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LO! I come with joy to do
      7s & 6s. 1 LO! I come with joy to do The Master's blessed will; Him in outward works pursue, And serve his pleasure still; Faithful to my Lord's commands, I still would choose the better part, Serve with careful Martha's hands, And loving Mary ... read more

LONG have I lived in grief and pain,
      8s & 6s. Mark v. 24 - 34. 1 LONG have I lived in grief and pain, And suffered many things in vain, And all physicians tried; Nor men nor means my soul can heal, The plague is still incurable, The fountain is undried. 2 No help can I from these r ... read more

LONG have I sat beneath the sound
      C.M. 1 LONG have I sat beneath the sound Of thy salvation, Lord; But still how weak my faith is found, And knowledge of thy word! 2 How cold and feeble is my love! How negligent my fear! How low my hope of joys above! How few affections there! ... read more

LONG have I seemed to serve thee, Lord,
      C.M. 1 LONG have I seemed to serve thee, Lord, With unavailing pain; Fasted, and prayed, and read thy word, And heard it preached in vain. 2 Oft did I with the assembly join, And near thine altar drew; A form of godliness was mine, The power I ... read more

LORD of hosts, our God and Lord,
      7s & 6s. Acts iv. 24 - 33. 1 LORD of hosts, our God and Lord, To thee we lift our voice, Praise thy name with one accord, And in thy strength rejoice; Heaven is thine, and earth, and sea, The work of thine almighty hand; Every creature made by thee ... read more

LORD of the harvest, hear
      S.M. Matthew ix. 38. 1 LORD of the harvest, hear Thy needy servants cry; Answer our faith's effectual prayer, And all our wants supply. 2 On thee we humbly wait, Our wants are in thy view; The harvest truly, Lord, is great; The labourers are f ... read more

LORD of the worlds above!
      4-6s & 2-8s. 1 LORD of the worlds above! How pleasant and how fair The dwellings of thy love, Thy earthly temples, are! To thine abode My heart aspires, With warm desires To see my God. 2 O happy souls that pray Where God delights to hear! O h ... read more

LORD over all, if thou hast made,
      6-8s. 1 LORD over all, if thou hast made, Hast ransomed every soul of man, Why is the grace so long delayed? Why unfulfilled the saving plan? The bliss, for Adam's race designed, When will it reach to all mankind? 2 Art thou the God of Jews alo ... read more

LORD we sit and cry to thee,
      7 7, 7 8, 8 8. Luke xviii. 35. 1 LORD we sit and cry to thee, Like the blind beside the way; Make our darkened souls to see The glory of thy perfect day: O Lord! rebuke our sullen night, And give thyself unto our sight! 2 Lord! we do not ask to ... read more

LORD! it is good for us to be
      L.M. Matthew xvii. 4. 1 LORD! it is good for us to be High on the mountain here with thee Here in an ampler, purer air, Above the stir of toil and care, Of hearts opprest with doubt and grief, Believing in their unbelief, Calling thy servants all i ... read more

LORD, and is thine anger gone?
      7s & 6s. 1 LORD, and is thine anger gone? And art thou pacified? After all that I have done, Dost thou no longer chide? Infinite thy mercies are, Beneath the weight I cannot move; O! 'tis more than I can bear, The sense of pardoning love. 2 L ... read more

LORD, I adore thy gracious will;
      8s & 6s. 2 Samuel xvi. 10. LORD, I adore thy gracious will; Through every instrument of ill My Father's goodness see; Accept the complicated wrong Of Shimei's hand and Shimei's tongue, As kind rebukes from thee! ... read more

LORD, I believe a rest remains
      C.M. 1 LORD, I believe a rest remains To all thy people known, A rest where pure enjoyment reigns, And thou art loved alone: 2 A rest, where all our souls desire Is fixed on things above; Where fear, and sin, and grief expire, Cast out by perfe ... read more

LORD, I believe thou wilt forgive,
      6-8s. Mark ix. 24. 1 LORD, I believe thou wilt forgive, But help me to believe thou dost; The answer of thy promise give, Wherein thou causest me to trust; The gospel-faith divine impart, Which seals my pardon on my heart. 2 I do believe thy blo ... read more

LORD, I believe thy mercy's power,
      C.M. "Able to keep you from falling." Jude 24. qqq LORD, I believe thy mercy's power, Which hath my refuge been, Will still in every future hour Preserve my soul from sin: The help for which on thee I call Shall my protection prove; And into sin ... read more

LORD, I despair myself to heal:
      L.M. 1 LORD, I despair myself to heal: I see my sin, but cannot feel; I cannot, till thy Spirit blow, And bid the obedient waters flow. 2 'Tis thine a heart of flesh to give, Thy gifts I only can receive; Here then to thee I all resign; To dra ... read more

