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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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Jeremiah 23:5
      "JEHOVAH TSlDKENU" Intro: Jeremiah has been speaking out against the Kings of Judah. Their failure to shepherd the people has led to national disaster. The failure of the nation is traced back to the failure of its leaders. I. A BRI ... read more

Jeremiah 23:6
      I. The promise of the righteous Branch of David. A. The Lord has rejected this unholy branch of David, because of the sins of Jechoniah. 1. In the previous chapter the seed of Jechoniah was rejecte ... read more

Jeremiah 29:11
      "THINKING OF YOU" Intro: It is always awesome to contemplate the nature of God. Omnipotence - omnipresence - eternal omniscience. I. GOD THINKS OF ME. A. David recognized this truth. 1. "Though I am poor and needy, ... read more

Jeremiah 29:23
      THE LORD KNOWS Intro: Jeremiah writing to captives in Babylon - occasion and message. "I know and make known saith the LORD." I. "I KNOW..." - THE OMNISCIENCE OF GOD. A. These men were acting as God's spokesmen. 1 ... read more

Jeremiah 2:13
      Intro: Jeremiah was called by God to the difficult task of watching the death of a nation. He was to see it in its final convulsions as it died. I. THE DEADLY MALADY, "THEY HAVE FORSAKEN ME, THE FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATER." A. The nation ... read more

Jeremiah 2:17
      Intro. Midway between the Damascus gate and Herod's gate in Jerusalem, standing on the wall, you can look across the little valley and see on the face of the cliff, two caves that look like the eye sockets of a scull. Hence the nam ... read more

Jeremiah 2:5
      "FALSE-HEARTED LOVERS" Intro: Jeremiah called in 13th year of Josiah's reign. For next 18 years comparable peace. Josiah King when 8 years. 16 he began to seek after God - 4 years later began reforms. Next year, Jeremiah started to prophesy. 5 year ... read more

Jeremiah 31:29
      EZEKIEL 18: 2-4 Intro: Christianity has no more insidious foe than misrepresentation -- either in the lives of its adherents or in the interpretation of its doctrine. A. Usually results from snatching phrase from context. 1. ... read more

Jeremiah 31:33
      "THE NEW COVENANT" Intro: Jeremiah was shut up in prison - the nation had failed to keep covenant with God and as a consequence was falling. God promised to establish a new covenant. The covenant establishes the basis of relationship wi ... read more

Jeremiah 32:16
      I. The occasion for the prayer. A. Jeremiah has received a command from the Lord that seemed totally ludicrous. 1. The Babylonian armies are at the present moment besieging he city of Jerusalem, an ... read more

Jeremiah 32:6
      "THE WORD OF THE LORD" "THE LORD TOLD ME" Intro: That God should speak is reasonable. I. DIFFERENT WAYS GOD SPEAKS. A. In Nature Ps.19. B. In Dreams - Joseph. C. In visions - Peter. D. Audible Voice - Ps. 1. ... read more

Jeremiah 32:7
      "KNOWING THE VOICE OF GOD" Intro: Vs. 1 & 6 - typical of Jeremiah as we read these phrases throughout whole book. I. HOW DID THE WORD OF THE LORD COME? A. "God, who at sundry times and in diverse ways spoke to our fathers by the prophets." ... read more

Jeremiah 33:14
       Behold The Days Come I. The dark days that lie ahead for Judah. A. The Lord spoke to Jeremiah saying, "Call on Me and I will show you great and mighty things, that you do not know." 1. The things that God was goin ... read more

Jeremiah 39:16
       Because You Put Your Trust in the Lord I. The word of the Lord to Ebed-melech. A. The name Ebed-melech means "servant of the King". 1. We know that he was an Ethiopian. 2. And as his name implies, he was a se ... read more

Jeremiah 4
      Intro: Condition of people described - "Judah hath not returned to me with her whole heart." I. DECLARATION OF JUDGMENT. A. Appeal to true repentance. 1. People panicky because of peril. 2. Description of swif ... read more

Jeremiah 42:5
       Empty Promises I. The promise that was made to Jeremiah. A. It was a vow taken before the Lord. The Lord be a true and faithful witness between us. 1. The N.T. book of Hebrews explains that a person swears ... read more

Jeremiah 43
      "BACK TO EGYPT" Intro: Descendants of Abraham returned after nine hundred years. Their deliverance from strange drawing toward. Local History. I. THE REASON FOR RETURNING. A. Days of degeneration are days of forgetfulness. ... read more

