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Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke (1762 - 1832)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Adam Clarke in text and pdf format. Was a British Methodist theologian and Biblical scholar. He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primary Methodist theological resource for two centuries. Contained in 6 volumes, consisting of nearly 1,000 pages each, it was considered the most comprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man.

As a theologian, Clarke reinforced the teachings of Methodist founder John Wesley. He taught that the Bible provides a complete interpretation of God's nature and will. He considered Scripture itself a miracle of God's grace that "takes away the veil of darkness and ignorance." With such an understanding, Clarke was first and foremost a Biblical theologian, often uneasy with purely systematic approaches to theology.

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Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 3
      Introduction David complains, in great distress, of the number of his enemies, and the reproaches they cast on him, as one forsaken of God, Psalm 3:1, Psalm 3:2; is confident, notwithstanding, that God will be his protector, Psalm 3:3; mentions his praye ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 30
      Introduction The psalmist returns thanks to God for deliverance from great danger, Psalm 30:1-3. He calls upon the saints to give thanks to God at the remembrance of his holiness, because of his readiness to save, Psalm 30:4, Psalm 30:5. He relates how h ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 31
      Introduction The psalmist, with strong confidence in God, in a time of distress prays earnestly for deliverance, Psalm 31:1-5. He expresses his abhorrence of evil, Psalm 31:6; gratefully mentions former interpositions of God, Psalm 31:7, Psalm 31:8; cont ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 32
      Introduction True blessedness consists in remission of sin, and purification of the heart, Psalm 32:1, Psalm 32:2. What the psalmist felt in seeking these blessings, Psalm 32:3-5. How they should be sought, Psalm 32:6, Psalm 32:7. The necessity of humili ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 33
      Introduction The Lord is praised for his works of creation, Psalm 33:1-9; and for the stability of his own counsels, Psalm 33:10, Psalm 33:11. The blessedness of the people who have the knowledge of the true God, his grace, and providence, Psalm 33:12-15 ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 34
      Introduction David praises God, and exhorts others to do the same, Psalm 34:1-3; shows how he sought the Lord, and how he was found of him, Psalm 34:4-6. All are exhorted to taste and see the goodness of God; with the assurance of support and comfort, Ps ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 35
      Introduction The psalmist, in great straits, prays for his personal safety, Psalm 35:1-3; and for the confusion of his enemies, Psalm 35:4-8; expresses has confidence in God, Psalm 35:9, Psalm 35:10; mentions his kindness to those who had rewarded him ev ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 36
       Introduction The miserable state of the wicked, Psalm 36:1-4. The excellence of God‘s mercy in itself, and to his followers, Psalm 36:5-9. He prays for the upright, Psalm 36:10; for himself that he may be saved from pride and violence, Psalm 36:11; a ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 37
      Introduction Godly directions for those who are in adversity not to envy the prosperity of the wicked, because it is superficial, and of short duration, vv. 1-22; to put their confidence in God, and live to his glory, as this is the sure way to be happy ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 38
      Introduction David prays God to have mercy upon him, and gives a most affecting account of his miserable state, Psalm 38:1-10; complains of his being forsaken by his friends, and cruelly persecuted by his enemies, Psalm 38:11-16; confesses his sin; and e ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 39
      Introduction The psalmist‘s care and watchfulness over his thoughts, tongue, and actions, Psalm 39:1-3. He considers the brevity and uncertainty of human life, Psalm 39:4-7; prays for deliverance from sin, Psalm 39:8-11; and that he may be protected an ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 4
      Introduction David prays to be heard, Psalm 4:1; expostulates with the ungodly, Psalm 4:2; exhorts them to turn to God, and make their peace with him, Psalm 4:3-5; shows the vain pursuits of men in search of happiness, which he asserts exists only in the ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 40
      Introduction The benefit of confidence in God, Psalm 40:1-3. The blessedness of those who trust in God, Psalm 40:4, Psalm 40:5. The termination of the Jewish sacrifices in that of Christ, Psalm 40:6-8. The psalmist‘s resolution to publish God‘s goodn ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 41
      Introduction The blessedness of the man who is merciful to the poor, Psalm 41:1-3. The psalmist complains of his enemies, and prays for support, Psalm 41:4-10; and blesses God for having heard his prayer, and preserved him from his adversaries, Psalm 41: ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 42
