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Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke (1762 - 1832)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Adam Clarke in text and pdf format. Was a British Methodist theologian and Biblical scholar. He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primary Methodist theological resource for two centuries. Contained in 6 volumes, consisting of nearly 1,000 pages each, it was considered the most comprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man.

As a theologian, Clarke reinforced the teachings of Methodist founder John Wesley. He taught that the Bible provides a complete interpretation of God's nature and will. He considered Scripture itself a miracle of God's grace that "takes away the veil of darkness and ignorance." With such an understanding, Clarke was first and foremost a Biblical theologian, often uneasy with purely systematic approaches to theology.

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Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 2
      Introduction The seventh day is consecrated for a sabbath, and the reasons assigned, Genesis 2:1-3. A recapitulation of the six days‘ work of creation, Genesis 2:4-7. The garden of Eden planted, Genesis 2:8. Its trees, Genesis 2:9. Its rivers, and the ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 20
      Introduction Abraham leaves Mamre, and, after having sojourned at Kadesh and Shur, settles in Gerar, Genesis 20:1. Abimelech takes Sarah, Abraham having acknowledged her only as his sister, Genesis 20:2. Abimelech is warned by God in a dream to restore S ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 21
      Introduction Isaac is born according to the promise, Genesis 21:1-3; and is circumcised when eight days old, Genesis 21:4. Abraham‘s age, and Sarah‘s exultation at the birth of their son, Genesis 21:5-7. Isaac is weaned, Genesis 21:8. Ishmael mocking ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 22
      Introduction The faith and obedience of Abraham put to a most extraordinary test, Genesis 22:1. He is commanded to offer his beloved son Isaac for a burnt-offering, Genesis 22:2. He prepares, with the utmost promptitude, to accomplish the will of God, Ge ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 23
      Introduction The age and death of Sarah, Genesis 23:1, Genesis 23:2. Abraham mourns for her, and requests a burial-place from the sons of Heth, Genesis 23:2-4. They freely offer him the choice of all their sepulchers, Genesis 23:5, Genesis 23:6. Abraham ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 24
      Introduction Abraham, being solicitous to get his son Isaac property married, calls his confidential servant, probably Eliezer, and makes him swear that he will not take a wife for Isaac from among the Canaanites, Genesis 24:1-3, but from among his own k ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 25
      Introduction Abraham marries Keturah, Genesis 25:1. Their issue, Genesis 25:2-4. Makes Isaac his heir, Genesis 25:5; but gives portions to the sons of his concubines, and sends them eastward from Isaac, to find settlements, Genesis 25:6. Abraham‘s age, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 26
      Introduction A famine in the land obliges Isaac to leave Beer-sheba and go to Gerar, v. 1. God appears to him, and warns him not to go to Egypt, v. 2. Renews the promises to him which he had made to his father Abraham, vv. 3-5. Isaac dwells at Gerar, v. ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 27
      Introduction Isaac, grown old and feeble, and apprehending the approach of death, desires his son Esau to provide some savory meat for him, that having eaten of it he might convey to him the blessing connected with the right of primogeniture, Genesis 27: ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 28
      Introduction Isaac directs Jacob to take a wife from the family of Laban, Genesis 28:1, Genesis 28:2; blesses and sends him away, Genesis 28:3, Genesis 28:4. Jacob begins his journey, Genesis 28:5. Esau, perceiving that the daughters of Canaan were not p ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 29
      Introduction Jacob proceeds on his journey, Genesis 29:1. Comes to a well where the flocks of his uncle Laban, as well as those of several others, were usually watered, Genesis 29:2, Genesis 29:3. Inquires from the shepherds concerning Laban and his fami ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 3
      Introduction Satan, by means of a creature here called the serpent, deceives Eve, Genesis 3:1-5. Both she and Adam transgress the Divine command, and fall into sin and misery, Genesis 3:6, Genesis 3:7. They are summoned before God, and judged, Genesis 3: ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 30
      Introduction Rachel envies her sister, and chides Jacob, Genesis 30:1. He reproves her and vindicates himself, Genesis 30:2. She gives him her maid Bilhah, Genesis 30:3, Genesis 30:4. She conceives, and bears Dan. vv.5, 6; and afterwards Naphtali, Genesi ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 31
      Introduction Laban and his sons envy Jacob, Genesis 31:1, Genesis 31:2; on which he is commanded by the Lord to return to his own country, Genesis 31:3. Having called his wives together, he lays before them a detailed statement of his situation in refere ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 32
      Introduction Jacob, proceeding on his Journey, is met by the angels of God, Genesis 32:1, Genesis 32:2. Sends messengers before him to his brother Esau, requesting to be favourably received, Genesis 32:3-5. The messengers return without an answer, but wi ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 33
