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George Fox

George Fox (1624 - 1691)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker George Fox in text and pdf format. Was an English Dissenter and a founder of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers or Friends. This was a group the Lord started through the ministry of George Fox. God called him apart from all other forms of Christendom in his day because of the lack of Biblical obedience and holiness.

The emphasis in George Fox's ministry was firstly prophetic. He called out the people of God to show them that they had the Holy Spirit of God and could be taught of Him and not to solely rely on the teachings of ecclesiastical leaders. Secondly, he spoke directly to many ministers in his day to show them they were hirelings and did not have a true shepherds heart for the people of God rather they were seeking after financial gain.

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A daily Help
      FRIENDS, Every particular, mind that, which is pure of God in you, to guide you up to God, and to keep you in the Fear of the Lord, that ye may receive Refreshment from God alone in your selves, and grow up in the Inward Man, nourished and strengthened by ... read more

A seeing God always present
      WAIT all in that which calls your Mind inward, and turns them to God; and here is the Cross witnessed, that the Mind shall feed upon nothing, but the pure Light of God, and on the living Food, which comes from the living God. So, the Lord God Almighty ... read more

A Warning from the Lord for Plainness of Speech to be used
      (To go among Friends) FRIENDS of God and Brethren, This is a Warning to you all from the Lord God and Jesus Christ, that all that ye speak, it may be in Plainness of Speech, according to that of God in all Consciences, and that it may proceed from that o ... read more

All Dear Friends Everywhere, Who Have No Help But The Lord
       All Dear Friends Everywhere, Who Have No Helper But The Lord (1670) All dear Friends everywhere, who have no helper but the Lord, who is your strength and your life, let your cries and prayers be to him, from whom all your help and strength comes; wh ... read more

All Friends Everywhere, Who are Dead to Carnal Weapons
      All Friends Everywhere, Who Are Dead To Carnal Weapons (1659) All Friends everywhere, who are dead to all carnal weapons, and have beaten them to pieces, stand in that which takes away the occasion of wars, in the power which saves men's lives, and de ... read more

An Exhortation to Faithfulness
      ALL Dear Friends everywhere . . . Be faithful, and dwell in that which is Pure. . . . Take heed of the World's evil Ways, Words, Worships, Customs and Fashions, neither let fair Speeches draw you out, nor hard Speeches trouble you and make you afraid; But ... read more

And All Ye Believers In The Heavenly Light
      And All Ye Believers In the Heavenly Light (1669) And all ye believers in the heavenly light, as Christ hath taught, you seek that which is lost and driven away; but the false prophets, false ministers, and teachers, they did not seek that which was lo ... read more

Baptism in one Spirit
       DEAR Friends, Mind the stedfast Guide to the Lord, where we do all meet in the Eternal Spirit, in Oneness, all being Baptised by it into one Body, having one Food, the Eternal Bread of Life, which the Immortal feed upon, and all made to drink into one S ... read more

Be Faithful
      THEREFORE wait (I do warn you all in the Presence of the Living God) in the Measure of the Life of God, in it to grow up in Love, in Vertue, and in Immortality, in that which doth not fade, which joins and unites your Hearts together; and that all that ma ... read more

Be Faithful in Sufferings
      ALL Friends and Brethren every where, that are Imprisoned for the Truth, give your selves up in it, and it will make you free, and the Power of the Lord will carry you over all the Persecutors, which was, before they were. For since the Beginning hath thi ... read more

Be Faithful in the Truth, Which the Devil is Out Of
      Be Faithful In The Truth, Which The Devil Is Out Of (1668) My dear Friends, - Be faithful in the truth, which the devil is out of; in which truth you have obtained dominion over him. And live in the power of God, which was before the devil was; in whic ... read more

Be Famous
       (To the Church of God in Lancashire) . . . OH, wait all in that which is pure, to be fed alone with the Eternal, Living Food! . . . Be famous in his Light, and bold in his Strength, which will carry you above the World, and above all the Deceits ... read more

Be Low
      ALL Friends, be Low, and in the Life of God dwell, to keep you Low. Ye are the Salt of the Earth, to make it savoury unto God: Ye are the Light of the World. Therefore walk in the Light of Christ, whose Light doth Justifie you, who then shall condemn you? ... read more

Be Lowly-minded
      TAKE heed of Strife in your Minds . . for it is the vain Mind, and it is not good. . . . Let none seek for the highest Place, . . . but be Lowly-minded . . . and bear with one another in Patience. . . . And all who are Servants, labour in Love, as unt ... read more

Be Valiant
      DEAR Brother, Mind the Lord, and stand in his Will and Counsel. Look not forth at Time nor Place, but at thy Father's House, wheresoever thou art. And dwell in the pure Measure of God in thee, and there thou wilt see the Lord God present with thee. For th ... read more