      Introduction The psalmist earnestly longs for the ordinances of the Lord‘s house, Psalm 42:1-4; describes his deep distress, Psalm 42:5-7; endeavors to take comfort from the consideration that the Lord would appear in his behalf, Psalm 42:8, Psalm 42:9 ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 43
      Introduction The psalmist begs God to take his part against his enemies, Psalm 43:1, Psalm 43:2; to send his light and truth to guide him to the tabernacle, Psalm 43:3; promises, if brought thither, to be faithful in the Divine service, Psalm 43:4; chide ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 44
      Introduction The psalmist recounts the mercies of God; shows to his people how God in ancient times gave them the victory over all their enemies, Psalm 44:1-8; points out their present miserable state, Psalm 44:9-16; asserts that thy have not apostatized ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 45
      Introduction The contents of this Psalm are generally summed up thus: The majesty and grace of Christ‘s kingdom; or an epithalamium of Jesus Christ and the Christian Church; the duty of this Church, and its privileges. The Psalm contains a magnificent ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 46
      Introduction The confidence of believers in God, Psalm 46:1-3. The privileges of the Church, Psalm 46:4, Psalm 46:5; her enemies, and her helper, Psalm 46:6, Psalm 46:7. God‘s judgments tn the earth, Psalm 46:8, Psalm 46:9. He will be exalted among the ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 47
      Introduction The Gentiles are invited to celebrate the praises of God as the Sovereign of the world, Psalm 47:1, Psalm 47:2. The Jews exalt in his kindness to them, Psalm 47:3, Psalm 47:4. All then join to celebrate his Majesty, as reigniny over the heat ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 48
      Introduction The ornaments and the privileges of the Church, Psalm 48:1-8. The duty of God‘s people, Psalm 48:9-14. The title: A Song and Psalm for the sons of Korah. To which the Vulgate, Septuagint, Aethiopia, and Arabic add, for the second day of ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 49
      Introduction All men are invited to attend to lessons of wisdom relative to the insufficiency of earthly good to save or prolong life; to secure the resurrection from the dead, Psalm 49:1-9. Death is inevitable, Psalm 49:10. The vain expectations of rich ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 5
      Introduction David continues instant in prayers Psalm 5:1, Psalm 5:2; makes early application to God, Psalm 5:3; and shows the hatred which God bears to the workers of iniquity, Psalm 5:4-6. His determination to worship God, and to implore direction and ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 50
      Introduction God, the Sovereign Judge, cites before his throne all his people, and the priests and the judges, Psalm 50:1-6; and reproaches them for their vain confidence in the sacrifices they had offered, Psalm 50:7-13; and shows them the worship he re ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 51
      Introduction The psalmist, with a deeply penitent heart, prays for remission of sins, Psalm 51:1-4; which he confesses, and deeply deplores, Psalm 51:5-14; states his willingness to offer sacrifice, but is convinced that God prefers a broken heart to all ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 52
      Introduction The psalmist points out the malevolence of a powerful enemy, and predicts his destruction, Psalm 52:1-5. At which destruction the righteous should rejoice, Psalm 52:6, Psalm 52:7. The psalmist‘s confidence on God, Psalm 52:8, Psalm 52:9. ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 53
      Introduction The sentiments of atheists and deists, who deny Divine Providence; their character: they are corrupt, foolish, abominable, and cruel, Psalm 53:1-4; God fills them with terror, Psalm 53:5; reproaches these for their oppression of the poor, Ps ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 54
      Introduction The psalmist complains that strangers were risen up against him to take away his life, Psalm 54:1-3; expresses his confidence in God that he will uphold him, and punish his enemies, Psalm 54:4, Psalm 54:5; on which he promises to sacrifice t ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 55
      Introduction David, in great danger and distress from the implacable malice of his enemies, calls on God for mercy, Psalm 55:1-5; wishes he had the wings of a dove, that he might flee away, and be at rest, Psalm 55:6-8; prays against his enemies, and des ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 56
      Introduction David prays for support against his enemies, whose wickedness he describes, Psalm 56:1-6; and foretells their destruction, Psalm 56:7; expresses his confidence in God‘s mercy, expects deliverance, and promises thanksgiving and obedience, P ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 57
      Introduction David cries to God for mercy, with the strongest confidence of being heard, Psalm 57:1-3; he describes his enemies as lions, Psalm 57:4; thanks God for his deliverance, Psalm 57:5; and purposes to publish the praises of the Lord among his pe ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 58
      Introduction David reproves wicked counsellors and judges, who pervert justice, and stir up the strong against the weak and innocent, Psalm 58:1-5. He foretells their destruction, and describes the nature of it, Psalm 58:6-9. The righteous, seeing this, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 59
