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George Fox

George Fox (1624 - 1691)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker George Fox in text and pdf format. Was an English Dissenter and a founder of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers or Friends. This was a group the Lord started through the ministry of George Fox. God called him apart from all other forms of Christendom in his day because of the lack of Biblical obedience and holiness.

The emphasis in George Fox's ministry was firstly prophetic. He called out the people of God to show them that they had the Holy Spirit of God and could be taught of Him and not to solely rely on the teachings of ecclesiastical leaders. Secondly, he spoke directly to many ministers in his day to show them they were hirelings and did not have a true shepherds heart for the people of God rather they were seeking after financial gain.

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Mind the Pure
       (To all Friends, to abide in their Callings) TO all Dear Friends, who are called, who are enlightened, whose Minds are turned from the World's Worships and Teacher, having your Eye to the Light and Guide Within, which is leading you out of this dark ... read more

Not To Trust In UncertainRiches
      Not To Trust In Uncertain Riches (1669) All Friends, be ye as strangers to all things visible and created, but be aquatinted with the Creator, your maker, the Lord God Almighty; for outward things are not durable riches, nor durable substance, nor dura ... read more

O Friends! Keep Close to the Light
       O Friends! Keep Close To The Light (1652) O Friends! keep close to the light in you, and do not look forth at words that proceed from a vain and light mind; but at the power of word. for the words of God, that proceed from him, are powerful and might ... read more

Pierce the Hearts of the Heathen
      FRIENDS, in the Power of the Lord go forth, and gather with it into the Fold, and spread the Name and Truth of the Lord abroad; and in his Service be Diligent, and for his Truth be Valiant on the Earth, and for his Name's sake. And dwell in that which ... read more

Power working Invisibly
      IN the Will of God stand, with thy own Will offered up, as his was, who said, Not my Will , but thine be done. And beware of Striving in thy own Will against the Eternal Providence and Power, which is now working Invisibly, cross and contrary to all the P ... read more

Praise, Honor, and Glory Be To the Lord
       Upon the of the First Month, 1650, I Felt The Power Of The Lord to Spread Over All The World In Praise. Praise, honour, and glory be to the Lord of heaven and earth! Lord of peace, Lord of joy! thy countenance maketh my heart glad. Lord of glory, Lor ... read more

Present in Spirit
      (To Friends at Malton) ALL my Dear Friends at Malton, mind that which is Pure in you, that ye may grow up in the Power out of the Form. And take heed of Deceit, and of Jarring one another; take heed of Strife and Confusion in your Minds; But mind the ... read more

Pride Judged
      (To Friends in the North) FRIENDS, see that all Friends professing Truth there-aways, in Order be kept, that no Confusion, no Pride, Filthiness nor Uncleanness be amongst you; but with the Light let all that be Judged down and Condemned, and cast out, ... read more

Prisoners of Hope
      TO all of you, My dear Friends, who have tasted of the immediate, working Power of the Lord, . . . and do see, from whence doth Vertue come, and Strength that doth renew the Inward Man, and doth refresh you. . . . To you all I say, Wait upon God in that w ... read more

      (To the Prisoners in Exon; written whilst J.N. [James Naylor] was there, with many more in Prison) FRIENDS, Mind that, which keepeth you all Meek and Low. to be guided with it. And all consider that, which keepeth you in the way of Peace; that none of yo ... read more

Pure Refreshings
      . . . Mind the Light, that all may be refreshed in one another, and all in one. And the God of Power and Love keep all Friends in Power, in Love, that there be no Surmisings, but pure Refreshings in the unlimited Love of God, which makes one another known ... read more

Return Within
      (To his Father and Mother) DEAR Father and Mother in the Flesh, . . . Praises, Praises be given to my Heavenly Father, who hath begotten me again by the Immortal Word. To that of God in you both I speak, and do beseech you both for the Lord's sake ... read more

Safety in the Power
      ALL Friends every where, in the Power of God dwell, and know that over all to keep you. And lose not the Power of God, which keeps down, tames and breaks all wild, unruly, rash and hasty Spirits, which will run without the Power; which Spirits reach not t ... read more

See the Lord Near . . my dear Hearts
      TO all my dear Brethren, the Flock of God everywhere; keep together in the Power up to God, and none be discouraged or disheartned at the Enemies without . . . but be bold all in the Power of Truth, triumphing over the World. Hold your Freedom, and keep a ... read more

Self Judged and Mastery
      FRIENDS, I do Warn and Exhort you all in the Presence of the Lord God, Dwell in the Measure, which God hath given you of himself, in which is no Strife, but Unity: Therefore every one of you dwell in it. And this I do Warn you of, Boast not your selves ab ... read more

