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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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Joshua 23:14
      "THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD" Intro: Joshua is now old and stricken in years, the tribes have been settled in their lands according to God's promises. Joshua has called a final assemblage. I. YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART AND SOUL. A. There s ... read more

Joshua 24:14
      "A WISE DECISION" Intro: "Now therefore" the aged Joshua has gathered the elders of Israel for the last time. They now possess the land. He briefly rehearses their history in relation to YAHWEH their God. I. THE EXHORTATION OF COM ... read more

Joshua 24:15
      "THE CHOICE" I. MAN HAS THE CAPACITY OF CHOICE. A. It is a God-given capacity. 1. Man was created in the image of God. a. God is a self-determinate being. b. He created man a s ... read more

Joshua 3:10
      "DARE TO GET YOUR FEET WET" Intro: The day has finally come and we now stand by Jordan. We are about to enter into a new dimension, "You have not passed this way heretofore." I. THE WILDERNESS IS BEHIND US. A. The experiences have b ... read more

Joshua 3:4
      "THE UNTRODDEN PATH" Intro: The children of Israel have arrived at the Jordan. Behind them is Egypt and the 40 years of wilderness. Before them the promised land waiting to be possessed. I. THE UNCERTAIN FUTURE. "YE HAVE NOT PASSED THIS WAY ... read more

Joshua 9:3
      "UNGODLY ALLIANCES" I. ALLIANCES FORBIDDEN. A. God had told them not to make any treaty with the inhabitants of the land. We as Christians commanded not to be unequally yoked together with unbeliever. B. Why are these alli ... read more

Judges 16:21
       THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN." JUD 16:21 But the Philistines took him, and put out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza, and bound him with fetters of brass; and he did grind in the prison house. In this passage we see the three tragic consequences o ... read more

Judges 17:6
       "THE RIGHT PATH." I. "IN THOSE DAYS." A. These were dark days in the history of the nation of Israel. 1. It was a nation that lacked direction and leadership. 2. They would go down one path, only to come to a dead end, then they would turn an ... read more

Judges 19:22
       "THE END OF THE ROAD" Intro. The book of Judges relates to us a dark time in the history of the nation of Israel. The oft repeated phrase, "And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord," and the ensuing judgment of God was a tragic re ... read more

Judges 2:7
       "PASS IT ON." Intro. The book of Judges is the history of the nation of Israel after the death of Joshua. We see a repeated pattern throughout the book. The people serve God and are blessed by God. In their prosperity they forget God and serve idols. ... read more

Judges 5:23
       "THE CURSE OF MEROZ." I. THE BACKGROUND TO OUR STORY: A. The children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord. 1. As a result, the Lord delivered them into the hand of Jabin who ruled over that great city of Hazor in the upper Galilee. ... read more

Keep Yourself in the Love of God
      Jude exhorts us: "Keep yourselves in the love of God" (v. 21). This seems like a strange injunction. If you don't read the entire context, you could easily misinterpret it. How can we keep ourselves in the love of God? Looking back at verse one, how ... read more

Know God
      29 Jesus answered him, “The first of all the commandments is: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. 30 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This ... read more

Lamentations 3:21
      "THE COMPASSIONATE GOD" I. THE SETTING. A. Jeremiah is sitting in a cave overlooking Jerusalem. 1. He weeps as he sees the rubble of the once glorious city that men called the perfection of beauty. ... read more

Lamentations 3:28
      "THE SMITTEN LORD" Intro: This is the week when again we are to be reminded of the crucifixion of our Lord. Every event of that day was predetermined by God. Jeremiah is weeping over the havoc wrought by sin. He looked beyond the deso ... read more

Leviticus 10
      "STRANGE FIRE" Intro: The tabernacle has been completed, the congregation of Israel had gathered for the opening ceremonies, As Moses and Aaron came out of the tabernacle, fire from the Lord consumed the sacrifices upon the altar & the ... read more

Leviticus 10:1
      "STRANGE FIRE" Intro: The occasion. I. WHY SUCH SEVERE JUDGMENT? A. God so loved the world. He wanted world to know His love. 1. He chose a nation out of the world through which reveal Himself. a. ... read more

