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George Fox

George Fox (1624 - 1691)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker George Fox in text and pdf format. Was an English Dissenter and a founder of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers or Friends. This was a group the Lord started through the ministry of George Fox. God called him apart from all other forms of Christendom in his day because of the lack of Biblical obedience and holiness.

The emphasis in George Fox's ministry was firstly prophetic. He called out the people of God to show them that they had the Holy Spirit of God and could be taught of Him and not to solely rely on the teachings of ecclesiastical leaders. Secondly, he spoke directly to many ministers in his day to show them they were hirelings and did not have a true shepherds heart for the people of God rather they were seeking after financial gain.

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Epistle 213
      Dear friends,—In the life and power of God dwell, by which ye were raised, and by which ye are nourished and refreshed; it is the sure foundation [Isa 28:16] which shall never be raced out, for it is laid of God, and no man can lay another [1 Cor 3:11]. ... read more

Epistle 214
      Friends, the power of the Lord God is over all them that keep on their hats in prayer, and they do not keep on their hats in prayer neither by the motion, nor the power of God, nor by the spirit of God, but (by an earthly, dark spirit) against it, and the ... read more

Epistle 215
      Dear friends and brethren, amongst whom the vine is manifest, and who are (by faith) grafting into it [Rom 11:23], through and in which ye may bear fruit to glorify God [John 15:8]; be wise in all things, and harmless [Mat 10:16], that your lives, convers ... read more

Epistle 216
      To all my dear friends and brethren, among whom the precious truth and power of God hath been declared, and joyfully received, whose belief, confidence, and innocency are spread abroad who are come to the vine, Christ Jesus [John 15:1], that is your shade ... read more

Epistle 217
      All my dear friends and brethren, who of the mighty power of God have tasted, in which it hath brought you to the measure of the life of truth, and to feel after God in it: unto which ye are turned, as a way that is living [Heb 10:20] and has no end, whic ... read more

Epistle 22
      O Friends! keep close to the light in you, and do not look forth at words that proceed from a vain and light mind; but at the power of words. For the words of God, that proceed from him, are powerful and mighty in operation, to the throwing down of all th ... read more

Epistle 220
      If, among Friends, any reports or surmises be about any, or any backbitings, or whisperings, all such things must be stopped and searched out; for thus saith the Lord, ‘Thou shalt not raise a false report among my people [Exo 23:1]’ . . . . And fur ... read more

Epistle 221
      My dear friends, all every where, the power of the Lord God, that first convinced you, and his light and truth, all wait and walk in, and keep your first habitations [Jude 1:6] in the power of the Lord God, and in his light, and life, and spirit, by which ... read more

Epistle 222
      My dear friends all every where, in the seed dwell, which is Christ the top-stone over all; feel it laid, in which is life eternal, which is over death, and before death was, and the devil, the power of it; every one sitting under their own vine [Micah 4: ... read more

Epistle 223
      All friends and brethren, stand fast in the power of the Lord God Almighty, with the breast-plate of righteousness, with the shield of faith, your weapons [Eph 6:10-17], by which you have victory [1 Jn5: 4], and have access to God [Rom 5:2], in which you ... read more

Epistle 226
      My dear friends,—In the everlasting seed and covenant of life, be valiant for the truth upon the earth [Jer 9:3], and dwell in the power of the Lord God, and never heed that which makes to suffer, but the power of the Lord, which was before it was; and ... read more

Epistle 227
      Sing and rejoice [Zech 2:10], ye children of the day and of the light [1 Th 5:5]; for the Lord is at work in this thick night of darkness that may be felt [Exo 10:21f]. And truth doth flourish as the rose [Isa 35:1], and the lilies do grow among the thorn ... read more

Epistle 228
      Dear friends, who have tasted of that which is precious, and have felt the truth convincing of you; and also felt the power of the Lord God: I feel something amongst some of you that is not right; and how that such get up into the wise part, but are out o ... read more

Epistle 229
      Friends,—Let not your knowledge be after the flesh [2 Cor 5:16], but in the spirit. Let not your fellowship be in the flesh, but let it be in the spirit, and in the gospel. Let not your affections be in the flesh, and on things below, but let them be se ... read more

Epistle 23
      Friends,—Fear not the powers of darkness, but keep your meetings, and meet in that which keeps you over them; and in the power of God ye will have unity. And dwell in love [1 Jn 4:16] and unity one with another, and know one another in the power of a ... read more