Jeremiah 43:7
      "BACK TO EGYPT" I. "SO THEY CAME INTO THE LAND OF EGYPT." A. It is a sad and tragic day when a nation or person returns to that place from which they were once delivered. 1. Their fathers had been delivered from Eg ... read more

Jeremiah 47:27
       The Answer for Fear I. There were many things going on that would create fear. A. There had been a breakdown in the governmental processes, and there were roving gangs of thugs that seemed to rule the streets. ... read more

Jeremiah 48:11
      Intro: God's judgment is about to fall on Moab. He is soon to go into captivity - his cities destroyed. The reason for judgment given in verse 11. I. "HIS TASTE REMAINED IN HIM, AND HIS SCENT IS NOT CHANGED." A. The gospel of Jesus Ch ... read more

Jeremiah 49:12
      He Drank the Cup I. It is prophesied of Edom that they shall surely drink of the cup. A. Drinking of the cup is a metaphor used throughout the scriptures to indicate how the wicked were to receive the wrath of God in ju ... read more

Jeremiah 50:6
      "THE PLACE OF REST" Intro: Jeremiah is prophesying the destruction of Babylon, and the return of Israel and Judah to the land. They will ask directions to Zion and will seek to renew their covenant with God. God says, "My people are los ... read more

Jeremiah 52:4
       The Hour of Doom Intro. Jeremiah 52 is sort of an appendix to the book in which a piece of the recorded history is repeated. It was recorded earlier in chapter 39, and was probably copied from II Kings 25. It is the record ... read more

Jeremiah 7:4
      "TRUST NOT IN LYING WORDS" Intro: Jeremiah just a young boy of 17 when God first spoke. I. THE ATTITUDE OF THE PEOPLE. A. Temple had been ordered rebuilt. 1. People gave freely. 2. Workmen worked faithfull ... read more

Jeremiah 9:23
      I. "LET NOT THE WISE GLORY IN HIS WISDOM." A. Dan. "Last days knowledge increased." B. Wisdom of man - foolishness with God. 1. Splitting atom - sun. 2. Radar - bat. 3. Satellite - moon ... read more

Jesus On The Cross
      26 And the inscription of His accusation was written above: THE KING OF THE JEWS. 27 With Him they also crucified two robbers, one on His right and the other on His left. 28 So the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “And He was numbered with the transg ... read more

Job 11:7
      "THE SEARCH FOR GOD" Intro: In the previous chapter Job cries out to God concerning his confusion. He could not understand God's ways. Zophar responds. I. "CANST THOU BY SEARCHING FIND OUT GOD?" A. Man is conscious that God is. ... read more

Job 14:14
      "IF A MAN DIE SHALL HE LIVE?" JOHN 11:25 "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE" Intro: Part of Job's answer to Zophar leaves man and appeals to God. Parenthetical. If he could believe this he could bear up. I. A GLEAM OF LIGHT ON DARKENED ... read more

Job 1:20
      "BLESSED BY THE NAME OF JEHOVAH" Intro: The real test of the value of my Christian experience comes in adversity. How do I react to tragic losses? Anybody can smile on a sunny day. In Job, we find a man who was suddenly stripped of ... read more

Job 23:12
      "THE VALUE OF GOD'S WORD" Intro: In the third and final speech of Eliphaz to Job, he advised him to acquaint himself with God and be a peace. Receive His law and lay up His words in his heart. I. THE DlFFlCULTY OF FINDING GOD, verse ... read more

Job 23:3
      "WHERE TO FIND GOD" Intro: Eliphaz has just exhorted Job to acquaint himself with God and be at peace and good would come to him. I. JOB'S EFFORT TO FIND GOD. "OH THAT I KNOW WHERE I MIGHT FIND HIM." A. It's amazing how far off God ... read more

Job 40:3
      "WHAT ARE YOU WORTH?" I. BEHOLD l AM OF SMALL ACCOUNT. A. God has challenged Job with the vastness of the universe in which He dwells. 1. Can Job run the universe? 2. Who then is Job to contend wit ... read more

Job 40:4
      "THE DISCOVERY OF SELF" Intro: Job's three friends silenced, young man Elihu speaks up but does not finish, for he is interrupted by the voice of God out of the whirlwind. "Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without k ... read more

