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W.H. Griffith Thomas

W.H. Griffith Thomas (1861 - 1924)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker W.H. Griffith Thomas in text and pdf format. Was an Anglican cleric and scholar from the English-Welsh border country. He has been quoted by theologian Alister McGrath in the science-versus-religion debate.

Gaining the reputation of a popular author and speaker in dispensationalism and victorious Christian life, he spent the last five years of his life writing and speaking at conservative gatherings. Partially funded by the Milton Stewart Evangelistic Fund, Thomas traveled with Charles G. Trumbull to Japan and China in the summer of 1920.

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A Competent Ministry
       In the writings of John Bunyan, that wonderful gallery of portraits, there are no less than seven pictures of the Christian minister. Evangelist, Interpreter, Great-heart, and the Four Shepherds on the Delectable Mountains (Knowledge, Experience, Wat ... read more

Bible Class Work
      Section 1. The Importance. Among the many departments of parochial work that of Bible Classes stands preeminent. Such classes provide a fine opportunity for positive teaching, as well as for free, frank discussion among those who often wish to ... read more

Christians United in Love
      "That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding..." (Col. 2:2). He prayed that these Christians might be joined together, knit together, and kept together. Solitary Chr ... read more

Confirmation - Part 2
      Section 4. Suggested Methods of Teaching. I. The Meaning of Confirmation (Lesson 1). The following is necessarily only a bare outline, but it may suggest material for further study. 1. Start by indicating the emphasis placed by our ... read more

       We have already seen something of the meaning of Justification and Sanctification. Justification is the Divine provision of a new position for the soul in Christ, involving a new relationship. Sanctification is the Divine provision of a new con ... read more

Essentials of A Competent Ministry
       It is evident from almost every consideration we have given to the Christian ministry that the prime secret of its power lies in the minister himself, his life, character, and tone. Only as these are true will his work be effective. Bunyan’s pict ... read more

Faith, Love and Hope
      "Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints, For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven..." (Col. 1:4-5). Faith rests on the past, love works in the present, and hope presses toward the fut ... read more

       Five times in the New Testament Christians are compared to “babes” (1 Cor. 3, 1 Cor. 14, Eph. 4, Heb. 5, and 1 Peter 2), a term which normally indicates the commencement and early stages of the Christian life. But there is this great difference bet ... read more

Filled With the Knowledge of God's Will
      "For this cause we not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding" (Col. 1:9). The difficulty with so many people today is that they are superfici ... read more

Foreign Missions
      Section 1. Their Place in the Ministry. It ought to go without saying that Foreign Missions should occupy a prominent, not to say predominant place in every ministry. In some respects they constitute a test of a clergyman’s own spiritual li ... read more

      Our Lord came that there might be a Gospel to preach. Then He sent His Apostles to preach it. The Gospel that He was in His Person, and that He provided by His Word, and the Gospel that they received and proclaimed, is best stated in the one word, Grace ... read more

Hope Laid Up for You in Heaven
      "Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints, For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven..." (Col. 1:4-5). This hope is said by St. Paul to be "laid up" for believers "in the heavens," a ... read more

       The spiritual life can be considered from the Divine or the human standpoint, from the point of view of God’s provision or from that of our appropriation. As a rule differences do not show themselves in connection with the great objective conc ... read more

       This is preeminently a day of inquiry, of questioning as to fundamental principles. Several years ago, mainly under the guidance of the German scholar, Harnack, the question was very rife, “What is Christianity?” Such questioning is natural an ... read more

       The spiritual life which becomes ours, and is constantly realized by means of Justification, Sanctification and Consecration, must be maintained and sustained if it is to grow and increase in vigour, power, and blessing. Spiritual life in the true s ... read more

More Than My Necessary Food
       In the course of a conversation during a Keswick Convention a friend said, “Now, suppose someone yields himself to God and receives a blessing at one of these meetings, how is it possible for him to avoid relapsing into his former spiritual con ... read more

