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John Follette

Jessie Penn Lewis (1861 - 1927)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Jessie Penn Lewis in text and pdf format. was a Welsh evangelical speaker and author of a number of Christian evangelical works. Penn-Lewis was close to Evan Roberts and there is some controversy associated with her influence over him. After the breakdown by Roberts cut the revival short, he stayed with the Penn-Lewises for a couple of years, but never fully recovered.

Penn-Lewis was influenced by the Dutch Reformed, South African writer Andrew Murray among others, and her books contain quotes from him and references to his works. Frank Buchman, the founder of the Oxford Group, credits Penn-Lewis with helping him to turn his life around from depression when he heard her speak at a Keswick Convention.[5] She also influenced Johan Oscar Smith, the founder of Brunstad Christian Church[6] and the missionary statesman Norman Grubb.

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      The meaning of " soul-force " can be briefly defined as that which has its origin in the soul, and " spirit force " as that which has its origin in the spirit. The soul is the medium for the outworking of both. Soul-force is manifested through the faculti ... read more

Calling the Psychical " Spiritual "
      It is said of the " Beast " in Revelation 13:5 that inspired by the Dragon he would be allowed to speak " blasphemies ", and " he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His Name and His Tabernacle ... " (v. 6). So rapidly are all the char ... read more

God Requires Only Himself
      "Be imitators of God, therefore as dearly beloved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God". - Ephesians 5:1-2 God can do such a work in us by His Spirit, that all ... read more

      " The word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and quick to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart ... "(Hebrews 4:12, R.V.). This rema ... read more

      "THE forces of psuche (soul) arrayed against the forces of pneuma (spirit)," is the expressive sentence used by a correspondent in India, to describe the conflict in the unseen realm in these solemn days. This is his description of the real issues in Indi ... read more

      (Hebrews 4: 12) THE ignorance of Christians concerning the distinction between " soul " and " spirit " is very general, and is a primary cause of the lack of full growth in the spiritual life in many devoted and earnest believers. G. H. Pember points o ... read more

      " And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, as unto babes in Christ " (I Corinthians 3:1 R.V.). Let us repeat again at this point, that the " soul " is the seat of the self-consciousness (the personality, the will ... read more

      " The 'natural' man [' man of soul '] receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God . . . because they are spiritually discerned" (I Corinthians 2:14, lit) CHRISTIANS who have arrived at the stage of knowledge of the Cross where they cease to walk " ... read more

      L ET us turn first to Romans 4: 25, to the declared fact of the atoning death of Christ. I was struck in looking lately at Dr. Forsyth's book on "The Cruciality of the Cross", in which he says, "a true grasp of the Atonement meets the age in its need of a ... read more

      If One died for all, then all died [in Him]" 2 Corinthians 5: 15 A S we read 2 Corinthians 5: 13- 18, we cannot fail to see how deeply, in this passage, the Cross is the very centre of the life of the Apostle. We are familiar with the fourteenth verse ... read more

      LET us turn back a moment to 2 Corinthians 5: 14-16 (Conybeare): "The love of Christ constrains me, because I have thus judged, that if One died for all, then all died [in Him] ... I therefore, from henceforth, view no man carnally; yea, though once my vi ... read more

      We have died . . . new service of the Spirit" Romans 7: 6 T HIS morning when speaking of the life side of the Cross, we were more occupied with the word 'life' than the word 'Spirit'. On the life, or resurrection side of the Cross, we have seen there ... read more

      T HERE are so many lines of teaching on the enduement of power for service that numbers of the Lord's children are perplexed, and, in some cases hindered from receiving what they need, to equip them for effective witnessing to Christ. The trouble lies in ... read more

      If we look back at the messages of the preceding meetings we can see why Revival comes into view at this juncture. In the Revival in Wales the outstanding theme was the message of Calvary. It is only when we see the Cross as the centre, and the basis of a ... read more

      "I tell you even weeping ... (of) enemies of the Cross" Philippians 3: 1 18 THE degree of our real identification with Christ in His death, and the criterion of the stage of our growth into the maturity of the life of the new creation, is in no respec ... read more

      "T HE word of the Cross is the dunamis of God," said the Apostle Paul. Dr. Mabie points out that the Greek word here is Logos, or Word-not preaching, as in the A.V. It is the same used of Christ Himself in John I: I. "In the beginning was the Logos, and t ... read more

The Distinction between Soul and Spirit From Fausset's Commentary
      Note on Hebrews 4:12. "EVEN TO THE DIVIDING ASUNDER OF SOUL AND SPIRIT "-i.e., reaching througheven to the separation of the animal soul (lower part of man's incorporeal nature, the seat of animal desires, which he has in common with the brutes; c.f. the ... read more

      "Raised with Him."Colossians 2: 12 Dr. MABIE says in one of his books: "in the thought of' Scripture the reconciling death, and ressurection, have always been taken together. They are inseparable parts of a real Unity-TWIN PARTS OF ONE FACT". This is ... read more

