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Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke (1762 - 1832)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Adam Clarke in text and pdf format. Was a British Methodist theologian and Biblical scholar. He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primary Methodist theological resource for two centuries. Contained in 6 volumes, consisting of nearly 1,000 pages each, it was considered the most comprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man.

As a theologian, Clarke reinforced the teachings of Methodist founder John Wesley. He taught that the Bible provides a complete interpretation of God's nature and will. He considered Scripture itself a miracle of God's grace that "takes away the veil of darkness and ignorance." With such an understanding, Clarke was first and foremost a Biblical theologian, often uneasy with purely systematic approaches to theology.

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Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 22
      Introduction Josiah succeeds Amon his father, and reigns thirty-one years, 2 Kings 22:1, 2 Kings 22:2. He repairs the breaches of the temple, 2 Kings 22:3-7. Hilkiah finds the book of the law in the temple, 2 Kings 22:8. It is read by Shaphan the scribe, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 23
      Introduction Josiah reads in the temple to the elders of Judah, the priests, the prophets, and the people, the book of the covenant which had been found, 2 Kings 23:1, 2 Kings 23:2. He makes a covenant, and the people stand to it, 2 Kings 23:3. He destro ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 24
      Introduction Nebuchadnezzar brings Jehoiakim under subjection; who, after three years, rebels, 2 Kings 24:1. Bands of Chaldeans, Syrians, Moabites, and Ammonites, invade the land, 2 Kings 24:2-4. Jehoiakim dies, and Jehoiachin his son reigns in his stead ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 25
      Introduction Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem; it is taken, after having been sorely reduced by famine, etc.; and Zedekiah, endeavoring to make his escape, is made prisoner, his sons slain before his eyes; then, his eyes being put out, he is put in chai ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 3
      Introduction The reign and idolatry of Jehoram, king of Israel, 2 Kings 3:1-3. Mesha, king of Moab, rebels against Israel, 2 Kings 3:4, 2 Kings 3:5. Jehoram, Jehoshaphat, and the king of Edom join against the Moabites, and are brought into great distress ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 4
      Introduction A widow of one of the prophets, oppressed by a merciless creditor, applies to Elisha, who multiplies her oil; by a part of which she pays her debt, abut subsists on the rest, 2 Kings 4:1-7. His entertainment at the house of a respectable wom ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 5
      Introduction The history of Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, a leper; who was informed by a little Israelitish captive maid that a prophet of the Lord, in Samaria, could cure him, 2 Kings 5:1-4. The king of Syria sends him, with a letter ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 6
      Introduction The sons of the prophets wish to enlarge their dwelling-place, and go to the banks of Jordan to cut down wood, when one of them drops his axe into the water, which Elisha causes to swim, 2 Kings 6:1-7. Elisha, understanding all the secret de ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 7
      Introduction Elisha foretells abundant relief to the besieged inhabitants of Samaria, 2 Kings 7:1. One of the lords questions the possibility of it; and is assured that he shall see it on the morrow, but not taste of it, 2 Kings 7:2. Four lepers, perishi ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 8
      Introduction Account of the sojourning of the Shunammite in the land of the Philistines, during the seven years famine, 2 Kings 8:1, 2 Kings 8:2. She returns, and solicits the king to let her have back her land; which, with its fruits, he orders to be re ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings 9
      Introduction Elisha sends one of the disciples of the prophets to Ramoth-gilead, to anoint Jehu king of Israel, 2 Kings 9:1-3. He acts according to his orders, and informs Jehu that he is to cut off the whole house of Ahab, 2 Kings 9:4-10. Jehu‘s capta ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Kings overview
      Preface to the Second Book of the Kings Otherwise Called the Fourth Book of the Kings In the preface to the First Book of Kings, I have spoken at large concerning both these books, the author, time of writing, etc., etc., to which I must refer my read ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Peter 1
      Introduction The apostolical address, and the persons to whom the epistle was sent described by the state into which God had called, and in which he had placed, them, 2 Peter 1:1-4. What graces they should possess in order to be fruitful in the knowledge ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Peter 2
      Introduction False teachers foretold, who shall bring in destructive doctrines and shall pervert many, but at last be destroyed by the judgments of God, 2 Peter 2:1-3. Instances of God‘s judgments in the rebellious angels, 2 Peter 2:4. In the antediluv ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Peter 3
