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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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Psalms 112:7
      "THE FIXED HEART" Intro: This psalm open with Heb. word "Hallelujah" then it speaks of God's blessed (happy) man who "fears" God and delights greatly in Him commandments. I. "HE SHALL NOT BE AFRAID OF EVIL TIDINGS." A. These are da ... read more

Psalms 115
      I. EVERY MAN HAS A GOD. "THEIR (THE HEATHEN) IDOLS." A. Your god is the master passion of your life. 1. The driving force. 2. The ideals that control your actions. 3. The philosophy that governs ... read more

Psalms 115:8
      I JOHN 3:2 Intro: All men have capacity for God. Man cannot live without God. All men have a god. Every man is bound to an authority. I. THREE BASIC FORMS OF IDOLATRY IN O.T. A. Baal - Worship of nature - deification of intellect. ... read more

Psalms 116:12
      "A VITAL QUESTION" I. MANY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS IN THE BIBLE. A. First question God asked man, "Adam where art thou?" 1. Where are you in relation to God? a. Are you in rebellion? ... read more

Psalms 116:15
      "PRECIOUS IN THE EYES OF THE LORD, IS THE DEATH OF HIS SAINTS" I. GOD'S ESTIMATE OF THE CHRISTIANS DEATH, PRECIOUS. A. By many a strange epithet for death. 1. Death some fearful monster that snatches our loved ones ... read more

Psalms 118:22
      Intro: Prophecy is history written in advance. The detailing of events before they ever happen. I. THE PURPOSE OF PROPHECY. A. To provide a solid foundation for faith. 1. John 13:9 Jesus said, "And now I tell you..." ... read more

Psalms 119:9
      "THE WORD OF GOD" Intro: God has spoken to man! He has revealed himself to us so we might know His love, and His plan for our lies. He has given to us the rules for a rich, full, joyful life. How important it is to know and give heed ... read more

Psalms 121
      "JEHOVAH IS THY KEEPER" Intro: There are many times when we have depleted our own resources and must look beyond ourselves for help. . . Where do we turn? I. "FROM WHENCE COMETH MY HELP?" A. Some looking within themselves, I say "Ch ... read more

Psalms 121:1
       "MY SOURCE OF HELP" Intro: No matter how clever or resourceful you may be, sooner or later we reach a point where we must reach out for help. I. WHERE DO YOU TURN FOR HELP? A. Some turn to the mysterious power of a positive attitu ... read more

Psalms 127
      I. THE VANITY OF SELF EFFORT. A. In building the Lord's house. 1. Look at programs man has instituted to build the churches. 2. Methods devised to proclaim gospel. 3. World fast becoming totally ... read more

Psalms 132:23
      "SEARCH ME O GOD" Intro: Whole psalm a prayer. I. BEGINS WITH RECOGNITION; GOD KNOWS ME BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF. A. "O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me." 1. You know my highs and my lows. 2. You k ... read more

Psalms 135:15
      "THE DANGER OF FALSE CONCEPTS" Intro: "Everyone should believe in something." it doesn't matter what you believe, just so you are sincere. The children of Israel worshipped the golden calf and burned incense to it. Young men today worsh ... read more

Psalms 138:8
       "THE WORK OF THE LORD" Intro: This scripture not for everyone, the "me" was David so it is for those like David. Are you concerned about your soul? The things of the Spirit? This vs. for those who have experienced God's mercy. Thi ... read more

Psalms 139
      "SEARCH ME, O GOD" Intro: "Man know thyself" Most difficult, most painful. I. GOD'S KNOWLEDGE OF ME. A. My down sitting and uprising. 1. Nathaneal "Whence knowest thou me?" B. "Thou understandeth my thoughts afar o ... read more

Psalms 139:1
      "THE PRESENCE OF GOD" Intro: It is important that we come to the awareness of God's all pervading presence. King Ben-hadad. We are prone to think of the church as the place we meet God. I. HIS PRESENCE IN THE UNIVERSE. A. "If I asce ... read more

Psalms 144:15
      "THE HAPPY PEOPLE" I. "HAPPY IS THE PEOPLE." A. Happiness is a highly desired emotion. 1. It forms the basic stimuli for most advertising. 2. It seems to be the goal of every man. B. Happiness is very ... read more

Psalms 17:15
      SPIRITUAL SATISFACTION I. A WONDERFUL THING TO BE SATISFIED. A. True (Dissatisfaction has caused much trouble.. 1. A person dissatisfied with his ability to earn money. a. Lies or cheats. ... read more

