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Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee (1903 - 1972)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Watchman Nee in text and pdf format. Was a church leader and Christian teacher who worked in China during the first half of the 20th century. In 1922, he initiated church meetings in Fuzhou that may be considered the beginning of the local churches. During his 30 years of ministry, Nee published many books expounding the Bible, including The Normal Christian Life and The Normal Christian Church Life. He established churches throughout China and held many conferences to train Bible students and church workers.

Following the Communist Revolution, Nee was persecuted for his faith. He spent the last 20 years of his life in prison. Nee was honored by Christianity Today magazine as one of The 100 Most Influential Christians of the Twentieth Century.

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      Before we pass on to our last important subject we will review some of the ground we have covered and summarize the steps taken. We have sought to make things simple, and to explain clearly some of the experiences which Christians commonly pass through. B ... read more

      (The following is an excerpt from an article by Evan Roberts. It originally appeared in The Overcomer, Vol. 4, published by The "Overcomer" Office, Leicester, England, February 1912. The paragraphs below reflect the order in Watchman Nee's publication. ... read more

      The lessons taught to us from the life of Jacob concern the Holy Spirit's discipline of the Christian. It is this that makes room in our lives for Christ to reveal Himself. This discipline is concerned not with our old man and his sinfulness but with our ... read more

      The whole armour on. (Ephes. vi. 10-18.) Knowing how to watch. (Matt. xxvi. 41.) Knowing how to DEFEND, as well as how to ATTACK: to (1) stand, (2) withstand, and (3) resist. Fight (or pray) from principle—in cold blood, and irrespective of an ap ... read more

      Redemption is a very great doctrine. It is something that we should understand. The redemption of our Lord Jesus is for the whole world. We have the following verses to prove this point: The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! (John 1:29) ... read more

      Concerning unregenerated man, first, his spirit became far from God and dead. The meaning of death is a separation from life. God is the ultimate name for life. Since God is life, to be dead is to be separated from God. When man's spirit became separated ... read more

Robbing the Usurper
      "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." Since in the eternal purpose of God it is man (and not some other being) who is to have dominion, it is natural and right that our compassion should be drawn out to those sinners. Notwithstanding anythin ... read more

      CALVARY'S JUDGMENT Death entered the world through the fall of man. Reference here is to spiritual death which separates man from God. Through sin it came in the beginning and so has it ever come since then. Death always comes through sin. Note what ... read more

      Sanctification is not a work of our own. Sanctification is accomplished for us by God. The Bible says, "That He might sanctify the people through His own blood" (Heb. 13:12). "For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified ... read more

      As the opponent persecuted the widow, so the devil now persecutes the believers. We do not know how much we have suffered under him. Of course, Satan does not appear personally when he persecutes us; rather, he does all his works through men or things; he ... read more

      Satan also goes about in various disguises. Peter writes, "Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as A ROARING LION, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour; whom resist, stedfast in the faith" (1 Peter, v. 8, 9). Are you quite sure ... read more

      Then you will find in 2 Cor. xi, 14, that the prince of the air also goes about as an ANGEL OF LIGHT. As a lion he seeks to DEVOUR, as an angel of light he seeks to deceive. Satan is a deceiver. If he can appear clothed in light—the very nature of God—the ... read more

Sharing All Things
      “And not one of them said that aught of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.” Acts 4:32 Once these men had gained eternal life, their possessions began to lose their grip on them, and in quite a natural way the ... read more

Shrinking from doing God's will.
      When you find yourself defeated, you may ask what is the meaning of the interference of the enemy? Why cannot the stream of the power of God go on? You think it is this and that, and deal with it, but there is no change. Then, after asking God for light, ... read more

Sorrow in Life
      "Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turneth herself, and saith unto him in Hebrew, Rabboni; which is to say, Teacher." John 20:16 Life can be quite overwhelming when we see no future and are only conscious of bitter sorrow. There are some sorrows that no ... read more

Spirit and Soul
      IT IS IMPERATIVE that a believer know he has a spirit, since, as we shall soon learn, every communication of God with man occurs there. If the believer does not discern his own spirit he invariably is ignorant of how to commune with God in the spirit. He ... read more