Job 42:1
      Intro: In our discourse last week we saw Job seeking God. Eliphaz had advised, "Acquaint thyself with Him and be at peace". Job responded "Oh that I knew where I might find Him" & told of his vain search. Now God has revealed Him ... read more

Job 42:5
      "THE DISCOVERY OF GOD" Did God goof? Man is incomplete - basic emptiness. I. THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD IS NOT ENOUGH "I HAVE HEARD-OF THEE BY THE HEARING OF THE EAR." A. All men but the fool are conscious of God's existence ... read more

Job 9:1
      "GOD AND MAN" Intro: Bildad has been declaring the justice of God, and saying in effect if Job will only plead his cause before God, God would help him if he were right. I. "HOW CAN A MAN BE JUST WITH GOD?" OR PLEASE HIS CAUSE BEFOR ... read more

Job 9:2
      I TIMOTHY 2:5 "NEEDED, A DAYSMAN" I. THE MAN JOB. A. Stripped to bare individuality. 1. First possessions; oxen, Sabeens; sheep & servants by fire; camels by Chaldeans. 2. Next children. ... read more

Job 9:32
      "THE DAYSMAN" Intro: Thank God for His hedge about us. Ever striped as Job. Lost, herds, flocks, camels, servants, children, wife, friends. Sense of worth, cursed the day of his birth, longed for death. I. BILDADS ADVICE TO JOB. ... read more

Job 9:33
      I TIMOTHY 2:5 I. THE MAN JOB. A. Stripped down to bare individuality. 1. First his possessions, oxen-Sabeans sheep-servants-fire camels-Chaldeans. 2. Next his children. ... read more

Joel 2:12
      "TURN TO GOD" Intro: Text begins with therefore, but therefore is never a beginning. Joel has been prophesying of the great day of the Lord when the mighty Northern Army invades the land. I. "TURN TO ME." A. When should a pe ... read more

Joel 2:25
      "RESTORATION" I. RESTORED FROM THE TERRIBLE EFFECTS OF SIN. A. In Chapter 1, God promises to send desolation into the land. 1. Whatever the palmerworm left the locust would eat - cankerworm, Caterpillar. ... read more

Joel 2:28
      "THE PROMISE OF THE FATHER" I. THE PROMISE: "I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT UPON ALL FLESH." A. To think, the Spirit of God upon a man. 1. I have seen men when spirit of fear. 2. I have seen spirit of happiness. ... read more

John 1-2
       John 1-2 Tape #C2542 By Chuck Smith Shall we turn in our Bibles to the gospel according to John. The gospel of John was the last of the gospels that were written. It was written towards the close of that first century, written by John, ... read more

John 3
       John 3-4 Tape #C2543 By Chuck Smith Have we got a message for you tonight from the Word of God! John chapter 3 and 4, oh my, how rich! How blessed! There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews (3:1). We know ... read more

Jonah 2
      I. "THEN JONAH PRAYED." A. When? VS. 1:17. 1. The stubbornness of Jonah. a. Determined to sit it out. 2. VS. 7 - "When my soul fainted within me." a. Gave up hope ... read more

Jonah 2:3
      "LYING VANITIES" I. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE LYING VANITIES MEN OBSERVE? A. With Jonah, he thought he could run away from the call of God. 1. Tarshish the last outpost of the then known world. 2. Opposite directio ... read more

Jonah 2:7
       I. WHEN MY SOUL FAINTED WITHIN ME. A. I remembered the Lord. 1. Up to this time he purposely: a. Drove Him from mind. b. Hiked 40 miles. c. Slept in sto ... read more

Jonah 2:8
      "LEARNING AN EASY LESSON THE HARD WAY" I. THE CALL OF GOD, "ARISE, GO TO NINEVEH." A. Nineveh, the capitol of Assyria. 1. The Assyrians were becoming a powerful empire. a. They were a threat to Isra ... read more

Jonah 3:4
      "WHO CAN TELL" I. WELL MIGHT THEY RISE IN JUDGMENT. A. Only had one warning. 1. "He being often reproved." B. Only heard one prophet. 1. Thousands of ministers. C. Only heard one monotonous m ... read more

Joshua 1
      "THE MAN GOD USES" Intro: We all desire to be used by God, to be an instrument in His hand, to be called upon by God for some special task. Wrong concept - talented men. I. FIRST QUALIFICATION-FAITHFULNESS VS. 1. Minister) ... read more

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