Psalms 19:1
      "THE WORD OF THE LORD" Intro: Many times I have heard people say, "I wish God would speak to me," and all the while God is say, "I wish they would listen to me. I. HOW GOD SPEAKS TO MAN. A. "The heavens declare the glory of God. ... read more

Psalms 23
      I. GOD AS SHEPHERD. A. I shall not want. 1. For provision. a. "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures." 2. Refreshing. a. "He leadeth me beside the still wate ... read more

Psalms 2:6
      "THY KINGDOM COME" Intro: The second Psalm is a prophesy yet future when God shall turn over to Jesus Christ the reign of the earth. "Ask of Me." I. THE NEED OF HIS KINGDOM TO REIGN. A. We see the shambles Satan's reign has created ... read more

Psalms 32
      Intro: Experienced in this Psalm we have (sin bitterness, burden-conviction) (sorrow-floods of great water, prison) (silence - ignorance of God's way, God's voice silent). I. "O THE BLESSINGS OF TRANSGRESSION FORGIVEN, AND SIN COVERED." ... read more

Psalms 34:1
      "PRAISING GOD" Intro: A Psalm of David... A continual occupation. I. "I WILL BLESS THE LORD AT ALL TIMES." A. There are times when it is easy. 1. That spontaneous reaction to His grace. 2. Experience in mar ... read more

Psalms 37:1
      "RESTING IN THE LORD" Intro: We are living in a world of turmoil, there are pressures brought against us daily that create anxiety, worry and fear. I often cry out to God, "What do you want me to do?" He answers, "Just rest in Me." ... read more

Psalms 37:7
      "REST IN THE LORD" I. THE DIFFICULTY. A. We are living in a topsy turry world. 1. The wicked seem to prosper more than the righteous. 2. The wicked have the advantage, they are crooked, corrupt and prosperous. ... read more

Psalms 44:20
      "CAN THIS BE TRUE?" I. COMPARISON OF RUSSIA & U.S. BY ANASTAS I MIKOYAN. "Oh, you folks must not worry about the differences between the Russian & American philosophies of life. You believe in God. We do not. But we are both interested in a ... read more

Psalms 46
      "THE BELIEVER'S CONFIDENCE" I. STATEMENT OF CONFIDENCE - 1 - 3 A. Three things declared of God. 1. Refuge - hiding place - harbor - shelter. a. The conie is a feeble folk. 2. Streng ... read more

Psalms 46:7
      "THE LORD OF HOSTS" Intro: "God is our refuge and strength." The positive aspects of faith produces peace, courage, confidence. The negative aspects of doubt; produces fear, uncertainty, anxiety. He is my only refuge & strength. I. ... read more

Psalms 4:4
      "NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP" Intro: Doesn't that sound good? To some it might sound like a dream. More accurate "Now I lay me down to toss & turn to spend a restless night in fear and terror". Millions have to take a sleeping pill befo ... read more

Psalms 4:6
      "WHO WILL SHOW US ANY GOOD" Intro: There seems to be a restlessness in man within the core & fiber of his being. Note this question not asked by David. I. THE ORIGIN OF THIS RESTLESSNESS. A. Must go back to garden of Eden. ... read more

Psalms 50
      "GOD HAS SPOKEN" Intro: Ps. 50 is divided into three sections. Vs. 1-6 The declaration of God as He gathers His people to hear Him. Vs. 7-15 His Word to His people. Vs. 16-22 His Word to the wicked. I. EL, ELOHIM, JEHOVAH HAS SPOKEN. ... read more

Psalms 51
      Intro: One of 7 penitential Psalms. Written after Nathan came to David. "Thou art the man" - "I have sinned against Jehovah" - "Jehovah also hath put away thy sin." This psalm is an interpretation of David's confession to Nathan. I. SI ... read more

Psalms 51:12
      "THE JOY OF SALVATION" I. WHAT IS MEANT BY SALVATION? A. We Christians use the term saved. 1. Saved from the power of sin. vs. 5 a. We often do that which is natural. 1. We talk about ... read more

Psalms 56:9
      "GOD IS FOR ME" I. THE IMPORTANCE OF RIGHT CONCEPTS OF GOD. A. Most of the concepts people have of God or His word or His Son, they have learned from His enemies. 1. From the beginning, Satan has sought to distort ... read more

