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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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Luke 1:5
      Intro: God has not spoken to His people for 400 years. The last words God spoke were in the form of a promise and a curse. "Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and He wil ... read more

Luke 1:51
      I. HE STEADFASTLY SET HIS FACE TO GO TO JERUSALEM. A. What did Jerusalem mean to Him? 1. 13:33 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that killeth the prophets. a. Hostile to Him. 1. He ... read more

Luke 1:74
      "SERVING GOD" Intro: Zacharias was a priest from the family of Abia. He was quite old, his wife was barren. His duty was to burn incense in the Temple. An angel appeared on right side of altar, "Thy prayer is heard..." The promised ... read more

Luke 20:17
      The Crushing Stone Intro. The day after Jesus made the triumphant entry into Jerusalem He went into the Temple and cast out those who were selling their merchandise. He said, " It is written, My house is a house of prayer, but you ... read more

Luke 20:37
      "THE GOD OF THE LIVING" I. IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? A. This question lurks in the subconscious of every man. 1. We don't think about it very often. 2. It has a way of surfacing. a. M ... read more

Luke 21:25
      "THE WORLD IN CRISIS" - "DISTRESS OF NATIONS" Poland 1. Possible consequences. a. Trigger main confrontation between East and West. b. Russia in any event of war would make move into Middle East. 1. 4 ... read more

Luke 21:34
      I. PARABLE OF TEN VIRGINS. A. And they that were ready went in. B. Christ second coming not to be a surprise to believers. I Thess. 5:4 C. We should live in expectancy and be ready. II. THREE THINGS TO WATCH FOR. A. ... read more

Luke 21:36
      Watch and Pray I. The background. A. These are the last few days before Jesus is arrested and crucified. 1. He has been teaching daily in the Temple. 2. The rift between Jesus and the religious lea ... read more

Luke 22:20
      I. THE PASSOVER. A. The new interpretation for the bread and cup. "This do in remembrance of Me." II. THE GARDEN. A. "Let this cup pass." 1. Not possible. 2. Only way for us to be saved. B. W ... read more

Luke 22:31
      Unfailing Faith I. Satan's desire for Peter. A. I believe that it had become apparent that Peter was being groomed by the Lord for a place of leadership in the early church. 1. Peter was chosen for spec ... read more

Luke 23:13
      "THE DEATH MARCH" I. THE DEATH MARCH OF MAN. A. Four lepers "Why sit we here?" B. Esther "If I perish I perish." II. CHRIST DEATH MARCH. A. Not for self or own sins. 1. Many a man made death march for own ... read more

Luke 23:32
      Intro: NO accident that Jesus crucified between two thieves. Prophesied in Isa. 53. Why would God ordain this? I. PERHAPS TO SHOW THE DEPTHS HE WAS WILLING TO GO IN ORDER TO REDEEM US FROM OUR SINS. A. Phil. 2 tells of the "Kenosis" o ... read more

Luke 23:33
      "FORGIVENESS" Intro: Man had now done his worst. First sin was suicide, next was fratricide, but this is dieacide. I. "THEN SAID JESUS, FATHER FORGIVE THEM THEY KNOW NOW WHAT THEY DO." A. Tradition has this prayer uttered as they ... read more

Luke 23:34
      "REDEMPTION: ITS COST" Intro: In I Peter 1:18, "We are not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold from our vain manner of life, but with the precious blood of Jesus who was slain as a Iamb without spot or blemish." Here ... read more

Luke 23:38
      The King Of The Jews I. This title began shortly after His birth. A. When the wise men came from the East following the star, they came to Herod and enquired "Where is He that is born King of the Jews?" B. In H ... read more

Luke 23:39
      "LORD, REMEMBER ME" Intro: That Jesus was crucified between two thieves is no fluke of history. A part of the pre-determined plan of God for Isaiah inspired by the Holy Spirit said, "And He will be numbered with the transgressors in H ... read more

Luke 24:13
      BURNING HEARTS Intro: Greatest need of Church today. Have principles need passion. Not asking you to try to manufacture something that is not real. Painted fire never warmed anyone. I. THE TWO DISCIPLES ON THE ROAD, WHAT THEY POSSESSED AND ... read more

