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George Fox

George Fox (1624 - 1691)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker George Fox in text and pdf format. Was an English Dissenter and a founder of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers or Friends. This was a group the Lord started through the ministry of George Fox. God called him apart from all other forms of Christendom in his day because of the lack of Biblical obedience and holiness.

The emphasis in George Fox's ministry was firstly prophetic. He called out the people of God to show them that they had the Holy Spirit of God and could be taught of Him and not to solely rely on the teachings of ecclesiastical leaders. Secondly, he spoke directly to many ministers in his day to show them they were hirelings and did not have a true shepherds heart for the people of God rather they were seeking after financial gain.

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Epistle 383
      Dear friends and brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ, your life and salvation, your rock and foundation, rest and sanctuary, in all storms, trials, and sufferings. Now, dear friends, my desire is, that you may all strive for that which makes for peace [R ... read more

Epistle 384
      Dear friends,—In Christ in whom we have peace, purity, holiness, and righteousness, you must be kept holy and righteous to the glory of God, and righteousness, and holiness, and purity, must wear and outlive all that is contrary to it; and patience, and ... read more

Epistle 385
      Dear friends,—With my love to all the prisoners and the faithful, as though I named them. It is the time now for all the faithful to keep in Christ their sanctuary, in whom you have all peace, rest, life, and salvation, and by the testimony of Jesus, an ... read more

Epistle 386
      Dear friends, of the Monthly Meeting of Charleston, in Ashley Cooper River, in Carolina, I received your letter, dated the sixth day of the Eighth-month, 1683. Wherein you give an account of your meeting, and of the country, and of your liberty in that pr ... read more

Epistle 388
      Dear friends, who are captives in Algiers, whom the Lord hath enlightened with his day spring from on high [Luke 1:78], and visited you with his tender mercies in your slavery and captivity, that you may know his will, and do it in his light, grace, truth ... read more

Epistle 389
      The apostle saith to the church of Christ, ‘I wrote unto you an epistle, not to keep company with fornicators; yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, nor with the covetous, extortioners, idolaters, &c. For then ye must needs go out of th ... read more

Epistle 390
      Friends,—This is the word of the Lord unto you all. All live in the seed, in which all nations are blest [Gen 22:18]; in which seed you are blessed every way, in your rising up and lying down [Deut 6:7?]; in your goings forth and comings in [Psa 121:8?] ... read more

Epistle 391
      Now, dear friends, the Lord having drawn you by his spirit to his son Christ Jesus, in whose name ye come to be gathered [Mat 18:20], in whose name ye have salvation, and not in any other name under the whole heaven: [Acts 4:12] so that now you come to kn ... read more

Epistle 392
      Dear friends and brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns over all, and has all power in heaven and earth given unto him [Mat 28:18], by whose eternal power our meetings this year have been preserved unto his great glory and honour; and his living re ... read more

Epistle 393
      Dear friends in the peaceable truth,—The glory of God all mind, in all your lives and conversations, and that the heavenly fruits of the holy spirit [Gal 5:22f] of God you may all bring forth to his praise, living in righteousness, godliness, and meekne ... read more

Epistle 394
      Dear friends and brethren, who are elect and chosen in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world [Eph 1:4]; in Christ you have peace, and in the world you have trouble. But ‘be of good cheer, Christ hath overcome the world [John 16:33],’ that li ... read more

Epistle 396
      Friends, with my love in the Lord Jesus Christ to you, who is your saviour and prophet, that God has raised up for you, to hear in all things [Acts 3:22]; your shepherd, that has laid down his life for you [John 10:15], whose voice ye must hear [John 10:2 ... read more

Epistle 397
      To all Friends and Brethren every where. Peace from God and the Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied in you [1 Pet 1:2], who by his grace, light, and spirit, are turned towards the Lord, to receive it from him; and that by it you may grow up in the Lord Jes ... read more

Epistle 398
      ‘The word of God is not bound [2 Tim 2:9].’ 2 Tim. ii. 9. Dear friends, in the seed of life that is over all, whom the Lord doth support, and hath supported by his eternal arm and power to stand for <269> his glory; be valiant for his truth and his ... read more

Epistle 399
      Dear friends, you who profess the light, faith, grace, and spirit of Christ, and the pure undefiled religion before God the Father, are to keep yourselves unspotted from the world [Jas 1:27], and to bridle your tongues [Jas 1:26] from evil words, which co ... read more