Epistle 230
      Friends,—Stand still and see [Exo 14:16], be still and hear, sit at Jesus' feet, and choose the better thing [Luke 10:38-42]; to do the work of God is to believe in his son Jesus Christ [John 6:29] the light; and your hope and faith are to stand in God, ... read more

Epistle 231
      My dear friends,—Be faithful to the Lord God every one, in the truth and power of God, and his righteousness, that it may flow over all [Amos 5:24], and walk and live in it, that to the Lord God you may be a good savour [2 Cor 2:15], and a blessing in y ... read more

Epistle 232
      All Friends every where, who are gathered in the name of Jesus Christ, that never fell [1 Pet 2:22] nor changed [Heb 13:8], yea, into him that never fell being gathered ye will see over all the gatherings of Adam and Eve in the fall, from the garden of Go ... read more

Epistle 233
      Friends, this is the day of the trial of your faith [1 Pet 1:7], and therefore be faithful; for the faith is it by which you have victory ;[1 Jn 5:4] and access to God [Rom 5:2]; by faith all the fiery darts of satan are quenched [Eph 6:16], and by faith ... read more

Epistle 234
      All you prisoners of the Lord [Eph 4:1] for his truth's sake, and for keeping the testimony of Jesus Christ [Rev 12:17], against all the evil inventions, traditions, rudiments [Col 2:8], will-worships, feigned humilities [Col 2:23], and self-righteousness ... read more

Epistle 235
      Friends,—You who now come to suffer by a land flood, keep on the rock [Mat 7:24f], for there is safety, though a storm be in the sea, and the flood be great, and the winds great, and the way rough and crooked, the seed Christ can make all plain [Isa 40: ... read more

Epistle 236
      All my dear friends, in the everlasting power, life, and truth live, for you cannot live without it in the winds and storms. And though the hills and the mountains are burned [various, e.g. Psa 83:14, Jer 51:25], and the trees are become fruitless [Jude 1 ... read more

Epistle 237
      My dear Friends and brethren,—The Lord is with you all every where, who suffer for his name and truth's sake, in all your bonds and afflictions [Acts 20:23] be of good comfort, for the Lord is with you; neither be dismayed at your sufferings, for if you ... read more

Epistle 238
      My dear friends and brethren, all every where, keep your habitation [Jude 1:6] and your first love [Rev 2:4], and do not go forth from your rule of faith and life within; in which you all have unity and fellowship, and the Lord will be your comforter and ... read more

Epistle 239
      All my dear friends and brethren, who are of the royal seed of God!—Patience obtains the victory that runs the race and obtains the crown [1 Cor 9:24f/Heb 12:1]; be married and joined to the seed Christ the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world [ ... read more

Epistle 24
      To all Friends every where, dwell in the truth, and walk in the love of the truth, in patience, and every one in your measure keep your habitations [Jude 1:6], and learn that good lesson of Jesus Christ, to be low and meek in heart [Mat 11:29], giving no ... read more

Epistle 240
      Friends,—All outward things, figures, types, shadows, and inventions, have been set up since Adam fell; which inventions Christ destroys, and the types, figures, and shadows of him he fulfils [Heb 9 - 10], and brings man up out of the fall, to the seed ... read more

Epistle 242
      We are not against any man, but desire that the blessing of the Lord may come upon all men, and that which brings the curse may be destroyed; and in patience do we wait for that, and with spiritual weapons against it do we wrestle [Eph 6:12f], and not aga ... read more

Epistle 244
      O friends!—You all that have tasted of the power of the Lord God, and of his truth, that is pure, and doth not admit of any impurity nor change. Oh! therefore the holy truth mind, which will let nothing that is unholy in you live. For nothing that is un ... read more

Epistle 245
      All my dear friends every where, live in the noble seed Christ [Gal 3:16] Jesus, the saviour and the anointed one, and the righteous holy one, that your minds, hearts, souls, spirits, and bodies may be righteous, living in the righteousness of Christ Jesu ... read more

Epistle 246
      O dear friends! mind every one your habitation in the power of the Lord God, that first convinced you, and keep your possession in it, in the sense of God's love and mercy to your souls; for your unity and fellowship lie in the spotless power, truth, and ... read more

Epistle 248
      Friends,—Keep your meetings in the power of the Lord God, that hath gathered you; and none quench the spirit, nor despise prophesying [1 Th 5:19f], but keep up your testimony in public and private. Let not the mouths of babes and sucklings [Psa 8:2] be ... read more