Leviticus 14:1
      "GOD'S GLORIOUS GRACE" Intro: Leprosy is one of the most feared of all diseases. Under the law the leper was considered unclean and had to be separated from society. Until recent years they had leper colonies in many parts of the world. ... read more

Leviticus 16
      "YOM KIPPUR & THE CROSS" Intro: Day of atonement once a year, daily sacrifices on an appointed day, vs 29, 7th mo., 10th day. I. THE PERSON WHO MADE THE ATONEMENT - THE HIGH PRIEST. A. The other priests offered the daily sacrifices ... read more

Leviticus 1:1
      "CHRIST OUR SUBSTITUTE" I. MAN'S ORIGINAL STATE. A. Created by God for fellowship. 1. The claimant inner cry of man today is for that fellowship. 2. There is a certain unrest in man. B. To maintain th ... read more

Leviticus 26
      "THE SURE WORD OF JEHOVAH" I. GOD'S PROMISE TO ISRAEL. A. Vs. 4 Plenty - increase and fruit. B. Vs. 6 Peace - lie down with no fear. C. Vs. 6 Protection - rid evil beast out of land. D. ... read more

Leviticus 26:3
      "GOD'S SURE WORD" Intro: Laws of nature in operation in universe. Gravity, magnetism, electricity, cause and effect. There are spiritual laws governing man, cause and effect are just as sure. I. THE CONDITIONS, "IF YE WALK IN MY STAT ... read more

Leviticus 9:24
      "STRANGE FIRE" Intro: God severity. God's ultimate intention "John 3:16" to reach the world He chose a nation. To reach a nation He ordained a priesthood to go in unto God for the people to go out among the people for God. Sacrifices in ... read more

Luke 10:38
      One Thing is Needful I. The tale of two sisters. A. He entered into a certain village, from the gospel of John we know that the name of the village where Mary and Martha lived was Bethany. 1. And a certai ... read more

Luke 11:1
      Asking and Receiving I. The subject is prayer. A. The discussion is prompted by the disciples watching Jesus as He was praying. 1. They had observed Jesus praying on many occasions, they knew that ... read more

Luke 12:15
      Intro: Two brothers were fighting over an inheritance. Jesus said, "Beware of covetousness..." I. A COMMON MISCONCEPTION. A. Jesus uses two words of caution. 1. Take heed. 2. Beware. B. So ma ... read more

Luke 12:35
      "YOUR CONCEPT OF LIFE" Intro: Our concepts of life very important. I. MANY DIFFERENT CONCEPTS. A. Life is a journey. B. Life is a race. C. Life is a Warfare. D. Life is a game. E. Life is a joke. II. E ... read more

Luke 13:24
      I. "Strive to enter in at the straight gate." A. This exhortation from Jesus comes as a response to the question, "Are there few that be saved?" B. The word translated strive is from the Greek word agonizomai whic ... read more

Luke 13:34
       O Jerusalem, Jerusalem I. The journey to Jerusalem. A. Luke 9:51 "Now when the time had come that He should be received up, He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem." B. In 9:53 we are told that the Samaritans would ... read more

Luke 14:11
      The Way Up is Down Intro. Jesus has been invited to eat at a Pharisee's house. This is the third time Luke tells us of Pharisee's inviting Him to dinner. It would appear that this is a set up, for they had a man with d ... read more

Luke 14:15
      "COME, FOR ALL THINGS ARE NOW READY" JESUS TABLE TALKS I. THREE DISTINCT INVITATIONS WERE GIVEN. A. Many given special invitations. Messenger followed to let them know all in readiness. B. When these refused second inv ... read more

Luke 15:1
      RECEIVING SINNERS I. THE CROWDS AROUND JESUS. A. Publicans (Tax collectors). 1. Social outcasts of that day. 2. Notoriously dishonest. a. Rome would establish a certain levy for an are ... read more

Luke 15:23
      "LOST AND FOUND" Intro: In chapter 15 we have three stories which early church Fathers considered as one parable. The purpose of each is to show the natural reaction to finding that which was lost is Joy. That which is lost is the sin ... read more

Luke 15:3
      "THE PARABLE OF LOST THINGS" Intro: In looking closely of parable one parable with three divisions. In each case something is lost, the seeking, the finding, the rejoicing. I. THE LOST SHEEP. A. The work of the Son in salvation. ... read more