      (To go among Friends every where) . . . FRIENDS, to the Light in you all I speak: See, that there be no Slothfulness amongst you, but all keep in Diligence and Liveliness; for he that is Slothful, and gets the Form, may have an easeful Mind, but is an ev ... read more

Settled and Stayed
      THIS is the Word of the Lord to all Friends and Fellow-Labourers in the Truth . . . I charge you all, dwell in the Light. . . . So that ye may yoke the Oxen, and bridle the Horses, and tame the wild Heifers, and bring them to Christ's Yoke, that is, to th ... read more

Sing and Rejoice
       Sing And Rejoice (1663) Sing and rejoice, ye children of the day and of the light; for the Lord is at work in this thick night of darkness that may be felt. And truth doth flourish as the rose, and the lilies do grow among the thorns, and the plants ... read more

Some Principles of the Elect People of God called Quakers
      SOME PRINCIPLES OF THE Elect People of God Who in Scorn are called QUAKERS, For all People throughout all Christendome to Read over, and thereby their own States to Consider. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ... read more

Spread your selves abroad
      (To Friends in the Ministry) ALL Friends, who are moved of the Lord to speak the Word of the Lord, whom the Lord hath made to be his Mouth, speak not your own Words to feed the sensual part of Man, in your own Wills; for there God is not honoured, and ... read more

Stand Still in the Light
      TO FRIENDS, to stand still in Trouble, and see the Strength of the Lord. Whatever ye are addicted to, the Tempter will come in that thing; and when he can trouble you, then he gets Advantage over you, then he gets Advantage over you, and then ye are y ... read more

Stand up, ye Prophets of the Lord
       (To Friends in the Ministry) STAND up, ye Prophets of the Lord, for the Truth upon the Earth; quench not your Prophecy, neither heed them that despise it; but in it stand, which brings you through to the End. . . . Heed not the Eyes of the World, ... read more

Strive not in Meetings
      ALL Friends, Meet together in the Light, that with it ye may see the Father of Life amongst you in your Meetings. And so, the Lord God of Power be with you, and keep you. . . . And all live in Peace, in Love, in Life, and in the Power of the Lord God, and ... read more

Sweet Love and Unity
      AND all Friends every where, In all your Meetings know and feel the Power and the Seed (that is the Heir of the Promise) of the Lord God amongst you, over you, and in you; then in that ye will feel the Presence of the Lord God dwelling in the midst of you ... read more

That Good Lesson
      TO all Friends everywhere, Dwell in the Truth, and walk in the Love of the Truth, in Patience, and every one in your Measure keep your Habitations, and learn that good Lesson of Jesus Christ, To be Low and Meek in Heart, giving no occasion to the Adversar ... read more

That Which is Set Up by the Sword
       That Which Is Set Up By The Sword (1652) Friends, - that which is set up by the sword, is held up by the sword; and that which is set up by spiritual weapons, is held up by spiritual weapons, and not by carnal weapons. The peacemaker hath the kingdom ... read more

That With The Light, They May See Their Salvation
       An Epistle To Friends, That With The Light They May See Their Salvation. (1655) Friends, - All to the light, which Jesus Christ hath enlightened you withal, take heed, that with the light of Christ, the saviour of your souls, ye may all come to see a ... read more

The Aggravating Part
      FRIENDS, Keep to Patience, this is the counsel of the Lord to you. Do not Judge one another behind one anothers backs, nor speak Evil one of another, for that is that, which soweth the Enmity among Brethren. Nor do not Judge one another before the World, ... read more

The Besom
      SO, all walk in the Light, with which we are Enlightned, for it will teach you all the good Manners and pure Communications. . . . And all walking in the Light ye have the Besom; labour to sweep the Land from such corrupt Manners and vain Communication, a ... read more

The Children of the Devil, How Expert They Are In Evil
      The Children of the Devil, How Expert They Are in Evil (1650) Friends, - the children of the devil, how expert they are in evil, in all deceit in his kingdom; and yet they may speak of the things of God: but no vulturous eye or venomous beast ever trod ... read more

The Light shews Sin and Evil
      DEAR Friends, Prize your Time and the Love of the Lord to your Souls above all things, and mind that Light in you that shews you Sin and Evil. Which checks you, when ye speak an evil Word, and tells you that you should not be proud, nor wanton, nor fashio ... read more

The Light was before Time
      . . . AND so the Unity of all the Saints is in that, which condemns the World. And all who live in their own Wills, and yet make a Profession of the Scriptures, there are the Sects and Opinions, and there is no Unity, and they have not Unity amongst thems ... read more