      Introduction The apostle shows his design in writing this and the preceding epistle, 2 Peter 3:1, 2 Peter 3:2. Describes the nature of the heresies which should take place in the last times, 2 Peter 3:3-8. A thousand years with the Lord are but as a day, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Peter overview
      Introduction to the Second Epistle of Peter As the preface to the preceding epistle embraces the question of the authenticity of both epistles, and also considers several matters common to both, I need not take up the subject here afresh; but simply co ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 1
      Introduction An Amalekite comes to David, and informs him that the Philistines had routed the Israelites; and that Saul and his sons were slain, 2 Samuel 1:1-4. And pretends that he himself had despatched Saul, finding him ready to fall alive into the ha ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 10
      Introduction The king of Ammon being dead, David sends ambassadors to comfort his son Hanun, 2 Samuel 10:1, 2 Samuel 10:2. Hanun, misled by his courtiers, treats the messengers of David with great indignity, 2 Samuel 10:3-5. The Ammonites, justly dreadin ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 11
      Introduction David sends Joab against the Ammonites, who besieges the city of Rabbah, 2 Samuel 11:1. He sees Bath-sheba, the wife of Uriah, bathing; is enamoured of her; sends for and takes her to his bed, 2 Samuel 11:2-4. She conceives, and informs Davi ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 12
      Introduction The Lord sends Nathan the prophet to reprove David; which he does by means of a curious parable, 2 Samuel 12:1-4. David is led, unknowingly, to pronounce his on condemnation, 2 Samuel 12:5, 2 Samuel 12:6. Nathan charges the guilt home on his ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 13
      Introduction Amnon falls in love with his half-sister Tamar, and feigns himself sick, and requests her to attend him, 2 Samuel 13:1-6. David sends her to him, and he violates her, 2 Samuel 13:7-14. He then hates her, and expels her from his house, 2 Samu ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 14
      Introduction A woman of Tekoah, by the advice of Joab, comes to the king; and by a fictitious story persuades him to recall Absalom, vv. 1-20. Joab is permitted to go to Geshur, and bring Absalom from thence, 2 Samuel 14:21-23. Absalom comes to Jerusalem ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 15
      Introduction Absalom conspires against his father, and uses various methods to seduce the people from their allegiance to their king, 2 Samuel 15:1-4. Under pretense of paying a vow at Hebron, he obtains leave from David to go thither; and, by emissaries ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 16
      Introduction Ziba, servant of Mephibosheth, meets David with provisions, and by false insinuations obtains the grant of his masters property, 2 Samuel 16:1-4. Shimei abuses and curses David, who restrains Abishai from slaying him, 2 Samuel 16:5-14. Husha ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 17
      Introduction Ahithophel counsels Absalom to pursue his father with twelve thousand men, 2 Samuel 17:1-4. Hushai gives a different counsel, and is followed, 2 Samuel 17:5-14. Hushai informs Zadok and Abiathar; and they send word to David, 2 Samuel 17:15-2 ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 18
      Introduction David reviews and arranges the people, and gives the command to Joab, Abishai, and Ittai, 2 Samuel 18:1, 2 Samuel 18:2. On his expressing a desire to accompany them to the battle, they will not permit him, 2 Samuel 18:3. He reviews them as t ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 19
      Introduction David continues his lamentation for his son, and the people are greatly discouraged, 2 Samuel 19:1-4. Joab reproves and threatens him with the general defection of the people, 2 Samuel 19:5-7. David lays aside his mourning, and shows himself ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 2
      Introduction David, by the direction of God, goes up to Hebron, and is there anointed king over the house of Judah, 2 Samuel 2:1-4. He congratulates the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead on their kindness in rescuing the bodies of Saul and his sons from the P ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 20
      Introduction Sheba raises an insurrection, and gains a party in Israel, 2 Samuel 20:1, 2 Samuel 20:2. David shuts up the ten concubines who were defiled by Absalom, 2 Samuel 20:3. Amasa is sent to assemble the men of Judah, 2 Samuel 20:4, 2 Samuel 20:5. ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 21
      Introduction A famine taking place three successive years in Israel, David inquired of the Lord the cause; and was informed that it was on account of Saul and his bloody house, who had slain the Gibeonites, 2 Samuel 21:1. David inquires of the Gibeonites ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 22
      Introduction David‘s psalm of thanksgiving for God‘s powerful deliverance and manifold blessings, including prophetic declarations relative to the humiliation and exaltation of the Messiah, vv. 1-51. Verse 1 David spake unto the Lord the words of ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 23
      Introduction The last words of David, 2 Samuel 23:1-7. The names and exploits of has thirty-seven worthies, vv. 8-39. Verse 1 These be the last words of David - I suppose the last poetical composition is here intended. He might have spoken many words ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 24