      Introduction Esau, with four hundred men, meets Jacob, Genesis 33:1. He places his children under their respective mothers, passes over before them, and bows himself to his brother, Genesis 33:2, Genesis 33:3. Esau receives him with great affection, Gene ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 34
      Introduction Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah, going out to see the daughters of the land, is ravished by Shechem, the son of Hamor, Genesis 34:1, Genesis 34:2. He entreats his father to get her for him to wife, Genesis 34:3. Jacob and his sons hear ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 35
      Introduction Jacob is commanded of God to go to Beth-el, and to build an altar there, Genesis 35:1. His exhortation to his family to put away all strange gods, etc., Genesis 35:2, Genesis 35:3. They deliver them all up, and Jacob hides them in the earth, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 36
      Introduction The genealogy of Esau, i.e., his sons, by his Canaanitish wives Adah, Aholibamah, and Bashemath, Genesis 36:1-3. The children of Adah and Bashemath, Genesis 36:4. Of Aholibamah, Genesis 36:5. Esau departs from Canaan and goes to Mount Seir, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 37
      Introduction Jacob continues to sojourn in Canaan, Genesis 37:1. Joseph, being seventeen years of age, is employed in feeding the flocks of his father, Genesis 37:2. Is loved by his father more than the rest of his brethren, Genesis 37:3. His brethren en ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 38
      Introduction Judah marries the daughter of a Canaanite, Genesis 38:1, Genesis 38:2; and begets of her Er, Genesis 38:3, Onan, Genesis 38:4, and Shelah, Genesis 38:5. Er marries Tamar, Genesis 38:6; is slain for his wickedness, Genesis 38:7. Onan, require ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 39
      Introduction Joseph, being brought to Potiphar‘s house, prospers in all his undertakings, Genesis 39:1-3. Potiphar makes him his overseer, Genesis 39:4. Is prospered in all his concerns for Joseph‘s sake, in whom he puts unlimited confidence, Genesis ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 4
      Introduction The birth, trade, and religion of Cain and Abel, Genesis 4:1-7. Cain murders his brother Abel, Genesis 4:8. God calls him into judgment for it, Genesis 4:9, Genesis 4:10. He is cursed, Genesis 4:11, Genesis 4:12. He despairs, Genesis 4:15, G ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 40
      Introduction Pharaoh‘s chief butler and his chief baker, having offended their lord, are put in prison, Genesis 40:1-3. The captain of the guard gives them into the care of Joseph, Genesis 40:4. Each of them has a dream, Genesis 40:5. Joseph, seeing th ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 41
      Introduction Pharaoh‘s dream of the seven well-favored and seven ill-favored kine, Genesis 41:1-4. His dream of the seven full and seven thin ears of corn, Genesis 41:5-7. The magicians and wise men applied to for the interpretation of them, but could ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 42
      Introduction Jacob sends his ten sons to Egypt to buy corn, Genesis 42:1-3; but refuses to permit Benjamin to go, Genesis 42:4. They arrive in Egypt, and bow themselves before Joseph, Genesis 42:5, Genesis 42:6. He treats them roughly and calls them spie ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 43
      Introduction The famine continuing, Jacob desires his sons to go again to Egypt and buy some food, Genesis 43:1, Genesis 43:2. Judah shows the necessity of Benjamin‘s accompanying them, without whom it would be useless to return to Egypt, Genesis 43:3- ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 44
      Introduction Joseph commands his steward to put his cup secretly into Benjamin‘s sack, Genesis 44:1, Genesis 44:2. The sons of Jacob depart with the corn they had purchased, Genesis 44:3. Joseph commands his steward to pursue them, and charge them with ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 45
      Introduction Joseph, deeply affected with the speech of Judah, could no longer conceal himself, but discovers himself to his brethren, Genesis 45:1-4. Excuses their conduct towards him, and attributes the whole to the providence of God, Genesis 45:5-8. O ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 46
      Introduction Jacob begins his journey to Egypt, comes to Beer-sheba, and offers sacrifices to God, Genesis 46:1. God appears to him in a vision, gives him gracious promises, and assures him of his protection, Genesis 46:2-4. He proceeds, with his family ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 47
      Introduction Joseph informs Pharaoh that his father and brethren are arrived in Goshen, Genesis 47:1. He presents five of his brethren before the king, Genesis 47:2, who questions them concerning their occupation; they inform him that they are shepherds, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 48
      Introduction Joseph, hearing that his father was near death, took his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, and went to Goshen, to visit him, Genesis 48:1. Jacob strengthens himself to receive them, Genesis 48:2. Gives Joseph an account of God‘s appearing to ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 49