The Light Within
      (To Friends in Truth) MY LOVE is to you all in the Truth of God; and my Prayers and Soul's Desire is to God, that ye may be kept in the Simplicity of the Truth in Christ Jesus . . . that all your Hearts may be knit together in Love and in one Spirit t ... read more

The One Power
      FRIENDS, a Warning and Charge to you all from the Presence of the Living God, to let all Lightness and Airiness, Foolishness, Wilfulness and Frothiness be Judged in Patience, let it come to the Fire and be burned; and Hay, Wood and Stubble, and all that w ... read more

The Pretious Springs of God
      . . . As the glorious Truth is springing and manifest among you, live and walk all worthy of what ye are called unto. . . . Live in the Dominion of the Life that is hid in God, and every particular it know in one another. And live in the Power of God, and ... read more

The Saints' Weapons Are Spiritual
       The Saints' Weapons Are Spiritual, That The Blessing Of God May Come Upon All Men (1655) We are not against any man, but desire that the blessing of the Lord may come upon all men, and that which brings the curse may be destroyed; and in patience do ... read more

The Sealed Epistle of George Fox
      A sealed epistle written by George Fox with the inscription "not to be opened before the time" was found among his belongings soon after his death in the winter of 1690/91. The sealed epistle was read at the ensuing London Yearly Meeting, which printed ... read more

The Springs are Opening
      FRIENDS, the Love of God is to you, the Springs are opening, and the Plants are refreshing with the living Waters. Now Friends, walk in the Truth as ye have received it; and wait in that which keeps you in the Yea and Nay, in the pure Communication, in th ... read more

The Sure Way
      TO all my Dear Brethren, whom the God of Power hath enlightned with his External Light, and discovered unto you his Way of Truth, and brought you out of the dark ways, where in ye have walked; which dark ways all the World walks in: But where the pure Lig ... read more

The Treasure Found
      ALL Friends of the Lord every where, whose Minds are turned within toward the Lord, Take heed and hearken to the Light without you, which is the Light of Christ and of God, which will call your Minds to within (as ye heed it) which were abroad in the Crea ... read more

The True Joining
      (Concerning Marriages) FRIENDS, all they that do act contrary to the Light, which comes from Christ Jesus, and it hate, whose Deeds are evil, and live in strife about Words, and their Minds are in Earthly things, defrauding and wronging one another, t ... read more

Thresh down Deceit
      FRIENDS, know the Life and Power of God in your selves, and one another, and to that Power be Obedient, to Thresh down all Deceit within and without you in Wisdom, and in that dwell, which comprehends the World; and know the Rest, which is for the People ... read more

To Friends at Dantzic
       To Friends at Dantzic (1676) Dear Friends, - In the love of God,and the Lord Jesus Christ, look above all your outward sufferings, and him that is out of truth, that makes you to suffer; and let nothing separate you form the love of God which you hav ... read more

To Friends Beyond the Sea, That Have Blacks and Indian Slaves
       To Friends Beyond The Sea, That Have Blacks And Indian Slaves (1657) Dear Friends, - I was moved to write these things to you in all those plantations. God, that made the world, and all things therein, giveth life and breath to all, and they all have ... read more

To Friends In America, Concerning Their Negroes and Indians
       To Friends In American, Concerning Their Negroes, and Indians (1679) All Friends, everywhere, that have Indians or blacks, you are to preach the gospel to them, and other servants, if you be true Christians; for the gospel of salvation was to be prea ... read more

To Friends In Bristol, In The Time Of Suffering
       To Friends In Bristol, In The Time Of Suffering (1670) Dear friends, now is the the time for you to stand; therefore put on the whole armour of God, from the crown of the head to the soles of your feet, that you may stand in the possession of life: a ... read more

To Friends in the Ministry
      Friends, Dwell in the power of life and wisdom, and dread of the Lord of life, and of heaven and earth, that you may be preserved in the wisdom of God over all, and be a terror and a dread to all the adversaries of God, answering that of God in the ... read more

To Friends In The Ministry In Pennsylvania and New Jersey
       To Friends In The Ministry In Pennsylvania and New Jersey (1685) Dear Friends, - With my love to you all, and all the rest of Friends; I was glad to hear from you; but you gave me no account of the increase of truth amongst you, nor what meetings you ... read more

To Friends, Captives At Macqueness
       To Friends, Captive At Macqueness (1690) Dear Friends, with my love to you all in the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom you have life and salvation, and rest and peace with God; and the Lord God Almighty with his eternal arm and power uphold and preserve yo ... read more

To Friends, concerning Marriages
      WHOM God joyneth together, are with the Light (which is Eternal) in the Unity, in the Covenant of Life and of Peace, and this Marriage is honourable. . . . For there is no Marriage honourable, but what is in the Lord, and that is in the Light; with wh ... read more

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