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Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke (1762 - 1832)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Adam Clarke in text and pdf format. Was a British Methodist theologian and Biblical scholar. He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primary Methodist theological resource for two centuries. Contained in 6 volumes, consisting of nearly 1,000 pages each, it was considered the most comprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man.

As a theologian, Clarke reinforced the teachings of Methodist founder John Wesley. He taught that the Bible provides a complete interpretation of God's nature and will. He considered Scripture itself a miracle of God's grace that "takes away the veil of darkness and ignorance." With such an understanding, Clarke was first and foremost a Biblical theologian, often uneasy with purely systematic approaches to theology.

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Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 2
      Introduction The prophet exhorts his people to speak and to act as became those who obtained mercy of God; and to remonstrate strongly against the conduct of their mother, (Samaria), whose captivity is threatened on account of her forsaking God, and ascr ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 3
      Introduction By the prophet‘s taking back his wife, for whom he (her friend or husband) still retained has affection, though she had proved unfaithful; by his entering into a new contract with her; and by his giving her hopes of reconciliation, after s ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 4
      Introduction The prophet charges his people with their enormous sins, Hosea 4:1, Hosea 4:2; in consequence of which they are threatened with heavy judgments, Hosea 4:3-5. God himself is then introduced complaining of the ignorance and obstinacy of Israel ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 5
      Introduction This chapter begins with threatening the Israelites for ensnaring the people to idolatry by their sacrifices and other rites on Mizpah and Tabor, Hosea 5:1-5. Their sacrifices, however costly, are declared to be unacceptable, Hosea 5:6; and ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 6
      Introduction The prophet earnestly exhorts to repentance, Hosea 6:1-3. God is then introduced as very tenderly and pathetically remonstrating against the backslidings of Ephraim and Judah, Hosea 6:4-11. Verse 1 Come, and let us return unto the Lord - ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 7
      Introduction Here God complains that though he had employed every means for reforming Israel, they still persisted in their iniquity, without fearing the consequences, Hosea 7:1, Hosea 7:2; that those who ought to check their crimes were pleased with the ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 8
      Introduction This chapter begins with threatening some hostile invasion in short and broken sentences, full of rapidity, and expressive of sudden danger and alarm: “The trumpet to thy mouth; he cometh as an eagle,” Hosea 8:1. And why? For their hypoc ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 9
      Introduction The prophet reproves the Israelites for their sacrifices and rejoicings on their corn-floors, by which they ascribed to idols, as the heathen did, the praise of all their plenty, Hosea 9:1. For which reason they are threatened with famine an ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea overview
      Introduction to the Book of the Prophet Hosea Hosea, the son of Beeri, is the first of the minor prophets. Epiphanius says that he was of the town of Belemoth, in the tribe of Issachar; which is no other, in all probability, than Beelmeon, towards Esdr ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 1
      Introduction The prophet, with a boldness and majesty becoming the herald of the Most High, begins with calling on the whole creation to attend while Jehovah speaks, Isaiah 1:2. A charge of gross insensibility and ingratitude is then brought against the ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 10
      Introduction God‘s judgments against oppressive rulers, Isaiah 10:1-4. The prophet foretells the invasion of Sennacherib, and the destruction of his army. That mighty monarch is represented as a rod in the hand of God to correct his people for their si ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 11
      Introduction The Messiah represented as a slender twig shooting up from the root of an old withered stem, which tender plant, so extremely weak in its first appearance, should nevertheless become fruitful and mighty, Isaiah 11:1-4. Great equity of the Me ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 12
      Introduction Prophetic hymn of praise for the great mercies vouchsafed to the children of Israel in their deliverance from the great Babylonish captivity, and for redemption by the Messiah, Isaiah 12:1-6. This hymn seems, by its whole tenor, and by many ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 13
      Introduction God mustereth the armies of his wrath against the inhabitants of Babylon, Isaiah 13:1-6. The dreadful consequences of this visitation, and the terror and dismay of those who are the objects of it, Isaiah 13:7-16. The horrid cruelties that sh ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 14