      Introduction David is tempted by Satan to number Israel and Judah, 2 Samuel 24:1. Joab remonstrates against it, but the king determines that it shall be done; and Joab and the captains accomplish the work, and bring the sum total to the king: viz.: eight ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 3
      Introduction Account of the children born to David in Hebron, 2 Samuel 3:1-5. Abner being accused by Ish-bosheth of familiarities with Rizpah, Saul‘s concubine, he is enraged; offers his services to David; goes to Hebron, and makes a league with him, v ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 4
      Introduction Some account of Rechab and Baanah, two of Ish-bosheth‘s captains, and of Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, 2 Samuel 4:1-4. Rechab and Baanah murder Ish-bosheth, and escape; and bring his head to David, 2 Samuel 4:5-8. David is greatly irr ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 5
      Introduction The elders of all the tribes of Israel come and anoint David king over all Israel, 2 Samuel 5:1-5. He goes against the Jebusites, and takes the strong hold of Zion, and afterwards the city itself; which is called the city of David, 2 Samuel ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 6
      Introduction David goes with thirty thousand men to being the ark from Kiriath-jearim to Jerusalem, 2 Samuel 6:1-5. The ox stumbling, Uzzah, who drove the cart on which the ark was placed, put forth his hand to save it from falling: the Lord was displeas ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 7
      Introduction David consults the prophet Nathan about building a temple for the Lord, and is encouraged by him to do it, 2 Samuel 7:1-3. That night Nathan receives a revelation from God, stating that Solomon, not David, should build the temple, 2 Samuel 7 ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 8
      Introduction David subdues the Philistines, 2 Samuel 8:1; and the Moabites, 2 Samuel 8:2; and the king of Zobah, 2 Samuel 8:3, 2 Samuel 8:4; and the Syrians in general, 2 Samuel 8:5-8. Toi, king of Hamath, sends to congratulate him on his victories over ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel 9
      Introduction David inquires after the family of Jonathan, and is informed of Mephibosheth his son, 2 Samuel 9:1-4. He sends for him and gives him all the land of Saul, 2 Samuel 9:5-8; and appoints Ziba the servant of Saul, and his family, to till the gro ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 2 Samuel overview
      Introduction to the Second Book of Samuel Otherwise Called the Second Book of the Kings As this is a continuation of the preceding history, without any interruption, it can scarcely be called another book. Originally this and the preceding made but on ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary 3 John 1
      Introduction The apostle‘s address to Caius, and his good wishes for his prosperity in body and soul, 3 John 1:1, 3 John 1:2. He commends him for his steadiness in the truth, and his general hospitality, especially to the itinerant evangelists, 3 John ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 1
      Introduction This chapter denounces judgments against the nations bordering on Palestine, enemies to the Jews, viz., the Syrians, Amos 1:1-5; Philistines, Amos 1:6-8; Tyrians, Amos 1:9, Amos 1:10; Edomites, Amos 1:11, Amos 1:12; and Ammonites, Amos 1:13- ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 2
      Introduction The prophet goes on to declare the judgments of God against Moab, Amos 2:1-3; against Judah, Amos 2:4, Amos 2:5; and then against Israel, the particular object of his mission. He enumerates some of their sins, Amos 2:6-8, aggravated by God†... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 3
      Introduction This chapter begins with reproving the twelve tribes in general, Amos 3:1, Amos 3:2; and then particularly the kingdom of Israel, whose capital was Samaria. Thee prophet assures them that, while they were at variance with God, it would be un ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 4
      Introduction Israel reproved for their oppression, Amos 4:1-3; idolatry, Amos 4:4, Amos 4:5; and for their impenitence under the chastising hand of God, Amos 4:6-11. The omniscience and uncontrollable power of God, Amos 4:12, Amos 4:13. Verse 1 Hear ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 5
      Introduction This chapter opens with a tender and pathetic lamentation, in the style of a funeral song, over the house of Israel, Amos 5:1, Amos 5:2. The prophet then glances at the awful threatening denounced against them, Amos 5:3; earnestly exhorting ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 6
      Introduction The prophet reproves his people for indulging themselves in luxurious ease, and forming alliances with their powerful idolatrous neighbors, Amos 6:1. He asks if their lands or their lot be better than their own, Amos 6:2, that they should ch ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 7
      Introduction In this chapter God represents to Amos, by three several visions, the judgments he is about to bring on Israel. The first is a plague of locusts, threatening to cut of the hopes of the harvest by attacking it in the time of the second growth ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Amos 8
      Introduction This chapter begins with a fourth vision denoting the certainty and nearness of the destruction of Israel, Amos 8:1-3. The prophet then proceeds to reprove their oppression and injustice, Amos 8:4-7. Strong and beautiful figures, by which is ... read more

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