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George Fox

George Fox (1624 - 1691)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker George Fox in text and pdf format. Was an English Dissenter and a founder of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers or Friends. This was a group the Lord started through the ministry of George Fox. God called him apart from all other forms of Christendom in his day because of the lack of Biblical obedience and holiness.

The emphasis in George Fox's ministry was firstly prophetic. He called out the people of God to show them that they had the Holy Spirit of God and could be taught of Him and not to solely rely on the teachings of ecclesiastical leaders. Secondly, he spoke directly to many ministers in his day to show them they were hirelings and did not have a true shepherds heart for the people of God rather they were seeking after financial gain.

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Epistle 141
      All Friends every where, that are in any sufferings, let your sufferings be gathered up together in every county, ye that have suffered by justices, or constables, or bailiffs; let your names be set to your sufferings, and a name or two to witness them, a ... read more

Epistle 142
      All my dear friends,—Keep up your heads above the waters and the sea, in which there is a tempest. Fear not the devil, nor all his darts nor weapons, nor all his soldiers and instruments that he keeps in league with; but mind the power of God and the li ... read more

Epistle 145
      Friends,—Where there is strife among any of you, mind the light to judge it down and condemn it; by which light your minds may be guided up to Christ, where there is no strife, to learn of him [Mat 11:29], and to condemn all that with the light, which a ... read more

Epistle 147
      Friends,—Live in the wisdom of the Lord, for that is it which doth preserve you pure, lively, and gentle, above that which is below. And in the increase of God [Col 2:19] live, and in his virtue, power, and love, that through it your hearts may be estab ... read more

Epistle 148
      O my dear friends and brethren every where! let all your cries and prayers be to the Lord in singleness of heart, in his spirit and <140> power, and in belief in God through Christ, to receive what ye pray for. For the Lord's ears are open to the cries of ... read more

Epistle 149
      All Friends every where meet together, and in the measure of God's spirit wait, that with it all your minds may be guided up to God, to receive wisdom from God; that ye may all come to know how ye may walk up to him in his wisdom, that it may be justified ... read more

Epistle 150
      Friends all every where, in the life and power of God live and dwell, and spread the truth abroad. Quench not the spirit [1 Th 5:19], but live in love and unity one with another; that with the wisdom of God ye may all be ordered to God's glory [Wis 8:1, 1 ... read more

Epistle 151
      Friends,—There was a time when the apostles preached Christ that died at Jerusalem; and they witnessed him forth, and brought (for proof) the prophets' testimonies who prophesied of him. And they that preached Christ's sufferings at Jerusalem, showed th ... read more

Epistle 153
      Dear friends,—I was moved to write these things to you in all those plantations. God, that made the world, and all things therein, giveth life and breath to all [Acts 17:25], and they all have their life and moving, and their being in him [Acts 17:28], ... read more

Epistle 154
      O friends! keep out of that state, which is out of and below the chaste nature; for all unchasteness, by the power of the Lord and his truth and light, is to be judged. Therefore live in the truth and in the light of God, that keeps you all chaste, for in ... read more

Epistle 155
      Friends,—Ye that be turned to the light in it wait, in it meet together, that with it your hearts may be joined together up to Christ, the head, from whence the light doth come; with which ye may see all the world and all the gatherings that are out of ... read more

Epistle 156
      All Friends,—I do warn and charge you in the presence of the living God, in his wisdom and life keep, that no ill savour be nor get up amongst you. For ye are the salt of the earth, to season and to make savoury to God; but if the salt have lost its sav ... read more

Epistle 157
      Friends,—By the wisdom of God were all things made [John 1:3, Wis 7:22], and by the wisdom of God must all things be ordered again to God's glory [Wis 8:1, 1 Cor 10:31]. Transgression and sin bring death and destruction; but that wisdom is hid from all ... read more

Epistle 158
      Friends and brethren every where, dwell in that which makes for peace [Rom 14:19] and love; for ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the kingdom [Mat 5:8],’ that stands in righteousness, joy, and peace in the holy ghost [Rom 14:17], and in powe ... read more

Epistle 161
      O friends! do not die from the good through the wantonness of fleshly lusts [2 Pet 2:18], neither be choked with the cares of this life [Mat 13:22], nor fear the shearers [Isa 53:7], neither let the heat scorch your green blade [Mat 13:6]; but dwell under ... read more