       No one who has once understood what the Christian life means can ever be the same again. Either he will be the better for his knowledge, or else he will be worse. His life cannot possibly be lived on the same original plane of spiritual experie ... read more

Our Union With Christ
      "And ye are complete in Him..." (Col. 2:10). The emphasis on the words "in Him" (vv. 9-11) very plainly shows that the source of all spiritual power lies in the union of the soul with Christ. But not only so--we are circumcised, and buried, an ... read more

Personal Work
       “Individual work for individuals” is the title of a valuable and important book. It suggests what should never be forgotten in the Christian life, that work for Christ is preeminently individual and personal. Evangelism in the New Testament is es ... read more

       St. Paul tells us that the things which happened to Israel happened unto them for ensamples or types, and that the record was given for our admonition (1 Cor. 10:11). We are therefore justified in utilizing the history of Israel for spiritual purposes t ... read more

       In addition to good, suitable, and regular food, the body requires pure atmosphere in order to a healthy and vigorous life. In like manner the spiritual life must have both the food of God’s Word and also the pure atmosphere of prayer if it is to be t ... read more

      The first word of the Psalms, “Blessed,” is in some respects the keynote of the whole book. It occurs nearly thirty times. But the interesting point about the Beatitudes of the Psalter is that they are nearly all concerned with our relation to God, ... read more

       If an average congregation, or even Bible class, were asked, “Why did Jesus Christ die?” the answer in almost every case would probably be, “He died for our sins, in our stead.” This would be all true; but not all the truth. The purpose ... read more

      The Apostle Paul desired that those to whom he wrote might know the things that were freely given to them of God. In his prayers in the Epistle to the Ephesians we have, perhaps, the highest revelation of his conception of the Christian life. He prayed ... read more

Summary of New Testament Teaching
      We have now covered all the Scripture teaching on the Holy Supper, and it is not purposeless to call attention to the extreme simplicity of the institution itself, and to all the allusions to it. The place of institution was a house and not a temple; the ... read more

The Approach to the Institution
       We find the Lord’s Supper distinctly treated in five passages; in the three Synoptic accounts of the institution; in 1 Corinthians 10; and in 1 Corinthians 11. The allusions in the Acts of the Apostles to the “breaking of bread” are simple ... read more

The Character of Christ
       Personality is the highest thing in life. It is also the most interesting, attractive, fascinating. The study of personality surpasses almost everything in practical value. If this is so general, it is essentially so with regard to the personality of ... read more

The Christian’s Vital Breath
       The Christian religion rests upon two great facts. The first is that God has spoken to man in the Lord Jesus Christ, and still speaks by the Holy Spirit. The second is that man can hear God’s voice and speak to Him in return. Divine Revelati ... read more

The Church and Amusements
       The question of recreation and amusement as a part of parochial work and organization has become so prominent of recent years that it demands special attention at the hands of all who are, or expect to be clergymen; and the subject has so many and such ... read more

The Church of Christ
      When we stand on the Nore Lightship we see the Thames at its mouth; when we stand on the Cotswold Hills at Thames-head we see the great river at its source. When we look over the world today we see Christianity as a great and almost worldwide fact; but t ... read more

The Claim of Christ
       Just as a diamond has several facets, each one contributing to the beauty and attractiveness of the complete stone, so Jesus Christ can be considered in various ways, and to the question, “What think ye of Christ?” different answers can be given. ... read more

The Death of Christ
      There are two well-known pictures, each with the same title, “The Shadow of the Cross.” One by Holman Hunt represents the interior of a carpenter’s shop, with Joseph and the Boy Jesus at work. Mary also is present. The Boy Jesus pauses in His wor ... read more

The Exhortations of the Ordinal
      In the Priests’ Ordinal there is a long address which is quite unique. There is nothing like it at the Deacons’ Ordination. Apart from the Questions already considered, it gives the fullest conception we possess of the Church of England ministry. I ... read more

