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The Cambridge Seven
       The Cambridge Seven C. T. Studd, M. Beauchamp, S. P. Smith, A. T. Podhill-Turner, D. E. Hoste, C. H. Polhill-Turner, W. W. Cassels (In no way does this report come close to how God used The Cambridge Seven in hi ... read more

A. B. Simpson
      A. B. Simpson is an unsung Canadian hero who has had a remarkable lasting impact on millions throughout the world. Simpson was a man of vision. He once said that people "must always dream dreams before they blaze new trails and see visions before they ar ... read more

A. G. Garr
      Most people would agree that the church, as a whole, is in desperate need of revival. The real question is, "How do we obtain it?" In II Kings 13, God has hidden one of His strategies for resurrecting that which was alive and is now dead. "And Elisha d ... read more

A. W. Tozer
       Aiden Wilson Tozer was born April 21, 1897, on a small farm among the spiny ridges of Western Pennsylvania. Within a few short years, Tozer, as he preferred to be called, would earn the reputation and title of a "20th-century prophet." A ... read more

Absolom Jones, Richard Allen. William White
      In 1786 the membership of St. George's Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia included both blacks and whites. However, the white members met that year and decided that thereafter black members should sit only in the balcony. Two black Sunday worsh ... read more

Adam of St. Victor
      Though Adam of St Victor was one of the most prom­i­nent and pro­li­fic La­tin hymn­ists of the Mid­dle Ages, lit­tle is known of him. Writ­ers near­est his time de­scribe him as Brito, pos­s­ibly in­di­cat­ing a na­tive of Bri­tain or Brit­ta­ny. All tha ... read more

Adoniram Judson
      Adoniram Judson 1788-1850 by Fred Barlow American Baptist missionary, lexicographer, and Bible translator to Burma. Born in Massachusetts in 1788. Helped form the American Baptist Missionary Union. In 1834 completed a translation of the whole Bib ... read more

Agnes Sanford
      Agnes Sanford, daughter of a Presbyterian missionary in China, and the wife of an Episcopal rector, first book, The Healing Light, established her as a leading lay healer and minister within the Christian church. Since its original 1947 publication, The ... read more

Albert Schweitzer
      Albert Schweitzer, theologian, philosopher, organist, authority on Bach, physician, and missionary, was born in 1875, son of a Lutheran pastor, in Alsace, then German but now French. (Alsace and Lorraine are two provinces lying between France and Germany, ... read more

Alcuin, Anskar and others
      Alcuin was an Englishman from York, born into a noble family about 730, and educated by a pupil of Bede. Having become a deacon, he was made head of the cathedral school at York around 770. In 781 he was asked by the Emperor Charlemagne to become his mini ... read more

Alfred Henry Ackley
      Born: January 21, 1887, Spring Hill, Penn­syl­van­ia. He was bro­ther to Bent­ley Ack­ley. Died: July 3, 1960, Whit­ti­er, Cal­i­for­nia. Ackley re­ceived mu­sic­al train­ing from his fa­ther, in New York Ci­ty and at the Roy­al Acad­e­my of Mu­sic ... read more

      Ambrose was governor of Northern Italy, with capital at Milan. When the see of Milan fell vacant, it seemed likely that rioting would result, since the city was evenly divided between Arians and Athanasians. (Explanatory Note: Athanasians affirm that the ... read more

Amy Carmicael
      Amy Carmichael (1867 -1951) Flame Of God From prayer that asks that I may be Sheltered from winds that beat on Thee, From fearing when I should aspire, From falter ... read more

Andrew Murray
      Soon after coming to Christ, I was given two small paperbacks written by Andrew Murray, "The Prayer Life" and "Waiting on God". It seemed with each new chapter came fresh insights and new experiences in prayer. As a young believer, these writings gre ... read more

      Anselm is the most important Christian theologian in the West between Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. His two great accomplishments are his Proslogium (in which he undertakes to show that Reason requires that men should believe in God), and his Cur Deus Hom ... read more

Apolo Kivebulaya
      After Christianity had gained a foothold in Uganda, in eastern equatorial Africa (see James Hannington, Martyr, 29 October 1885, and the Martyrs of Uganda, 3 June 1886), the tribal chief of Boga, a village in western Uganda, just west of the Great Rift Va ... read more

Arthur Campbell Ainger
      Born: July 4, 1841, Blackheath, England (near Birmingham). Died: October 26, 1919, Eton, England. Buried: St. Matthews Parish Church, Darley Abbey, Derby, England. Son of an An­gli­can priest, Ainger at­tend­ed Eton and Trin­i­ty College, Cam­bri ... read more