Psalms 61:1
      "LEAD ME TO THE ROCK" I. FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH WILL I CRY UNTO THEE." A. David had been driven from Jerusalem. 1. It is thought Ps. was written at time of Absolom's rebellion. 2. He was far removed from T ... read more

Psalms 61:2
      "LEAD ME TO THE ROCK" I. "WHEN MY HEART IS OVERWHELMED." A. Life is filled with pressure and stress situations. 1. Sooner or later we come to the point where we are forced to cry: a. "I don't know whic ... read more

Psalms 66:18
      "WHY PRAYERS APE NOT ANSWERED" Intro: God answers prayer, this is the main incentive to pray. Yet it must truthfully be said that many prayers go up that bring nothing down. Why is it that our prayers are sometimes not answered? I. S ... read more

Psalms 71:3
      "GOD OUR RESORT" Intro: David's experience in Adullam David's desire to be on intimate terms not only with but in God. Not only to dwell in the house of the Lord forever but wanted Lord to be the house. Not lust live within God's worl ... read more

Psalms 73
      "IS GOD FAIR?" Intro: I know a man very wealthy, excellent health, large of stature, handsome countenance, yet his mind is a cesspool - blasphemous, spends his money on riotous and sinful pleasures. Is God fair to give him so much when ... read more

Psalms 73:1
      "BASIC FOUNDATIONS" I. THE PSALM BEGINS WITH A FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH, "GOD IS GOOD." A. I know this is true. 1. It is important to know this. 2. I will not always understand it. 3. I will just ha ... read more

Psalms 78:41
      "LIMITING GOD" Can God be limited. Unexhausting resources. I. LIMITED GOD THROUGH SIN VS. 10, 17. A. Think of vessels marred by sin. 1. Samson. 2. Saul. B. Sin manifested in: 1. R ... read more

Psalms 8
      I. WHEN I CONSIDER THY HEAVENS. A. Size of heavenly objects. 1. Earth 8,000 miles - 6,000 million, million, million tons 6-24 cifers 2. Jupiter 1,30 ... read more

Psalms 81:8
      "GOD'S LAMENTATION" I. "HEAR, O MY PEOPLE." A. God is calling to His own chosen. 1. As the lament of Jesus over Jerusalem. 2. God sorrows over the lost world. 3. He also sorrows over His peopl ... read more

Psalms 84
      "THRICE BLESSED" Intro: This Psalm has three movements each summarized by a blessing. "Blessed" means "O how happy." I. "BLESSED ARE THEY THAT DWELL IN THY HOUSE." A. "How amiable or desirable are thy tabernacles O Lord of hosts." ... read more

Psalms 84:9
      "GRACE AND GLORY" Intro: The whole Psalm devoted to the blessedness of dwelling in the presence of God represented by His tabernacle. Three strophes, the first is reflection and desire to be in His tabernacle. Second the pilgrimage to, ... read more

Psalms 8:3
      "WHAT IS MAN" I. THE VASTNESS OF GOD. A. His glory is above (or greater) than the heavens. 1. One of the unfortunate by-products of our urbanized modern society is our restricted view of the night sky. ... read more

Psalms 8:4
      "WHAT IS MAN?" Intro: One day this past summer I had breakfast in New York, ate lunch at home and dinner in Hawaii. Flying over the U.S. on a clear day, aware of impact of man upon this planet. Saw cities, smoke from factories, glen Can ... read more

Psalms 90:12
      "THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD OUR GOD" Intro: Moses in wilderness at the time of writing. Out in nature our hearts instinctively turn towards God. Their days had been numbered by God. Conscious of human limitations contrasted with "From everl ... read more

Psalms 91:3
      Intro: It looks like Satan might be winning. The Supreme courts have open the doors for immorality, our schools are being disrupted, crime and violence are on the rise. Satan has set his traps, and is luring thousands of souls daily into t ... read more

Receiving the Gift of the Spirit
      When the day of Pentecost (the feast-holiday of the Jews) had come, the disciples had been waiting in an upper room in Jerusalem. According to the command of Jesus, they had been waiting for the promise of the Father. This was the promise that in the last ... read more

Ruth 2:12
      Intro: Ten years earlier, Naomi (God is sweetness) with her husband Elimelech and their two sons, because of a famine, went to Moab to live, not long after their arrival, Elimelech died, sons married Moabites, but in time they both died al ... read more

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