      "Except a grain of wheat fall..." John 12: 24 NOW we come to the out-working of the Cross subjectively as a law of life out of death for fruit-bearing. We must be brought into a real fellowship with Christ in His death. There is an experimental knowle ... read more

      "The greatest danger," said Dr. Murray, " the individual has to dread is the inordinate activity of the soul with its powers of mind and will." This danger is intensified a thousand-fold at the present time, through the advance made by those who term them ... read more

      (pneumatikos) " He that is spiritual (pneumatikos) judgeth all things " (I Corinthians 2:15). " And the God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly: and may your spirit (pneuma) and soul (psuche) and body (soma) be preserved entire, without bl ... read more

      Several letters have reached me concerning the brief paper " Soul Force verses Spirit Force " given in our last issue. A ministerial reader describes it as being epochal in importance, whilst others confirm from personal experience some of the statements ... read more

War On The Saints - Appendix
      Note.--The page references in all cases refer to preceding chapters in "War on the Saints." The attitude of the Early Fathers to evil spirits. See page 30. "Tertullian says, in his Apology addressed to the Rulers of the roman Empire: . . Let a pers ... read more

War On The Saints - Brief Notes
      Brief Notes Thoughts of impatience, pp. 158, 159. i.e. directly physical, not moral, and result of d.p. Remedy is regaining of normal condition, and refusal of d.p. as cause. Rom. 6: 11 must be kept as spiritual basis in all cases. Daydreams in meet ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 1
      A Biblical Survey of Satanic Deception Truth of every kind makes free, while lies bind up in bonds. Ignorance also binds up, because it gives ground to Satan. Man's ignorance is a primary and essential condition for deception by evil spirits. The i ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 10
      Victory in Conflict In a previous chapter we have seen the way of deliverance from possession by evil spirits. The great question here is, how to be victorious over the powers of darkness as a whole. How to have authority, and victory over the wick ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 11
      War upon the Powers of Darkness In the path to freedom from deception and possession, the believer discovers the need of MAKING WAR AGAINST THE POWERS OF DARKNESS, for the undeceiving and the dispossession which follows, reveals to him the depths o ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 12
      Revival Dawn and the Baptism of the Spirit We have seen that the period in the believer's life wherein he receives the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the special time of danger from the evil supernatural world, and the Baptism of the Spirit is THE E ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 2
      The Satanic confederacy of wicked spirits A perspective view of the ages covered by the history in Bible records, shows that the rise and fall in spiritual power of the people of God, was marked by the recognition of the existence of the demoniacal ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 3
      Deception by evil spirits in modern times In the special onslaught of the deceiver, which will come upon the whole of the true Church of Christ at the close of the age, through the army of deceiving spirits, there are some more than others who are ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 4
      Passivity the chief basis of possession That believers--true, fully surrendered children of God--can be deceived, and then up to the degree of deception, "possessed" by deceiving spirits, we have seen in the preceding chapters. The primary cause mu ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 5
      Deception and possession To be deceived by lying spirits does not mean that the believer is necessarily possessed by an evil spirit; and a person may be "possessed" without having been deceived. For instance, a believer may be misled in guidance, o ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 6
      Counterfeits of the Divine In seeking to obtain full control of the believer, the first great effort of evil spirits is directed toward getting the man to accept their suggestions, and workings, as the speaking, working, or leading of God. Their in ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 7
      Ground and Symptoms of Possession In Column 2 of the summary given on page 102, the various ways in which ground is given for the deception and possession of evil spirits are briefly summarized. Communication is possible with the believer without g ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 8
      The Path to Freedom It has been thought almost universally that the only way to deal with demon- possession is by the casting out of the evil spirit,note 1 by some Divinely equipped believer. But facts prove that this method is not always successfu ... read more

War On The Saints - Part 9
      The Volition and Spirit of Man It is now necessary to see from the Scriptures the true way in which God works in the believer, in contradistinction to the way of Satan and his wicked spirits; for the principle of co-operation with God,note 1 and no ... read more

War On The Saints - Seeking radical cause in ground"
      Seeking radical cause in ground In seeking for radical cause of e.s. possession, the believer must look to the opposite to discover the ground of access, e.g., as in the following instances. Believer thought he opened to God to obtain Believer ope ... read more

War On The Saints - Summary of "Ground"
      Summary of "Ground" Evil spirits must have ground: p. 54. Degree of ground for possession cannot be defined. p. 94. Ground can be deepened. pp. 95, 161. Cannot interfere with faculties unless ground given. p. 154. They deceive and attack to obt ... read more

War On The Saints - The true workings of God, and the Counterfeits of Satan
      The True Workings of God, and Counterfeits of Satan "Knowledge and all discernment; so that ye may prove the things that differ, that ye may be sincere and void of offence. . . ." Phil. 1: 9,10, m. True. Counterfeit. 1. The Baptism, or Fullness ... read more


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