      Introduction Deliverance of Israel from captivity, which shall follow the downfall of the great Babylonish empire, Isaiah 14:1, Isaiah 14:2. Triumphant ode or song of the children of Jacob, for the signal manifestation of Divine vengeance against their o ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 15
      Introduction Prediction of very heavy calamities about to fall upon the Moabites, Isaiah 15:1-9. This and the following chapter, taken together, make one entire prophecy, very improperly divided into two parts. The time of its delivery, and consequently ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 16
      Introduction The distress of Moab pathetically described by the son of the prince, or ruler of the land, being forced to flee for his life through the desert, that he may escape to Judea; and the young women, like young birds scared from their nest, wade ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 17
      Introduction Judgments of God upon Damascus, Isaiah 17:1-3; and upon Israel, Isaiah 17:4-6. Good effects of these judgments on the small remnant or gleaning that should escape them, Isaiah 17:7, Isaiah 17:8. The same judgments represented in other but st ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 18
      Introduction This chapter contains a very obscure prophecy; possibly designed to give the Jews, and perhaps the Egyptians, whose country is supposed to be meant, Isaiah 18:1, Isaiah 18:2, and with whom many Jews resided, an indignation of God‘s interpo ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 19
      Introduction Prophecy concerning Egypt, in which her lamentable condition under the Babylonians, Persians, etc., Is forcibly pointed out, vv. 1-17. The true religion shall be propagated in Egypt; referring primarily to the great spread of Judaism in that ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 2
      Introduction Prophecy concerning the kingdom of the Messiah, and the conversion of the Gentile world, Isaiah 2:1-5. Great wickedness and idolatry of the unbelieving Jews, Isaiah 2:6-9. Terrible consternation that will seize the wicked, who shall in vain ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 20
      Introduction The Prophet Isaiah a sign to Egypt and Cush or Ethiopia, that the captives and exiles of these countries shall be indignantly treated by the king of Assyria, Isaiah 20:1-6. Tartan besieged Ashdod or Azotus, which probably belonged at this ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 21
      Introduction Prediction of the taking of Babylon by the Medes and Persians at the time of a great festival, Isaiah 21:1-9. Short application of the prophecy to the Jews, partly in the person of God, and partly in his own, Isaiah 21:10. Obscure prophecy r ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 22
      Introduction Prophecy concerning Jerusalem, Isaiah 22:1-14. Sentence against Shebna, who was over the household, Isaiah 22:15-19. Prophecy concerning Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah, Isaiah 22:20, Isaiah 22:21. From Eliakim, Isaiah, (agreeably to the mode un ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 23
      Introduction Prophecy denouncing the destruction of Tyre by Nebuchadnezzar, delivered upwards of one hundred and twenty years before its accomplishment, at a period when the Tyrians were in great prosperity, and the Babylonians in abject subjection to th ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 24
      Introduction Dreadful judgments impending over the people of God, Isaiah 24:1-4. Particular enumeration of the horrid impieties which provoked the Divine vengeance, Isaiah 24:5, Isaiah 24:6. Great political wretchedness of the transgressors, Isaiah 24:7- ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 25
      Introduction The short glance which the prophet gave at the promised restoration of the people of God and the Messiah‘s kingdom, in the close of the preceding chapter, makes him break out into a rapturous song of praise in this, where although he allud ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 26
      Introduction This chapter, like the foregoing, is a song of praise, in which thanksgivings for temporal and spiritual mercies are beautifully mingled, though the latter still predominate. Even the sublime and evangelical doctrine of the resurrection seem ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 27
      Introduction Destruction of the enemies of the Church, Isaiah 27:1. God‘s care of his vineyard, Isaiah 27:2-11. Prosperity of the descendants of Abraham in the latter days, Isaiah 27:12, Isaiah 27:13. The subject of this chapter seems to be the nature ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 28
      Introduction This chapter begins with a denunciation of the approaching ruin of the Israelites by Shalmaneser, whose power is compared to a tempest or flood, and his keenness to the avidity with which one plucks and swallows the grape that is soonest rip ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 29
      Introduction Distress of Ariel, or Jerusalem, on Sennacherib‘s invasion, with manifest allusion, however, to the still greater distress which it suffered from the Romans, Isaiah 29:1-4. Disappointment and fall of Sennacherib described in terms, like th ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 3
      Introduction The whole of this chapter, with the first verse of the next, is a prophecy of those calamities that should be occasioned by the Babylonish invasion and captivity. These calamities are represented as so great and so general, that even royal h ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 30