Augustine of Hippo
      Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus) was one of the greatest theologians of Western Christianity. (In his day the Mediterranean world consisted of an Eastern, Greek-speaking half and a Western, Latin-speaking half, with different ways of looking at things, and ... read more

Basil the Great
      Basil was born in Caesarea of Cappadocia, a province in what is now central Turkey (more or less directly north of the easternmost part of the Mediterranean, but with no seacoast). He was born in 329, after the persecution of Christians had ceased, but wi ... read more

Basil the Great
      Basil was born in Caesarea of Cappadocia, a province in what is now central Turkey (more or less directly north of the easternmost part of the Mediterranean, but with no seacoast). He was born in 329, after the persecution of Christians had ceased, but wi ... read more

Bentley DeForest Ackley
      Born: September 27, 1872, Spring Hill, Penn­syl­van­ia. He was bro­ther to Al­fred Ack­ley. Died: Septem­ber 3, 1958, Wi­no­na Lake, In­di­a­na. Buried: Oak­wood Cem­e­te­ry, War­saw, In­di­a­na. Ho­mer Ro­de­hea­ver lies near­by. Ackley showed ... read more

Bernard of Clairvoix
      Bernard, third son of a Burgundian nobleman, was born in 1090. His brothers were trained as soldiers, but Bernard from youth was destined for scholarship. One Christmas Eve as a child he had a dream about the infant Christ in the manger; and the memory of ... read more

Billy Bray
       Billy Bray (1794-1868) The Man With A Shout Billy Bray was born in 1794 at Twelveheads, a village near Truro, in Cornwall England. Billy's father had died when he was quite young and Billy lived with his ... read more

Billy Sunday
      William Ashley Sunday, Sr. was born November 19, 1862, to William and Mary Jane (Corey) Sunday. His father was in the Union Army on the day of his son's birth and died, probably of measles, at Camp Patterson in Missouri without ever seeing his third and ... read more

Blaise Pascal
       Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) Mathematician, physicist, and theologian, inventor of the first digital calculator, who is often thought of as the ideal of classic French prose. Pascal lived in the time when Copernicus' discovery - that the earth moves ... read more

      Wynfrith, nicknamed Boniface ("good deeds"), was born around 680 near Crediton in Devonshire, England. When he was five, he listened to some monks who were staying at his father's house. They had returned from a mission to the pagans on the continent, ... read more

C. S. Lewis
      Clive Staples Lewis ("Jack" Lewis to his friends) was a tutor and lecturer at Oxford University, and later Professor of Medieval and Renaissance English Literature at Cambridge University. In the judgement of many, he is the most popular and most effect ... read more

C.T. Studd
       English missionary. C.T. Studd was the son of a wealthy man, Edward Studd, who was converted to Christ under the ministry of Dwight L. Moody in 1877. Young C.T. Studd became an excellent cricket player, and at the age of 19 was captain of the team at Eto ... read more

Charles Mason
      Elder Charles Harrison Mason, who later became the founder and organizer of the Church of God in Christ, was born September 8,1866, on the Prior Farm near Memphis, Tennessee. His father and mother, Jerry and Eliza Mason, were members of a Missionary Bapti ... read more

Charles Spurgeon
      So many people came to hear him preach, he is still a legend. One story, undoubtably true, is that one Sunday morning before a worship service, he came out and ask all the members to leave and come back later as the crowd on the street wanting to come in ... read more

Christmas Evans
      Christmas Evans 1766-1838 Welch Baptist minister. Christmas Evans was born near the village of Llandyssul, Cardiganshire, on Christmas day, 1766. His father, a shoemaker, died soon after, and Christmas grew up as an illiterate farm laborer in the ca ... read more

Clement of Alexandria
      Clement, a native of Athens, was converted to Christianity by Pantaenus, founder of the Catechetical School at Alexandria (then the intellectual capital of the Mediterranean world), and succeeded his teacher as head of the School about 180. For over 20 ye ... read more

Clement of Rome
      Clement is counted as the third bishop of Rome (after the apostles). His predecessors are Linus and Cletus (or Anacletus, or Anencletus), about whom almost nothing is known. They are simply names on a list. Clement is a little more than this, chiefly beca ... read more

Columba, Aidan, Bede
      In the troubled and violent Dark Ages in Northern Europe, monasteries served as inns, orphanages, centers of learning, and even as fortresses. The light of civilization flickered dimly and might have gone out altogether if it had not been for these conven ... read more