      Introduction Jacob, about to die, calls his sons together that he may bless them, or give prophetic declarations concerning their posterity, Genesis 49:1, Genesis 49:2. Prophetic declaration concerning Reuben, Genesis 49:3, Genesis 49:4. Concerning Simeo ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 5
      Introduction A recapitulation of the account of the creation of man, Genesis 5:1, Genesis 5:2; and of the birth of Seth, Genesis 5:3. Genealogy of the ten antediluvian patriarchs, vv. 3-31. Enoch‘s extraordinary piety, Genesis 5:22; his translation to ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 50
      Introduction Joseph bewails the death of his father, and commands the physicians to embalm him, Genesis 50:1, Genesis 50:2. The Egyptians mourn for him seventy days, Genesis 50:3. Joseph begs permission from Pharaoh to accompany his father‘s corpse to ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 6
      Introduction The children of God, among whom the true religion was at first preserved, corrupt it by forming matrimonial connections with irreligious women, Genesis 6:1, Genesis 6:2. God, displeased with these connections and their consequences, limits t ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 7
      Introduction God informs Noah that within seven days he shall send a rain upon the earth, that shall continue for forty days and nights; and therefore commands him to take his family, with the different clean and unclean animals, and enter the ark, Genes ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 8
      Introduction At the end of one hundred and fifty days the waters begin to subside, Genesis 8:1-3. The ark rests on Mount Ararat, Genesis 8:4. On the first of the tenth month the tops of the hills appear, Genesis 8:5. The window opened and the raven sent ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Genesis 9
      Introduction God blesses Noah and his sons, Genesis 9:1. The brute creation to be subject to them through fear, Genesis 9:2. The first grant of animal food, Genesis 9:3. Eating of blood forbidden, Genesis 9:4. Cruelty to animals forbidden, Genesis 9:5. A ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Habakkuk 1
      Introduction The prophet enters very abruptly on his subject, his spirit being greatly indignant at the rapid progress of vice and impiety, Habakkuk 1:1-4. Upon which God is introduced threatening very awful and sudden judgments to be indicted by the min ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Habakkuk 2
      Introduction The prophet, waiting for a return to his expostulation, is answered by God that the time for the destruction of the Jewish polity by the Chaldeans is not only fixed in the Divine counsel, but is awfully near; and he is therefore commanded to ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Habakkuk 3
      Introduction The prophet, being apprised of the calamities which were to be brought on his country by the ministry of the Chaldeans, and the punishments which awaited the Chaldeans themselves, partly struck with terror, and partly revived with hope and c ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Haggai 1
      Introduction The prophet reproves the people, and particularly their ruler and high priest, for negligence and delay in rebuilding the temple; and tells them that their neglect was the cause of their having been visited with unfruitful seasons, and other ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Haggai 2
      Introduction When this prophecy was uttered, about four years before the temple was finished, and sixty-eight after the former one was destroyed, it appears that some old men among the Jews were greatly dispirited on account of its being so much inferior ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 1
      ntroduction Under the figure of a wife proving false to her marriage vows, and bearing children that would follow her example, the prophet represents the shameful idolatry of the ten tribes, which provoked God to cast them of. The whole passage is inform ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 10
      Introduction This chapter treats of the same subject, but elegantly varied. It begins with comparing Israel to a fruitful vine but corrupted by too much prosperity, Hosea 10:1. It next reproves and threatens them for their idolatry, Hosea 10:2; anarchy, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 11
      Introduction This chapter gives a very pathetic representation of God‘s tender and affectionate regard for Israel, by metaphors chiefly borrowed from the conduct of mothers toward their tender offspring. From this, occasion is taken to reflect on their ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 12
      Introduction The prophet, in very pointed terms, describes the unprofitableness and destruction attending vicious courses; particularly such as Ephraim pursued, who forsook God, and courted the alliance of idolatrous princes, Hosea 12:1. Judah is also re ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 13
      Introduction Thus chapter begins with observing that the fear of God leads to prosperity, but sin to ruin; a truth most visibly exemplified in the sin and punishment of Ephraim, Hosea 13:1-3. As an aggravation of their guilt, God reminds them of his form ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Hosea 14
      Introduction By the terrible denunciation of vengeance which concludes the preceding chapter, the prophet is led to exhort Israel to repentance, furnishing them with a beautiful form of prayer, very suitable to the occasion, Hosea 14:1-3. Upon which God, ... read more

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