Epistle 400
      Dear friends, to you is my love in the seed of life, that bruises the head of enmity [Gen 3:15]; and in this seed you all have life and peace that is everlasting. And my desires are, that you may all dwell in the love [1 Jn 4:16] that can bear all things ... read more

Epistle 401
      Dear friends and brethren, in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is your holy, heavenly rock and foundation of God, that standeth sure [2 Tim 2:19], who was the foundation and the rock of his church in the apostles' days, and is now. You may see how Christ sent J ... read more

Epistle 402
      Dear friends, go not out from your habitation [Jude 1:6], but keep in your heavenly habitation, in the spirit of grace and truth, and the gospel, the power of God [Rom 1:16], and the holy divine faith you will feel in your habitation Christ Jesus; for all ... read more

Epistle 403
      Dear friends, in Holland, Friesland, Hamborough, Frederickstadt, Dantzic, Palatinate, and all other places thereaway, where God's truth and ensign are set up [Isa 11:12]; peace, grace, and truth be multiplied [1 Pet 1:2] among you from God the Father, and ... read more

Epistle 404
      Dear friends,—I am glad to hear of the good Yearly Meeting at Rhode Island, and that the Lord's power and presence were there <291> among you; and it would be very well to visit the generation of the righteous [Psa 14:5], and to see how their seed and v ... read more

Epistle 405
      Dear friends,—With my love to you all, and all the rest of Friends; I was glad to hear from you; but you gave me no account of the increase of truth amongst you, nor what meetings you have had amongst the Indian kings and their people abroad in the coun ... read more

Epistle 406
      Dear friends and brethren, in the Lord Jesus Christ, whom he hath gathered by his glorious hand and power to himself, who is the rock of ages, and the foundation of many generations, that cannot be shaken [Heb 12:27, Luke 6:48], in which you have all life ... read more

Epistle 408
      The Lord God who created man and woman in his image [Gen 1:27], and after his likeness, in righteousness and holiness [Eph 4:24], he blessed them, and said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion ove ... read more

Epistle 409
      Friends,—The apostle saith, ‘I will therefore that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety, and not with broidered hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array, but as becometh women professing godliness, with good work ... read more

Epistle 41
      Friends,—To you all this exhortation is from the word of the Lord: Dwell in the life, that with it ye may see the Father of life. And dwell in the light, with which light the world is condemned; which which light comprehends the world's wisdom; which li ... read more

Epistle 410
      The Lord saith, ‘In this mountain shall the Lord of hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things,’ &c. And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations [Isa 25:6f]. An ... read more

Epistle 411
      Dear friends, who are the sons and daughters of God [2 Cor 6:18], who have his law written in your hearts [Jer 31:33], by which you know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life to know [John 17:3]; and you that have put on Christ Jesus [Gal 3:27] are ... read more

Epistle 416
      All Friends, strive to keep in unity in the holy spirit of Christ, which is the bond of the heavenly peace [Eph 4:3], and that you elders may be examples in the heavenly wisdom, and word of life [1 Jn 1:1], and of power [Heb 1:3] and patience [Rev 3:10], ... read more

Epistle 418
      The Six Weeks Meeting is for to see that all their meetings are preserved by the wisdom of God in the unity of the spirit, the bond of peace [Eph 4:3], and in the fellowship of the holy ghost [Phil 2:1/2 Cor 13:14], being ordered by the pure, gentle, heav ... read more

Epistle 419
      Dear friends,—Something was upon me to write unto you, that such among Friends, who marry, and provide great dinners, that instead thereof, it will be of a good savour on such occasions, that they may be put in mind at such times, to give something to t ... read more

Epistle 42
      To all Friends every where, scattered abroad: in the light dwell which comes from Christ, that with it ye may see Christ your saviour; that ye may grow up in him. For they who are in him, are new creatures; and ‘old things are passed away, and all thing ... read more

Epistle 420
      Dear friends, with my love to you all in the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom you have life and salvation, and rest and peace with God; and the Lord God Almighty with his eternal arm and power uphold and preserve you in Christ, in whom you have rest and peace, ... read more

Epistle 43
      To all my dear brethren, the flock of God every where; keep together in the power up to God, and none be discouraged or disheartened <52> at the enemies without, which are without God in the world; but be bold all in the power of truth, triumphing over th ... read more

