain-top feeling of generous souls, For the health, for the air, of the hearts deep and broad, Where grace not in rills, but in cataracts, rolls!" WHAT is the object of Faber's inten ... read more

Full Salvation Immediatly Attainable
      There is no denial that entire sanctification is necessary to admission to heaven. There is in many minds a doubt respecting the attainment of perfect purity before death. It is thought, so long as the soul and body are united, the flesh must in some degr ... read more

Growth in Grace
      We are exhorted to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Some tell us that we find the true philosophy of Christian growth by reversing this order, and putting the knowledge of Christ first, as the means of increasing in grace. But the order ... read more

      James Arminius nearly three hundred years ago announced that "it is possible for a regenerate man to live without sin." This startled the high Calvinists, who charged him with a grave heresy. It was alleged that the ability not to sin, even though it be ... read more

How the Guidance of the Spirit may be Discriminated
      IN this chapter we propose to discuss the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and how it may be discriminated from the suggestions of our own minds and those of the tempter. The importance of this very difficult topic cannot be overstated. When Paul asserts that ... read more

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