LORD, I hear of showers of blessing
      8s & 7s. 1 LORD, I hear of showers of blessing Thou art scattering, full and free - Showers, the thirsty land refreshing; Let some drops now fall on me. Even me. 2 Pass me not, O God, our Father, Sinful though my heart may be! Thou might'st lea ... read more

LORD, if at thy command
      S.M. Acts xi. 21. 1 LORD, if at thy command The word of life we sow, Watered by thy almighty hand, The seed shall surely grow: The virtue of thy grace A large increase shall give, And multiply the faithful race Who to thy glory live. 2 Now the ... read more

LORD, if thou the grace impart,
      7s. 1 LORD, if thou the grace impart, Poor in spirit, meek in heart, I shall as my Master be Rooted in humility. 2 From the time that thee I know, Nothing shall I seek below, Aim at nothing great or high, Lowly both my heart and eye. 3 Simp ... read more

LORD, in the strength of grace,
      S.M. 1 Chronicles xxix. 5. 1 LORD, in the strength of grace, With a glad heart and free, Myself, my residue of days, I consecrate to thee. 2 Thy ransomed servant, I Restore to thee thy own; And, from this moment, live or die To serve my God alo ... read more

LORD, let me know mine end,
      S.M. 1 LORD, let me know mine end, My days, how brief their date, That I may timely comprehend How frail my best estate. 2 My life is but a span, Mine age as nought with thee; Man, in his highest honour, man Is dust and vanity. 3 A shadow e ... read more

LORD, regard my earnest cry,
      7s & 6s. The Woman of Canaan. Matthew xv. 22 - 28. 1 LORD, regard my earnest cry, A potsherd of the earth; A poor guilty worm am I, A Canaanite by birth: Save me from this tyranny, From all the power of Satan save; Mercy, mercy upon me, Thou Son o ... read more

LORD, that I may learn of thee,
      7s. Isaiah xxviii. 9. 1 LORD, that I may learn of thee, Give me true simplicity; Wean my soul, and keep it low. Willing thee alone to know. 2 Let me cast my reeds aside, All that feeds my knowing pride, Not to man, but God submit, Lay my reason ... read more

LORD, we thy will obey,
      4-6s & 2-8s. 1 LORD, we thy will obey, And in thy pleasure rest; We, only we, can say, "Whatever is, is best;" Joyful to meet, willing to part, Convinced we still are one in heart. 2 Hereby we sweetly know Our love proceeds from thee, We let ... read more

LORD, who hast taught to us on earth
      C.M. 1 Corinthians xiii. 1 LORD, who hast taught to us on earth This lesson from above, That all our works are nothing worth, Unless they spring from love; Send down thy Spirit from on high, And pour in all our hearts That precious gift of charity, ... read more

LOVE divine! what hast thou done!
      6-8s. 1 LOVE divine! what hast thou done! The immortal God hath died for me! The Father's co-eternal Son Bore all my sins upon the tree; The immortal God for me hath died! My Lord, my Love is crucified. 2 Behold him, all ye that pass by, The b ... read more

LOVE Divine, all loves excelling,
      8s & 7s. 1 LOVE Divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heaven, to earth come down! Fix in us thy humble dwelling, All thy faithful mercies crown; Jesu, thou art all compassion, Pure, unbounded love thou art; Visit us with thy salvation, Enter every t ... read more

LOVERS of pleasure more than God,
      C.M. 1 LOVERS of pleasure more than God, For you he suffered pain; Swearers, for you he spilt his blood; And shall he bleed in vain? 2 Misers, for you his life he paid, Your basest crime he bore: Drunkards, your sins on him were laid, That you ... read more

      Majestic sweetness sits enthroned Upon the Savior¬ís brow; His head with radiant glories crowned, His lips with grace o¬íerflow, His lips with grace o¬íerflow. To Christ, the Lord, let every tongue Its noblest tribute bring When He¬ís the subject of ... read more

      Majesty, worship his majesty; Unto Jesus be all glory, honor, and praise. Majesty, kingdom authority, Flow from his throne unto his own, his anthem raise. So exalt, lift up on high the name of Jesus. Magnify, come glorify Christ Jesus, the King. Maj ... read more

      Hark to the call of the New Crusade, Christ over all will King be made; Out to the world let the challenge ring: Make Christ King! Refrain Hail to the King of kings! Triumphant Redeemer! On march the soldiers of the New Crusade. This is the bat ... read more

      A storm gathers dark o¬íer the foam crested deep, And souls on the billows are tossed; Then forth let us go, with a message of hope, Speed on, lest their vessel be lost. Refrain Make haste, make haste, Make haste to the rescue, away! Speed on, q ... read more