Luke 24:32
      "BURNING HEARTS" Intro: One of the greatest needs in the church today is men with burning hearts. Our theology seems to be well defined, we know what we believe and why. The church seems like a smooth running organization. They have l ... read more

Luke 2:1
      LOVE STORY God's world a prodigal. God gave man a chance to govern self. 1. Failed miserably. 2. Become entangled in sin. a. Hopelessly enslaved. b. Lost meaning and purpose of life. ... read more

Luke 2:10
      "GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY" I. THE NEED OF THE GOOD TIDINGS. A. The history of man was one of failure. 1. Man had failed to be, to achieve, to attain all God had intended. a. "All had come short of the ... read more

Luke 2:11
      "THERE IS BORN...A SAVIOR" I. "NOW IT CAME TO PASS IN THOSE DAYS." A. What about those days? 1. "There went forth a decree from Caesar Augustus." a. Gaius Octavius. b. Augustus ... read more

Luke 2:6
      "NO ROOM" Intro: John said "In the beginning was the Word.... and the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us and we beheld His glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth...When the creator of the universe came ... read more

Luke 2:7
      "NO ROOM FOR THEM IN THE INN" I. CONSIDER WHO HE WAS, FOR A MOMENT "HER FIRSTBORN SON." A. The sovereign God of the Universe. 1. John 1:1. B. God incarnate in human flesh. 1. "The fullness of the Godh ... read more

Luke 2:8
      "GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY" Intro: It is my opinion this angel was Gabriel. I. SAVIOR; TO FULFILL MAN'S GREATEST NEED. A. Man was lost from God. 1. Many were searching for peace and joy. a. These ar ... read more

Luke 3:3
      Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord Intro. Whenever a king was to visit an area of his domain, they would send servants in advance of his coming to fix the highways so that the king could travel in comfort. The valleys would be filled, ... read more

Luke 4:1
      "TEMPTATION" I. PURPOSE OF TEMPTATION. A. God created man for meaningful love and fellowship. 1. For love to be meaningful, man must be given freedom of choice. 2. For choice to be valid, something to choose. ... read more

Luke 5:1
      Intro: Jesus enjoyed out of doors. I. LIVING IN THE SPIRIT REALM. A. Contact with Jesus. 1. First when a man turns over control of life. 2. Continued contact with Him. 3. Close contact with Hi ... read more

Luke 5:4
      "DIRECTED SERVICE" Intro: It is important that we all serve the Lord. It is equally important that He direct us in our service. I. THE DESIRE TO SERVE THE LORD. A. Planted in the heart of every true child of God. 1. ... read more

Luke 6:36
      The Purpose of His Coming, To Reveal the Father Intro. We think of the babe lying in the manger, the virgin has brought forth her firstborn Son, Immanuel, God with us. He was sent by His Father into this world to give to man an accurate r ... read more

Luke 6:46
      "WHY CALL ME LORD?" I. WHY SHOULD WE CALL HIM LORD? A. In order to be saved. 1. Romans 10:- 9, 10, "That if thou shalt confess that Jesus Christ is Lord..." 2. Second step of salvation, "Come unto Me.. take My ... read more

Luke 6:47
      I. TWO TYPES OF HEARERS. A. Those who act. B. Those who refuse to act. II. WHAT CHRIST CLAIMED. A. He was the only begotten Son of God. 1. Are we not all Sons of God? B. He was only access to God. ... read more

Luke 7:48
      Go In Peace I. Jesus and the Pharisee. A. Simon the Pharisee desired that Jesus would eat with him. 1. What prompted this desire, we are not told. a. Whether he was a serious seeker or not we are ... read more

Luke 8:1
      "GLAD TIDINGS" I. THE KINGDOM OF GOD. A. The kingdom where God reigns. 1. At the present time, whole universe except earth. a. Man is in rebellion against God. b. God the King ... read more

Luke 8:15
      I. The Word of God is like seed that is sown. A. There are four basic soils upon which the seed falls, there are four basic receptions to the word of God. 1. The seed that falls by the wayside. ... read more