Corrie ten Boom
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES Corrie (short for Cornelia) ten Boom was born in Haarlem in Holland on 15 April 1892. The youngest child of Caspar and Cornelia ten Boom, she had two sisters, Betsie and Nollie, and a brother Willem. Caspar ten Boom was a watchmaker. W ... read more

Cyprian of Carthage
      About the same time with Origen lived St Cyprian, bishop of Carthage. He was born about the year 200, and had been long famous as a professor of heathen learning, when he was converted at the age of forty-five. He then gave up his calling as a teacher, a ... read more

Cyril and Methodius
      Cyril (originally Constantine) and Methodius were brothers, from a noble family in Thessalonika, a district in northeastern Greece. Constantine was the younger, born in about 827, and his brother Methodius in about 825. They both entered the priesthood. C ... read more

Cyril of Alexandria
      Ten years after the death of Athanasius, the great champion of faith in Christ as fully God, the bishopric of Alexandria was bestowed on one Theophilus. He was a man of fiery temperament, and ruthless and violent in the pursuit of what he conceived to be ... read more

D. L. Moody
      Dwight Lyman Moody BORN: February 5, 1837 DIED: December 22, 1899 Northfield, Massachusetts LIFE SPAN: 62 years, 10 months, 17 days DWIGHT LYMAN MOODY was the first evangelist since Whitefield to shake two continents for God. It was on his moth ... read more

Dag Hammarskjöld
      Dag Hammarskjöld, Peacemaker 18 September 1961 Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjöld (pronounced HAM-mar-shold) was born in 1905, the son of the Prime Minister of Sweden. He studied law and economics, and taught economics at the University of Stockholm. ... read more

David Brainerd
       David Brainerd 1718-1747 by Fred Barlow Missionary to the American Indians in New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. Born in Connecticut in 1718, he died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-nine in 1747. Jonathan Edwards preached the f ... read more

David du Plessis
       "That they may be one as we are one." The General Secretary of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) was in his office in Johannesburg. As it was before 7.00 am he was surprised when Smith Wigglesworth burst into his office. "Co ... read more

David Livingstone
      Livingstone was born in 1813 in Blantyre, Scotland, trained as a physician, and ordained as a missionary in 1840. His original plan was to work in China, but he was prevented from doing so by the Opium Wars. He therefore went instead to South Africa and t ... read more

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
      Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Pastor and Theologian hung 10 April 1945 Bonhoeffer was born in 1906, son of a professor of psychiatry and neurology at the University of Berlin. He was an outstanding student, and at the age of 25 became a lecturer in systematic ... read more

E d w a r d I r v i n g
      E d w a r d I r v i n g Charismatic Pioneer Edward Irving was invited to be minister of Caledonian Chapel in London, July 1822, when he was almost thirty. He had recently completed all the stringent requirements to obt ... read more

E.M. Bounds
      E. M. Bounds in his book "Prayer and Praying Men", wrote "Elijah learned new and higher lessons of prayer while hidden away by God and with God . . " This statement is certainly also true of its author. E. M. Bounds was a man hidden away by God and wi ... read more

Eliza Sibbald Dykes Alderson
      Born: August 16, 1818, Kingston upon Hull, Humberside, England. Died: March 18, 1889, Heath (near Wakefield), West Yorkshire, England. Buried: Kirkthorpe, West Yorkshire, England. In 1850, Eliza mar­ried Rev. W. Al­der­son, chap­lain to the West ... read more

Elsie Rebekah Ahlwen
      Born: May 25, 1905, Os­kars­hamm, Swe­den. Died: Jan­u­a­ry 6, 1986, Grand Ra­pids, Mi­chi­gan. Buried: Pine Grove Cem­e­te­ry, Man­ches­ter, New Hamp­shire. After Ahlwen em­i­grat­ed to the Unit­ed States, she stu­died at the Moo­dy Bi­ble In­ ... read more

Eric Liddell
      Eric Henry Liddell was born on the 16th January 1902 in Tientsin (Tianjin) in North China, second son of the Rev & Mrs James Dunlop Liddell who were missionaries with the London Mission Society. He was educated from 1908 to 1920 at Eltham College, Blackh ... read more

Evan Roberts
      The seeds of revival are always nurtured in the hearts of the humble. And so it was with the great Welsh Revival of 1904. It was in a young coal miner named Evan Roberts that God imparted a burning vision for spiritual revival. Evan Roberts did not posses ... read more

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