      Introduction The psalmist prays for deliverance from his enemies, whose desperate wickedness he describes, Psalm 59:1-7; professes strong confidence in God, Psalm 59:8-10; speaks of the destruction of his enemies, Psalm 59:11-15; praises God for benefits ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 6
      Introduction This Psalm contains a deprecation of eternal vengeance, Psalm 6:1; a petition to God for mercy, Psalm 6:2. This is enforced from a consideration of the psalmist‘s sufferings, Psalm 6:3; from that of the Divine mercy, Psalm 6:4; from that o ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 60
      Introduction The psalmist complains of the desolation which had fallen on the land; prays for deliverance, Psalm 60:1-5; and promises himself victory over Shechem, Succoth, Gilead, Ephraim, Moab, Idumea, and the Philistines, by the special help and assis ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 61
      Introduction The psalmist‘s prayer for those who mere banished from their own land, and from the ordinances of God, Psalm 61:1, Psalm 61:2. He praises God for his past mercies, Psalm 61:3; purposes to devote himself entirely to his service, Psalm 61:4, ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 62
      Introduction David, in imminent danger, flees to God for help and safety, Psalm 62:1, Psalm 62:2; points out the designs of his adversaries, Psalm 62:3, Psalm 62:4; encourages his soul to wait on God, Psalm 62:5-8; shows the vanity of trusting in man, an ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 63
      Introduction David‘s soul thirsts after God, while absent from the sanctuary, and longs to be restored to the Divine ordinances, Psalm 63:1, Psalm 63:2. He expresses strong confidence in the Most High, and praises him for his goodness, Psalm 63:3-8; sh ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 64
      Introduction The psalmist prays for preservation from the wicked, Psalm 64:1, Psalm 64:2; whom he describes, Psalm 64:3-6; shows their punishment, Psalm 64:7, Psalm 64:8; and the effect that this should have on the godly, Psalm 64:9, Psalm 64:10. The ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 65
      Introduction God is praised for the fullilment of his promises, and for his mercy in forgiving sins, Psalm 65:1-3. He is praised for the wonders that he works in nature, which all mankind must acknowledge, Psalm 65:4-8; for the fertilizing showers which ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 66
      Introduction The psalmist exhorts all to praise God for the wonders he has wrought, Psalm 66:1-4; calls on Israel to consider his mighty acts in behalf of their fathers, Psalm 66:5-7; his goodness in their own behalf Psalm 66:8-12; he resolves to pay his ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 67
      Introduction The psalmist prays for the enlargement of God‘s kingdom, Psalm 67:1, Psalm 67:2; calls upon all nations to serve him, because he judges and governs righteously, Psalm 67:3-5; promises prosperity to the faithful and obedient, Psalm 67:6, Ps ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 68
      Introduction The psalmist calls upon God to arise, bless his people, and scatter his enemies, Psalm 68:1-3; exhorts them to praise him for has greatness, tenderness, compassion, and judgments, Psalm 68:4-6; describes the grandeur of his march when he wen ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 69
      Introduction The psalmist describes his afflicted state, and the wickedness of his adversaries, vv. 1-21; he declares the miseries that should come upon his enemies, Psalm 69:22-28; enlarges on has afflicted state, and expresses his confidence in God, Ps ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 7
      Introduction The psalmist prays against the malice of his enemies, Psalm 7:1, Psalm 7:2; protests his own innocence, Psalm 7:3-5; prays to God that he would vindicate him, for the edification of his people, Psalm 7:6-8; prays against the wickedness of hi ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 70
      Introduction The psalmist prays for speedy deliverance, Psalm 70:1; prays against those who sought his life, Psalm 70:2, Psalm 70:3; and for the blessedness of those who sought God, Psalm 70:4; urges his speedy deliverance, Psalm 70:5. The title in th ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 71
      Introduction The prophet, in confidence, prays for God‘s favor, Psalm 71:1-5; recounts God‘s kindness to him from youth to old age, Psalm 71:6-9; shows what his adversaries plot against him, and prays for their confusion, Psalm 71:10-13; promises fid ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 72
      Introduction David prays to God for Solomon, Psalm 72:1; prescribes Solomon‘s work, Psalm 72:2; the effects of his administration, Psalm 72:3-7; the extent of his dominion, Psalm 72:8-11; his mercy and kindness to the poor, and the perpetuity of his pr ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 73
      Introduction The psalmist speaks of God‘s goodness to his people, Psalm 73:1; shows how much he was stumbled at the prosperity of the wicked, and describes their state, Psalm 73:2-12; details the process of the temptation, and the pain he suffered in c ... read more

Adam Clarke Commentary Psalms 74
      Introduction The psalmtst complains of the desolations of the sanctuary, and pleads with God, Psalm 74:1-3; shows the insolence and wickedness of their enemies Psalm 74:4-8; prays to God to act for them as he had done for their fathers, whom, by his mira ... read more

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