Epistle 44
      All Friends, wait upon the unlimited power and spirit of the Lord, which baptizes into one body [1 Cor 12:13]: where ye will have all unity in that which crucifies the flesh [Gal 5:24], and mortifies all evil desires [Col 3:5], and puts off the body of si ... read more

Epistle 45
      They are the heirs of the kingdom of God, and of the generation of God, that live out of the kingdom of the wicked world, (up to God, in the seed, which all the promises of God are to [Gal 3:29],) following after Christ, who was in Egypt, and passed out o ... read more

Epistle 46
      To all Friends who are in the unity, which is in the light; walk in the light [1 Jn 1:7]. It is one light that doth convince you all; and one Christ, that doth call all to repentance, up to himself the one head, which is Christ [Eph 4:15]. The wise man's ... read more

Epistle 47
      All Friends every where, who with the light that never changeth, are convinced, and turned from darkness [Acts 26:18], in the light dwell, that ye may come to learn of Christ in the life, and with it know the movings of the spirit of life in you, that mov ... read more

Epistle 48
      Friends, to you all this is the word of the Lord: take heed of judging one another [Mat 7:1f]; judge not one another (I charge you in the presence of the Lord) with that which must be judged; neither lay open one another's weaknesses behind one another's ... read more

Epistle 49
      Friends, dwell in the life and power of God, which doth teach you to deny yourselves, which keeps you from all strife, and from all deceit, that nothing may appear, but by the pure spirit it may be judged; and that by the spirit of God ye may all be kept ... read more

Epistle 50
      All Friends, dwell in that which is pure, and wait for the power of God to preserve you in that which is pure, up to God. And know the seed of God in one another, that the knowledge which is after the flesh may die; and know the power of God in one anothe ... read more

Epistle 51
      The cross is to the carnal part, which is the ground of images, the ground of the seducers, and the ground of the false prophet and antichrist; the cross is to that ground, to the root and life of it. This being minded, which is pure and eternal, it makes ... read more

Epistle 52
      All Friends in Westmoreland, Lancashire, Cumberland, Northumberland, Bishoprick, and about Newcastle, whose minds are turned to the light, meet together, and wait upon the Lord, and keep your several meetings in the light of Christ; that all your hearts m ... read more

Epistle 53
      All Friends every where, that have wives, or that have husbands, or that have children, or that have servants; or servants that have masters, or children that have parents, that are not Friends,—this is to you all, that are in the light, ‘which lighte ... read more

Epistle 54
      All my dear brethren, babes of God, born of the immortal seed [1 Pet 1:23], whose dwelling is in the power that upholds all things [Heb 1:3], which power is made manifest, which hath brought you to him that was in the beginning, before the world was, and ... read more

Epistle 55
      The word of the Lord God to all my brethren, babes, and soldiers, that are in the spiritual warfare of our Lord Jesus Christ [2 Tim 2:3f]. Arm yourselves, like men of war, that ye may know, what to stand against [Eph 6:11]. Spare not, pity not that which ... read more

Epistle 56
      All friends of the Lord every where, whose minds are turned within towards the Lord, take heed and hearken to the light within you, which is the light of Christ and of God, which will call your minds to within, (as ye heed it,) which were abroad in the cr ... read more

Epistle 58
      O Friends! look not out; for he that doth, is darkened [Eccl 12:3]. And take heed of lightness; take heed of the world, and of busying your minds with things not serviceable. A wise man's eye is in his head [Eccl 2:14], but a fool's eye is gazing up and d ... read more

Epistle 60
      Friends,—Every particular, mind that which is pure of God in you, to guide you up to God, and to keep you in the fear of the Lord, that ye may receive refreshment from God alone in yourselves, and grow up in the inward man, nourished and strengthened by ... read more

Epistle 61
      Friends,—Dwell all in the immortal seed [1 Pet 1:23] of God, which is heir of the promise [Gal 3:29] of God, and doth inherit the same; so every one of you know the promise of God your portion, and the power of God your portion, and the kingdom of God, ... read more

Epistle 63
      Friends every where, to the measure of the life of God in you all take heed, that with it your minds may be guided up to the living God, from whence light and life come, and virtue, and strength, and nourishment; so that with the life ye may be kept from ... read more

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