Luke 8:22
      "WHERE IS YOUR FAITH?" I. FAITH IS THE ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL TO SALVATION. A. "Without faith it is impossible to please God." B. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt." C. John 3:16. D. "Where is your faith?" ... read more

Luke 8:45
      "WHO TOUCHED ME?" Intro: Strange question.. .At this time Jesus was itinerant minister. Traveling in company with Him; the 12 and certain women who had been healed by Him and ministered to Him of their substance. Had just come from Ga ... read more

Luke 9:19
      Who Am I? I. The opinions that people had concerning Jesus. A. John the baptist. B. Elijah. C. One of the old prophets had risen again. 1. What these opinions showed. a. That there was ... read more

Luke 9:51
      "FOLLOWING CHRIST" Intro: Peter tells us that Christ has left us an example that we shoul follow in His steps. What does it mean to follow Christ? What difficulties might we encounter? I. "HE STEADFASTLY SET HIS FACE TO GO TO JERUSALEM." ... read more

Luke 9:59
      "A SAVIOR" Intro: The story of Christmas far more than a baby born in a manger in Bethlehem to a virgin. That baby is the Son of God, He has always existed. I. HE HAS COME TO EARTH ON A SPECIAL MISSION. A. He was sent by God. "God d ... read more

Malachi 1:2
      I. "I HAVE LOVED YOU, SAITH THE LORD." A. "For God so loved the world He gave..." 1. God's love unfathomable. Rom. 8: 35. 2. Unsearchable riches of love. Eph. 3:17. B. His love manifested by: ... read more

Malachi 2:9
      I. The condition of the people. A. "The burden of the word of the Lord to Israel." 1. These are the people who had returned from the captivity. 2. The captivity was intended to teach them to k ... read more

Malachi 3:13
      "GOD'S CONTROVERSY WITH MAN" Intro: The book of Malachi deals with many controversies God had with the people. I. "YOUR WORDS HAVE BEEN STOUT OR STRONG AGAINST ME." A. "What have we said against you?" 1. They had ma ... read more

Malachi 3:16
      "GOD'S JEWELS" "THE SERVANT OF THE LORD" Doctor, Lawyer, merchant, chief, rich man, etc. So man makes his classification. God makes only 2. I. THE TWO CLASSES OF PEOPLE VS. 18. A. "HIM THAT SERVETH GOD." B. "HIM THAT SERVETH HI ... read more

Malachi 3:8
      "PROVIDING GOD" Intro: First sermon from this text or on this subject very sensitive. "Church is a money grabber," "All they talk about is money." If you are new today or hold that concept, I hope you put nothing into the offe ... read more

Mark 10:17
      "THE RICH YOUNG RULER" I. THE QUALITIES OF THIS YOUNG MAN. A. A person of fine temperament. 1. He had a clean record. a. Never let anyone, prophet preacher tell you value in polluti ... read more

Mark 10:21
      "ONE THING THOU LACKEST" I. THE YOUNG MAN. A. Fine temperament (discerning, courageous). B. Man of humility (knelt). C. Man with a clean record. 1. No value in pollution. 2. Six commandments ... read more

Mark 10:23
      "WHO CAN BE SAVED?" Intro: Rich young ruler has just departed. He lacked one thing, a true center for his life. I. HOW HARD IT IS FOR THOSE WHO TRUST IN RICHES TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD. A. You don't have to be rich to trust ... read more

Mark 10:26
      "WHO CAN BE SAVED?" I. WHAT DO WE MEAN BY SAVED? A. From a negative standpoint. 1. The power of sin, "Who all of their lifetime were subject to bondage." a. The power of sin to enslave a person, by wh ... read more

Mark 10:27
      "GOING BY GATE OF HEAVEN TO STOP IN HELL" I. TWO WHO CAME CLOSE TO SALVATION. A. Rich young ruler. B. Scribe. II. DOOR TO KINGDOM OF GOD WIDE OPEN. A. John the Baptist's message. B. Jesus' message. III. SOME CO ... read more

Mark 10:46
      Sight For The Blind I. The story of Bartimaeus. A. We are told of Bartimaeus that he was blind, and that he was a beggar. B. And as Jesus had went out from Jericho. 1. Luke tells us that He was coming near t ... read more

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