Epistle 164
      My dear friends,—Keep your meetings in the power of the Lord God, in which ye may all feel life eternal among you. And do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together [Heb 10:25], but provoke one another to love [Heb 10:24], in which is edification ... read more

Epistle 166
      Dear friends,—In the power and light is my love to you all, in which the virtue, life, holiness, and righteousness are known, and the riches, that never fade away [Prov 8:18]. Live in the truth, which ye first received, that it may be your crown and you ... read more

Epistle 167
      My dear friends,—Be not carried away by good words and fair speeches [Rom 16:18], nor the affectionate part, which is taken with them; but every one have hold of the truth in yourselves, and the life, and light, and power of the Most High, by which ye m ... read more

Epistle 169
      To all the elect, chosen and faithful [Rev 17:14], who are of the royal seed of God, living stones [1 Pet 2:5], elect and precious [1 Pet 2:6], knit and built up together [Col 2:19/1 Pet 2:5], and united, the family and household of God [Eph 2:19], and co ... read more

Epistle 171
      Friends,—Let all that ye do be done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ [Col 3:17], by whom all things were made [John 1:3] and created, that ye may do that which ye do in the true dominion; and then what ye do ye do in the power of God. And all Friend ... read more

Epistle 172
      We are of the royal seed, elect and precious [1 Pet 2:6], before the world began, that which (ever) the Sodomites crucified, grieved, and vexed by their unrighteous, ungodly conversation [2 Pet 2:6], who lived in fulness, and pleasures, and abundance of i ... read more

Epistle 175
      My dear friends,—In the order and wisdom of life order all things to God's glory [Wis 8:1, 1 Cor 10:31], and dwell in the love of God [1 Jn 4:16] together, all serving one another <167> in love [Gala 5:13], and in the life of the truth; and ye that ‘g ... read more

Epistle 176
      Friends, that minister up and down among Friends, be examples [1 Tim 4:12] in wisdom, life, patience, righteousness, holiness, and in godliness and soberness, that your lives and conversations may preach. And keep out and over all vain, youthful ways and ... read more

Epistle 178
      Friends and brethren, who are made partakers of the power [1 Cor 9:12?] of the world that is without end, and are partakers of the heavenly gift [Heb 6:4], and feel the power, in which are the unity, peace, and kingdom that hath no end [Luke 1:33], in tha ... read more

Epistle 181
      Friends—Live in the unchangeable power of God, which will keep you in righteousness, and truth, and love, and unity, and dominion over all the unclean spirits [Mat 10:1], and rough ways, and mountains [Isa 40:4] within and without: that the power of the ... read more

Epistle 184
      O my dear friends and brethren every where! the power of the Lord God, that is over all, live in, that in that ye may feel unity and fellowship; that in the power of the Lord God ye may all come to be heirs of the power of an endless life [Heb 7:16], thro ... read more

Epistle 185
      All Friends, be obedient to the power of God, which is the higher power, and is above that which abode not in the truth [John 8:44]. So ye that know the power of God, be obedient to it; for ye have authority from the power of God, which comprehends all th ... read more

Epistle 186
      Friends, who have known and tasted of the power of the mighty God of heaven and earth, and of his light and life, be faithful in the power, light, life, and truth, to the spreading of the truth abroad; with which ye may answer the truth in the inward part ... read more

Epistle 187
      My dear friends,—Dwell in the love of God together, for that edifies you all [1 Cor 8:1], and by that ye are built up; and who go from that, pluck down with enmity, and discord, and wrangling, and quarreling, and disputing; and are puffed up with high-s ... read more

Epistle 188
      Friends,—Live in the seed of God that destroys the devil [Heb 2:14], who is the author and cause of wars and strife, and bringing of men and people into the earth, where the war, strife, and pride are; here the outward swordsmen have not learned yet to ... read more

Epistle 189
      My dear friends, Robert Hodson, William Robinson, Marmaduke Stevenson, Peter Pearson, William Brend, William Leddra, and the rest of Friends in New England and Virginia, be faithful to the Lord in the truth of the Lord God, and in his power and wisdom be ... read more

Epistle 19
      Dear and tender Friends,—My love is to you all in the truth of God; and my prayers and soul's desire are to God, that ye may be kept in the simplicity of the truth in Christ Jesus [2 Cor 11:3], growing up in the power of his resurrection, and be made co ... read more

Epistle 190
      O friends! have an esteem of truth and God's glory! Keep down all inordinate affections [Col 3:5], and have an esteem of truth above your lusts and earthly things, worldly riches, and goods, and mind the example of the old world, when the sons of God saw, ... read more