      Introduction The Jews reproved for their reliance on Egypt, Isaiah 30:1-7. Threatened for their obstinate adherence to this alliance, Isaiah 30:8-17. Images the most elegant and lofty, by which the intense gloriousness of Messiah‘s reign at the period ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 31
      Introduction The Jews again reproved for their confidence in Egypt, finely contrasted with their neglect of the power and protection of God, Isaiah 31:1-3. Deliverance and protection are, notwithstanding, promised, expressed by two similes; the first rem ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 32
      Introduction Prophecy of great prosperity under Hezekiah; but, in its highest sense, applicable to Christ, Isaiah 32:1-8. Description of impending calamities, Isaiah 32:9-14. Rejection of the Jews, and calling of the Gentiles, Isaiah 32:15. The future pr ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 33
      Introduction This chapter contains the sequel of the prophecy respecting Sennacherib. The prophet addresses himself to the Assyrian monarch, Isaiah 33:1-4. The mercy and power of God acknowledged by the Jews, Isaiah 33:5, Isaiah 33:6. Distress and despai ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 34
      Introduction The prophet earnestly exhorts all nations to attend to the communication which he has received from Jehovah, as the matter is of the highest importance, and of universal concern, Isaiah 34:1. The wrath of God is denounced against all the nat ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 35
      Introduction Flourishing state of the Church of God consequent to the awful judgments predicted in the preceding chapter. The images employed in the description are so very consolatory and sublime as to oblige us to extend their fulfillment to that perio ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 36
      Introduction Sennacherib, king of Assyria, comes against Judah, and takes all the fenced cities, Isaiah 36:1. He afterwards sends a great host against Jerusalem; and his general Rabshakeh delivers an insulting and blasphemous message to Hezekiah, vv. 2-2 ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 37
      Introduction Hezekiah is greatly distressed, and sends to Isaiah the prophet to pray for him, Isaiah 37:1-4. Isaiah returns a comfortable answer, and predicts the destruction of the king of Assyria and his army, Isaiah 37:5-7. Sennacherib, hearing that h ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 38
      Introduction Account of Hezekiah‘s dangerous sickness and miraculous recovery, Isaiah 38:1-9. Tender and beautiful song of thanksgiving, in which this pious king breathed out the sentiments of a grateful heart, when his life was, as it were, restored. ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 39
      Introduction The Babylonish monarch sends letters of congratulation and a present to Hezekiah, on account of his recovery from his late dangerous illness, Isaiah 39:1. The king of Judah shows the messengers of Merodach-baladan all the treasures of his ho ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 4
      Introduction The havoc occasioned by war, and those other calamities which the prophet had been describing in the preceding chapter, are represented as so terribly great that seven women should be left to one man, Isaiah 4:1. Great blessedness of the rem ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 40
      Introduction In this chapter the prophet opens the subject respecting the restoration of the Church with great force and elegance; declaring God‘s command to his messengers the prophets to comfort his people in their captivity, and to impart to them th ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 41
      Introduction The prophet, having intimated the deliverance from Babylon, and the still greater redemption couched under it, resumes the subject. He begins with the Divine vocation of Abraham, the root of the Israelitish family, and his successful exploit ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 42
      Introduction The prophet sets forth the meekness of Messiah‘s character, and the extent and blessings of his kingdom, particularly among the Gentiles, Isaiah 42:1-9. In consequence of this he calls on the whole creation to join him in one song of prais ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 43
      Introduction Prediction of that blessed period when God should gather the posterity of Abraham, with tender care, from their several dispersions in every quarter under heaven, and bring them safely to their own land, Isaiah 43:1-7. Struck with astonishme ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 44
      Introduction This chapter, besides promises of redemption, of the effusion of the Spirit, and success of the Gospel, Isaiah 44:1-5, sets forth, in a very sublime manner, the supreme power and foreknowledge, and absolute eternity, of the one true God; and ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 45
      Introduction Prophecy concerning Cyrus, the first king of the Persians. Every obstruction shall be removed out of his way, and the treasures taken from his enemies shall be immense, Isaiah 45:1-3, To whom, and on what account, Cyrus was indebted for his ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Isaiah 46
      Introduction The idols of Babylon represented as so far from being able to bear the burden of their votaries, that they themselves are borne by beasts of burden into captivity, Isaiah 46:1, Isaiah 46:2. This beautifully contrasted with the tender care of ... read more

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