Spirit Force vs. Psychic Force
      We will continue with this important topic of the latent power of the soul. We have seen what psychic force can do and have heard how to distinguish between things of God and things not of God. At the end of this age there are many wonders, miracles and s ... read more

Spirit, Soul and Body
      THE ORDINARY concept of the constitution of human beings is dualistic-soul and body. According to this concept soul is the invisible inner spiritual part, while body is the visible outer corporal part. Though there is some truth to this, it is nevertheles ... read more

Spiritual Believers and the Soul
      THE DIVIDING OF SPIRIT AND SOUL OUR LENGTHY DISCUSSION as to the difference between spirit and soul and their respective operations has been to lead us to this present point. For a believer who strives after God the element to be apprehensive about is ... read more

Spiritual Energy
      "Draw me; we will run after thee." Song of Songs 1:4 Our spiritual energy in following Christ springs from more than inward impulse, even by the indwelling Spirit. It results rather from some power drawing us to him as the Spirit makes him more real an ... read more

Strangers And Pilgrims
      “Having confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.” Hebrews 11:13 What does it mean to be a stranger and a pilgrim? Let me use an illustration. During my stay in England, shortly before the Munich crisis, I noticed people prepari ... read more

Tears and Prayers
      “I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears.” 2 Kings 20:5 How good it is to know that God sees our tears. As Hezekiah prayed, he also wept; and God answered him. Such tearful prayers can move God’s heart. It seems that whatever cannot move y ... read more

      God is a God of works. Our Lord said, “My Father is working until now.” And He has a definite purpose toward the realization of which He directs all His works. He is the God “who works all things according to the counsel of His will.” But God does ... read more

      THE FORMING OF LOCAL CHURCHES In the previous chapter we observed that the word “church” was only mentioned twice in the Gospels. It is used frequently in the Acts, but we are never explicitly told there how a church was formed. The second chapter ... read more

The Believer's Ultimate Attitude Toward The Flesh
      GOD'S VIEW OF THE FLESH WE CHRISTIANS NEED to be reminded once again of God's judgment upon the flesh. "The flesh," says the Lord Jesus, "is of no avail" (John 6.63). Whether it be the sin of the flesh or the righteousness of the flesh, it is futile. T ... read more

The Better Covenant
      The New Covenant is full of God's grace. In order to enjoy such grace each one who belongs to the Lord must know what this New Covenant is. How sad that many of the Lord's people today neither appreciate nor understand this New Covenant. For this reason ... read more

      WHAT is the normal Christian life? We do well at the outset to ponder this question. The Object of these studies is to show that it is something very different from the life of the average Christian. Indeed a consideration of the written Word of God--of t ... read more

The Body of Christ: A Reality
      "And gave him [Christ] to be head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fullness of him that filleth all in all" (Eph 1:22,23). As Christ the head is a reality, so the church as the body of Christ is a reality. To many, however, the body ... read more

The Character of God's Workman
      In the word of God, the worker is more important than the work. If God cannot find the right person, He would rather delay His work. Much time and effort will He spend in the training of a workman fit for the Master's use. Basically, the training is more ... read more

      Who are the believers who have their spirit and soul mixed together? The soulish men whom we spoke of previously are those who are fully soulish. However, there are believers who are more advanced than these. They have been released from the power of sin. ... read more

      (The following is an article by S.D. Gordon. It originally appeared in The Overcomer, published by The "Overcomer" Office Leicester, England, August 1910.) "Be earnest and unwearied in prayer, being on the alert in it, and in your giving of thanks.. ... read more

The Christian and Psychic Force
      We have already seen how Adam was endued with unusual and astonishing abilities when he was created God. These seemingly miraculous powers fell together with Adam. People who are ignorant tend to think that at his fall Adam lost all of his wonderful power ... read more

The Christian Life and Warfare
      The contents of this book were published in June 1927. The original Chinese title was, literally translated, The Details of Spiritual Cultivation. The present English title was provided by the author himself on the title page of that book. The original bo ... read more