Luke 16:1
      I. OUR PRIMARY PURPOSE AND GOAL. A. Five channels through which the Spirit moves. 1. Life 2. Voice Limited to small perimeter 3. Service 4. Money Encircled the globe ... read more

Luke 16:10
      "STEWARDSHIP" Intro: Our concept of life as servants waiting for our Lord. I. OUR PROPER ATTITUDE TOWARD POSSESSIONS. A. I am a steward of my masters goods. 1. Nothing I possess is mine. a. From chi ... read more

Luke 16:11
      True Riches I. The subject is riches. A. The story begins with a certain rich man. 1. The steward who was in charge of managing his affairs was accused of wasting his goods. Perhaps he was ... read more

Luke 16:19
      "SON REMEMBER" I. MEMORY A BLESSING. A. "Fearfully and wonderfully made." "I can't remember anything." 1. No memory. B. Read of those victims of amnesia. 1. Pastor of Yulica. C. Sometimes ho ... read more

Luke 17:11
      THANKSGIVING Intro: Christians are thankful people. Non-Christian opposite "neither were they thankful." I. THE CAUSE OF TRUE THANKSGIVING. A. The grace of God. 1. Too often we think only in terms of material. ... read more

Luke 17:28
      "JESUS IS COMING AGAIN" I. ONE THING MORE CERTAIN THAN EVEN DEATH. A. Second coming of Christ. 1. We shall not all sleep. B. Old Testament full of the promise. C. New Testament full of the promise. D ... read more

Luke 18:18
      A GOOD MAN WHO WENT TO HELL Why callest thou me good meant one of two things. 6 last commandments our relation to our fellowman "What lack I yet?" What did he lack? poverty? Submitting of his life to Jesus control Possible to be right with fellowm ... read more

Luke 18:8
      I. "WHEN THE SON OF MAN RETURNS." A. "Watch ye therefore and be ye ready." 1. Jesus coming again. 2. His coming is soon. 3. His coming will bring to an end. a. Our earthl ... read more

Luke 19:1
      "LOST" Intro: Jesus entered and passed through Jericho" Why? Zacchaeos who he was, He sought to see Jesus, "who He was" Received Jesus joyfully. When "they" saw it "they all" murmured. The closed door. Zacchaeus declaration of resti ... read more

Luke 19:10
      "SAVING THE LOST" Intro: The backdrop to the story, 18:31-34. Jesus is on final lap of His journey to Jerusalem to be crucified. As He approaches Jericho, a blind man calls out to Him. Now He is passing through Jericho, and we meet Za ... read more

Luke 19:28
      "THIS THY DAY" I. THE DAY LOOKED FORWARD TO BY ALL ISREAL. A. A Messiah was promised to Adam. 1. His life and ministry foretold by Prophets. a. Zech. 513 B.C. King cometh. b. D ... read more

Luke 19:35
      "THY KING COMETH" Intro: For years Israel plundered by her enemies. First the Egyptians... The throne in Jerusalem has been empty for centuries. Twenty years earlier, when Roman government removed power of Capitol.. I. GOD HAD PRO ... read more

Luke 19:41
      "THE TIME OF VISITATION" Intro: I believe that to each man there comes a day of God's visitation, that day that God has ordained for him to receive Jesus Christ as King. "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He ... read more

Luke 19:42
      This Thy Day I. The first thing that we notice about this day is that Jesus is deliberately setting the stage. A. He sent two of His disciples into the village to bring the colt to Him. 1. We note that it was a ... read more

Luke 1:20
      "THE PRICE OF UNBELIEF" Intro: The sin of unbelief has destroyed many lives. It robs and debilitates any life. As a Chittian it will rob you of comfort, deprive you of joy, cause you to fear. Zechariah good example of the price of unbe ... read more

Luke 1:26
      I. IN THE SIXTH MONTH THE ANGEL GABRIEL WAS SENT FROM GOD UNTO A CITY IN GALILEE NAMED NAZARETH. A. This would be the six months after he had visited Zacharias. B. Sent from God. Gabriel had announced himself to Zacharias as the angel wh ... read more

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