      Make haste, O my God, to deliver, I pray, O Lord, to my rescue make haste; Let those who would harm me be filled with dismay, And in their own folly disgraced. Let them be turned back in confusion, O Lord, Who in my destruction would joy; Let sham ... read more

      Tell of Christ Who saves from sin; Make Him known¬ómake Him known! He has called you souls to win, Make Him known! Refrain Make the bless√®d Savior known, Till all hearts shall be His throne; Till He rules the world alone, Make Him known. For ... read more

      Make me a captive, Lord, and then I shall be free. Force me to render up my sword, and I shall conqueror be. I sink in life¬ís alarms when by myself I stand; Imprison me within Thine arms, and strong shall be my hand. My heart is weak and poor until ... read more

      Is your life a channel of blessing? Is the love of God flowing through you? Are you telling the lost of the Savior? Are you ready His service to do? Refrain Make me a channel of blessing today, Make me a channel of blessing, I pray; My life pos ... read more

      Make thee ready, as best thou art able, Little Bethlehem, garnish the bed, Tho¬í it be but a crib in a stable, Where the Infant may pillow His head, Where the Infant may pillow His head. Type and shadow of yore are now ended; Lo, the substance is c ... read more

      Maker and sov¬íreign Lord Of Heav¬ín, and earth, and seas, Thy providence confirms Thy Word, And answers Thy decrees. The things so long foretold By David are fulfilled, When Jews and Gentiles join¬íd to slay Jesus, Thine holy Child. Why did the ... read more

      Maker of earth, to Thee alone Perpetual rest belongs; And the bright choirs around Thy throne May pour their endless songs. But we¬óah holy now no more! Are doomed to toil and pain; Yet exiles on an alien shore May sing their country¬ís strain. ... read more

      Maker of man, Who from Thy throne Dost order all things, God alone; By Whose decree the teeming earth To reptile and to beast gave birth: The mighty forms that fill the land, Instinct with life at Thy command, Are giv¬ín subdued to humankind For s ... read more

      The man is ever bless¬íd Who shuns the sinners¬í ways, Among their councils never stands, Nor takes the scorner¬ís place; But makes the law of God His study and delight, Amidst the labors of the day, And watches of the night. He like a tree shall ... read more

       man named Nicodemus to Jesus came one night. He said, ¬ďWe know You¬íve come from God; Your wonders show His might.¬Ē In answer, Jesus did declare, ¬ďGive heed, these words are true: You cannot see God¬ís kingdom come unless you¬íre born anew.¬Ē Then Nico ... read more

      The man who once has found abode Within the secret place of God, Shall with Almighty God abide, And in His shadow safely hide. I of the Lord my God will say, ¬ďHe is my Refuge and my Stay; To Him for safety I will flee; My God, in Him my trust wil ... read more

      There¬ís a manger-Babe in a far off land, But it holds the world in its infant hand; Just a manger-Babe in its humble bed, But a matchless crown is upon its head. Refrain O manger-Babe, Thy lowly rest More royal is than princely bed; Best of ear ... read more

      Many and great, O God, are Thy things, Maker of earth and sky; Thy hands have set the heavens with stars; Thy fingers spread the mountains and plains. Lo, at Thy Word the waters were formed; Deep seas obey Thy voice. Grant unto us communion with T ... read more

      In days of yore, from Britain¬ís shore, Wolfe, the dauntless hero, came And planted firm Britannia¬ís flag On Canada¬ís fair domain! Here may it wave, our boast, our pride, And join in love together, The Thistle, Shamrock, Rose entwine, The Maple Leaf ... read more

      March on, O soul, with strength! Like those strong men of old Who ¬ígainst enthron√®d wrong Stood confident and bold; Who, thrust in prison or cast to flame Still made their glory in Thy Name. The sons of fathers we By whom our faith is taught To ... read more

      Marching on in the light of God, Marching on, I am marching on; Up the path that the Master trod, Marching, marching on. Refrain A robe of white, a crown of gold, A harp, a home, a mansion fair, A victor¬ís palm, a joy untold, Are mine when I g ... read more

      Come, we that love the Lord, And let our joys be known; Join in a song with sweet accord, Join in a song with sweet accord And thus surround the throne, And thus surround the throne. Refrain We¬íre marching to Zion, Beautiful, beautiful Zion; ... read more

      Marching with the heroes, Comrades of the strong, Lift we hearts and voices As we march along; O the joyful music All in chorus raise! Theirs the song of triumph, Ours the song of praise. Refrain Marching with the heroes, Comrades of the str ... read more

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