Epistle 249
      Blessed are all those whose minds are stayed upon the Lord, for they shall be kept in perfect peace [Isa 26:3]; so where the mind is stayed upon the Lord, there is a perfect peace; for it is a whole peace, which cannot be broken. So here is not only a per ... read more

Epistle 25
      Friends, the love of God is to you, the springs are opening, and the plants are refreshing with the living waters. Now friends, walk in the truth, as ye have received it; and wait in that which keeps you in the yea and nay, in the pure communication [Mat ... read more

Epistle 250
      Friends,—Keep out of the vain fashions of the world; let not your eyes, and minds, and spirits run after every fashion (in apparel) of the nations; for that will lead you from the solid life into unity with that spirit that leads to follow the fashions ... read more

Epistle 251
      My dear friends in the truth and seed of God, in which is purity and life, let that flow from the head to the feet, that righteousness, and judgment may run down our streets as a stream [Amos 5:24]. For now Friends are become a people gathered in the holy ... read more

Epistle 252
      To all you that minister abroad in those parts, this is the word of the Lord to you all: live in lowliness of mind, and meekness of spirit, and pureness of heart, and be examples in your lives, and chaste in your conversations [1 Tim 4:12], in holiness of ... read more

Epistle 254
      Friends, let your affections be set on things that are above [Col 3:2]; for if they be on things below, then your minds, bodies, souls, and spirits, will be brought into bondage, and in that the evil will get into you and burden you, which ought to be kep ... read more

Epistle 255
      Dear Friends, all who from the beginning have been convinced of God's truth, and are turned to the world, or gone into drunkenness, swearing, pleasure, and looseness, or to the old mass-house, or have sold the truth [Prov 23:23] for a wife or husband, and ... read more

Epistle 256
      My dear friends,—Live in the wisdom of God, which is gentle and pure from above, and easy to be entreated [Jas 3:17]; all ‘bear one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ [Gal 6:2].’ And if any weakness should appear in any in your meeti ... read more

Epistle 257
      Dear friends,—Be faithful in the service of God, and mind the Lord's business, and be diligent, so will the power of the Lord be brought over all those that have gainsayed it. And all ye that are faithful, go to visit them that have been convinced, from ... read more

Epistle 258
      Dear friends,—In the truth of God that changeth not, is my love to you, in that which is unfeigned and everlasting, in the same power, and the same seed of life as ever was, and was at the first going forth among you. And so friends, the Lord in his eve ... read more

Epistle 259
      My dear friends,—Be faithful in the truth which the devil is out of [John 8:44]; in which truth you have dominion over him. And live in the power of God, which was before the devil was; in which power of God, which is the gospel [Rom 1:16], is your fell ... read more

Epistle 260
      Dear Friends,—If the truth make you free, then are ye free indeed [John 8:36]. So then there are none made freemen, but by truth; and all that are freemen, they are made free by the truth, they are God's freemen [1 Cor 7:22]; they are free citizens, the ... read more

Epistle 261
      Friends,—To call men ‘masters’ or ‘gracious lord,’ and putting off the hat to them, and the man's scraping with his foot, and the woman's making a courtesy. These titles and fashions not giving and observing, doth not break the law of Christ, no ... read more

Epistle 262
      All Friends and people, that is to be condemned in yourselves, which hath led you from Christ, from God, and from unity in the light; I say, that is condemned by the light [John 3:19], and must be executed and killed, and stoned with the living stone, and ... read more

Epistle 264
      And in all your men and women's meetings, let all things be done in love, which doth edify the body [Eph 4:16]; and let nothing be done in strife and vain glory [Phil 2:3], but keep in the unity of the spirit, which is the bond of peace [Eph 4:3]. And let ... read more

Epistle 264
      Friends' fellowship must be in the spirit [Phil 2:1], and all Friends must know one another in the spirit and power of God. And in all the meetings of the county, two or three may be appointed from them, to go to the Quarterly Meetings, for to give not ... read more

Epistle 265
      All you that are believers in the light of Christ, which manifesteth darkness, ye are kept by the power of God unto the day of salvation [1 Pet 1:5]. So, though your salvation is not yet completed, yet you have your keeper, the power of God, which neither ... read more

Epistle 266
      And all ye believers in the heavenly light [John 12:36], as Christ hath taught, you seek that which is lost and driven away [Ezek 34:16]; but the false prophets, false ministers, and teachers [2 Pet 2:1], they did not seek that which was lost, and driven ... read more

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