Epistle 191
      All Friends every where, that are convinced with truth, and profess it, and own it, keep to the single language [Gen 11:1], the good spirit [Neh 9:20], the light of Christ Jesus leads to it; and that which goes from that, which doth not live in it, is to ... read more

Epistle 192
      Friends,—In the fear of the Lord God live, departing from sin and evil [Job 28:28], as it appears in your own particulars, and therein ye will receive the wisdom of God, by which all things were made and created [Wis 7:22]; with which wisdom they may be ... read more

Epistle 194
      Dear friends, who have found the better part, and chosen the better thing, the one thing [Luke 10:42], which lasteth for ever, which is the ground of all true rejoicing and joy [1 Th 2:19?], in whom ye have all riches and life, and the blessings, and the ... read more

Epistle 195
      Friends,—All that are moved of the Lord by his power, light, and life, to go into other nations, as messengers of his covenant [Mal 3:1] of light [Isa 42:6], to preach the gospel, according to that which shows the secrets of every man's heart [1 Cor 14: ... read more

Epistle 198
      Dear friends,—Keep over all that, which tends to strife, in the seed Christ [Gal 3:16], in which is peace and life; for that which tends to strife, and yet is in a feigned flattery, will corrupt you. And, therefore, live in that which is pure and steadf ... read more

Epistle 199
      Friends,—The matter concerning not putting off the hat in prayer, and when they give thanks to God, which hath been said by some to <189> be heathenish and Romish, and set up in the time of darkness and ignorance, and in the curse, and in the fall, and ... read more

Epistle 20
      To all my dear brethren, whom the God of power hath enlightened with his eternal light, and discovered unto you his way of truth, and <28> brought you out of the dark ways, wherein ye have walked; which dark ways all the world walk in. But where the pure ... read more

Epistle 200
      The line of righteousness and justice [Isa 28:17] stretched forth over all merchants, &c. And an exhortation unto all Friends and people whatsoever, who are merchants, tradesmen, husbandmen, or seamen, who deal in merchandise, trade in buying and selling ... read more

Epistle 201
      Dear Friends,—In the stillness and silence of the power of the Almighty dwell, which never varies , alters, nor changes [James 1:17], but preserveth over and out of, and above all the changeable worships, religions, ministers, churches, teachings, princ ... read more

Epistle 203
      What, Friends! Do ye reign as kings [1 Cor 4:8]? Can they pluck never a one (of you) out of the Father's hand [John 10:20]? Are ye put forth? Do ye witness that scripture fulfilled; put forth to follow the King of kings [Rev 19:16), (the shepherd,) who gi ... read more

Epistle 204
      Dear friends and brethren,—The seed of God feel all in yourselves, which is the heir of the power of God, that ye may sit down in the possession of the same; inheriting the power, and the promise, and the gospel. In which power of God is the fellowship, ... read more

Epistle 205
      All Friends, live in God's dominion, and power, and life, which was <201> before storms and tempests were, in which ye may feel life and dominion, power, and victory, the Lord's power being lived in, which was before tempests were, in which ye will have t ... read more

Epistle 206
      In the power of God that is everlasting, and doth remain in this your day of trial, in it stand, of which ye are partakers, and are come to be heirs of the same; and in it is your peace and kingdom. And though ye have not a foot of ground to stand upon, y ... read more

Epistle 207
      My dear friends,—Look above all sufferings that are outward, at the seed of God, which was before that was which makes to suffer; and the seed of God, Christ Jesus, will stand, when that which makes to suffer, is gone: and so, in the seed of God live, a ... read more

Epistle 208
      All ye prisoners of the Lord [Eph 4:1] for his truth sake, and for keeping the testimony of Jesus Christ, against all the inventions, traditions, rudiments [Col 2:8], will-worships, feigned humilities [Col 2:23] and self-righteousnesses, that are in the f ... read more

Epistle 209
      My dear friends,—In the power of God and his immortal seed dwell, in which ye all will have life eternal, and inherit the substance [Prov 8:21] and dominion, and a kingdom of life, which never fadeth [1 Pet 1:4?], nor shall have an end. And so dwell all ... read more

Epistle 211
      Friends,—All ye that have known the way of truth, and tasted of <211> the power of the same, and now turn back into the world's fashions and customs [2 Pet 2:20], ye stop them that are coming out of the world, ye make them to stumble at the truth [Mal 2 ... read more

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