The Fact of Christ
       Christianity is the only religion in the world which rests on the Person of its Founder. A man can be a faithful Mohammedan without in the least concerning himself with the person of Mohammed. So also a man can be a true and faithful Buddhist without k ... read more

The Gospels of Christ
       We have now endeavored to consider the picture of Jesus Christ as it is presented to us in the Gospels – His character, claim, teaching, death and resurrection. It is necessary, however, at this stage to consider one feature which is apt to be over ... read more

The Grace of Christ
       It is only within comparatively recent years that attention has been given by scientific men to the fact and reality of Christian experience. Formerly it was either disregarded altogether or else set aside as too variable and unreliable to be worthy ... read more

The Importance of Preaching
      Section 1. The Importance of Preaching. [I thankfully acknowledge my indebtedness here and elsewhere to that most valuable book The Work of the Preacher, by A. S. Hoyt. (Macmillan & Co.)] There is a decided tendency today to neglect preaching ... read more

The Importance of Preaching - Part 2
       II. Expository. On almost every hand today we are urged to make our sermons more expository because our people need instruction in the Word of God; but those who proffer this advice are by no means clear as to what is meant by expository pre ... read more

The Importance of Preaching - Part 3
      VI. Pastoral Sermons. This aspect of preaching will necessarily form a prominent part of the work of the settled pastorate. The ministry to believers occupies an important place in the New Testament, because of the purpose of God for the life ... read more

The Influence of Christ
       There are many things in life about which we may be perfectly indifferent. Some are outside the sphere of our interest, others we can entirely ignore, while ethers again we may hold in solution without coming to any definite opinion. In politics it ... read more

The Institution of the Lord’s Supper
       In the light of these general principles we can now examine in detail the language of our Lord in instituting the Supper. There are some distinct differences of phraseology in the four accounts, which go in two pairs, St. Matthew and St. Mark be ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in Current Teaching (I)
       The doctrine of the Lord’s Supper has acquired fresh prominence during the last sixty years by reason of certain movements within the pale of the Church of England. About that time a new turn was given to the consideration of the doctrine by t ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in Current Teaching (II)
       Connected with this modern doctrine of the Lord’s Supper, and arising out of it, is the question of the Eucharistic sacrifice. To many this is the most important element in the doctrine. Even the Lutherans hold their view of the real Presence ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in Current Teaching (III)
       Another phrase of the teaching of the Tractarian School is that known as Eucharistic Adoration. The Declaration of the English Church Union says: “Christ our Lord present ... under the form of ‘bread and wine’ is to be worshipped and adore ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in the Epistles
       The next passage of the New Testament to be considered is 1 Cor. 10:14–22, where St. Paul warns against idolatry and presses upon the Church the necessity of Christians being entirely separated from idol feasts. In this connection he refers to the ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in the Prayer Book
       The need and importance of ascertaining the teaching of the Church of England on the Supper of the Lord is very evident on several grounds. The position “of the ordinance in the Prayer Book clearly requires us to understand its spiritual signi ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in the Prayer Books of 1549 and 1552
       Hitherto we have considered the doctrine of the Church of England as it stands recorded in the Prayer Book and Articles. For the purpose of ascertaining their proper meaning and interpretation it is now necessary to go a step further, and to consider ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in the Prayer Books of 1562 and 1571
       The third stage of the history of the Prayer Book with which we are now concerned is the revision in Queen Elizabeth’s reign. After the reign of Mary a fresh start was made in the work of the English Reformation, and it is necessary for us to c ... read more

The Lord’s Supper in the Prayer Books of 1604 and 1662
       The next stage in the Church of England doctrine on the Lord’s Supper is the addition to the Catechism of the section on the Sacraments. It was added after the Hampton Court Conference of 1604. Nowell’s Catechism never received legal sancti ... read more

The Meaning of Christ
      Facts can never be properly appreciated until an endeavor is made to penetrate behind them to their meaning. We have now reached the point when an attempt must be made to discover the meaning of all this emphasis on Christ. We have considered His charac ... read more

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