      THE CHURCH AND THE CHURCHES The Word of God teaches us that the Church is one. Why then did the apostles found separate churches in each of the places they visited? If the Church is the Body of Christ, it cannot but be one. Then how does it come about ... read more

      Before we go on, we must first understand the relationship between the soul and the flesh. In the Bible, the flesh, as far as the lust of our flesh is concerned, is our sinful nature. The soul is our life. When we speak of our new life and new nature, it ... read more

      THROUGH the period from Adam to Abraham God spoke to men. We are not told, however, that He appeared to them. His first appearance was to Abraham in Mesopotamia (Acts 7. 2). God was there laying claim to a man. This was a fresh move on His part; and here ... read more

      Full deliverance depends upon the recognition of the possibility of these things. But, you may say, "If I trust God to keep me, how can the adversary thus attack my body, or mind?" We need to understand that all God's promises are conditional. If we tr ... read more

The consent of the will.
      It is important to remember that both GOD AND SATAN REQUIRE THE CONSENT OF THE WILL. The will of the unsaved, even though it be enslaved by Satan is capable of choice. "Whosoever will may come and take of the water of life freely." So man must put his w ... read more

      One striking feature marks the thirteen years that followed Ishmael's birth. Throughout them all God did not speak to Abraham. His record is empty. What we have done on our own, God leaves us to get on with; He does not speak. But when Abraham was `dead'- ... read more

      In Matthew 10:38 through 39 the Lord Jesus says, "And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his soul-life shall lose it, and he who loses his soul-life for My sake shall find it." These verses call us to lo ... read more

The Cross and the Holy Spirit
      MANY, IF NOT MOST, believers were not filled with the Holy Spirit at the moment they believed the Lord. What is even worse, after many years of believing they continue to be entangled by sin and remain carnal Christians. In these pages which follow, what ... read more

The Cross and the New Covenant!
      In Matthew 10:38 through 39 the Lord Jesus says, "And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his soul-life shall lose it, and he who loses his soul-life for My sake shall find it." These verses call us to lo ... read more

The Cross and the Soul
      THE CALL OF THE CROSS ON AT LEAST FOUR SEPARATE OCCASIONS and recorded in the four Gospels the Lord Jesus called His disciples to deny their soul life, deliver it to death, and then to follow Him. The Lord fully recognizes that this is the sine qua non ... read more

      (The following is an article by Jessie Penn-Lewis. It originally appeared in The Overcomer, No. 41, published by The "Overcomer" Office, Leicester, England, May 1918.) "That through death He might destroy him that had the power of death; that is, th ... read more

      We have seen that Romans 1 to 8 falls into two sections, in the first of which we are shown that the Blood deals with what we have done, while in the second we shall see that the Cross* deals with what we are. We need the Blood for forgiveness; we need al ... read more

The Cross of Christ and Cleansing.
      There is a great danger of the soul who knows death union with Christ failing to see the value of cleansing. Cleansing has to do with our walk with God. Sin is not only a ruling principle but it is a defilement. We must first be clear upon our ba ... read more

      After the widow suffered, she came to the judge for vindication. We should learn from this. We should not come before earthly judges for anything. We should cry out to our Judge who is our Father God. The weapons of our warfare are not fleshly (2 Cor. 10: ... read more

The Dangers of Soulish Life
      THE MANIFESTATIONS OF SOUL LIFE THE MANIFESTATIONS OF SOUL life can be separated generally into four divisions: natural strength; self -conceit, hard and unyielding towards God; self-styled wisdom with many opinions and plans; and emotional sensation s ... read more

      Most people today consider man as being divided into two parts: the soul and the body. They think that the soul is the invisible part, the psychological part within man, and that the body is the visible part, the outward form of man. Of course, it is true ... read more

      The kingdom of this world is not the kingdom of God. God had in His heart a world-system- a universe of His creatingwhich should be headed up in Christ His Son (Col. 1. 16, 17). But Satan, working through man's flesh, has set up instead a rival system kno ... read more

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