Changeless Love
      FRIENDS, in the Measure of the Life of God wait, to guide your Minds up to the Father of Life, where there is no Shadow nor Changing. As ye do hither come, ye must know a Removing and Changing of that which will Change, with that which doth not Change, to ... read more

Children of Light
      . . . SO all ye, that are Summoned with Writs . . . because ye cannot pay Tithes, Keep to the Light in you, which comes from Jesus Christ, that with the Light ye may all come to see Jesus, the Sum and Substance, and the End of all the before-mentioned Tit ... read more

Concerning Judging
      FRIENDS, to you all this is the Word of the Lord: Take heed of Judging one another. . . . (I charge you in the Presence of the Lord) . . . neither lay open one another's weaknesses behind one another's Backs. . . . But every one of you in particular w ... read more

Concerning Marriages
      Friends,—All they who act contrary to the light which comes from Christ Jesus, and hate it, whose deeds are evil [John 3:19f], and live in strife about words, and their minds are in earthly things [Phil 3:19], defrauding and wronging one another, they k ... read more

Concerning the Cross of Christ
      THE Cross . . . being minded, which is Pure and Eternal, it makes a Separation from all other Lovers (and brings to God) and the ground of evil Thoughts comes to be opened, . . . which Cross overturns the World in the Heart. Which Cross must be taken up b ... read more

Concerning the Light
       Concerning The Light (1655) All Friends everywhere, keep you meetings waiting in the light which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ; so will ye receive power from him, and have the refreshing springs of life opened to your souls, and be kept sensible o ... read more

Concerning The Pure and Undefiled Religion
       Concerning The Pure and Undefiled Religion, That Was Set Up Above Sixteen Hundred Years Ago: Which All That do Own God And Christ Are To Walk In. (1685) Dear Friends, you who profess the light, faith, grace, and spirit of Christ, and the pure undefil ... read more

Concerning The Spiritual Warfare
       Concerning the Spiritual Warfare (1653) The world of the Lord God to all my brethren, babes, and soldiers, that are in the spiritual warfare of our Lord Jesus Christ. Arm yourselves, like men of war, that ye may know, what to stand against. Spare not ... read more

Concerning Those That Go Out Of Unity
      Concerning Those That Go Out of Unity Those that are gone from the light, from the spirit and power of God, and so from unity, buy the light, and by the spirit, and by the power are judged; and the power, and light, and spirit are over them. And they b ... read more

Concerning True Liberty
       Concerning True Liberty (1679) And now, friends, you who are called into this glorious liberty of the sons of God, stand fast in it. And as the apostle saith, "Brethren, ye have been called unto liberty, only use is not for an occasion to the flesh; ... read more

Dwell in Unity and Love in the Power of God.
      To Friends, to Live in Love and Unity Together, In the Power of God. George Fox, Epistle #150. GF, To Friends, to live in love and unity together, in the power of God. Friends all every where, in the life and power of God live and dwell, and sp ... read more

Epistle 100
      Friends,—In the power of the Lord God dwell and live, that over all the world ye may stand, in that which fathoms it, that ye may handle the word of God aright [2 Tim 2:15], which is as a hammer, and as a sword to divide the precious from the vile; and ... read more

Epistle 101
      Dear friends and brethren in the everlasting seed of God, which hath the wisdom, and life eternal, and dominion over all that is in the fall, in which the blessing of the everlasting God is known, and his life that never fadeth; in which seed (that hath t ... read more

Epistle 103
      Friends, take heed of darkness, or going beyond your bounds or limits [2 Cor 10:14], <105> but keep in God's fear, that ye may receive his wisdom from above [James 3:17], that with it ye may order all things [Wis 8:1] to his glory, answering the witness o ... read more

Epistle 104
      All Friends every where, in the power of God dwell, and know that over all to keep you. And lose not the power of God which keeps down, tames, and breaks all wild, unruly, rash, and hasty spirits, which will run without the power; which spirits reach not ... read more

Epistle 105
      All Friends every where, keep your meetings waiting in the light which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ; so will ye receive power from him, and have the refreshing springs of life opened to your souls, and be kept sensible of the tender mercies of the Lor ... read more

Epistle 107
      My dear friends,—In the power of the everlasting God, which comprehends the power of darkness, and all the temptations in it, in that power of God dwell, which will keep and bring you to the word which was in the beginning [John 1:1], which will keep yo ... read more

Epistle 108
      Friends, wait in the light, that with the light every one of you may come to see Christ to be your wisdom, and your righteousness, and so come to see the body, his church, of which is the head [Col 1:18]: and in the measure of life waiting on the Father o ... read more

Epistle 109
      Friends, keep to patience: this is the counsel of the Lord to you. Do not judge one another [Rom 14:13] behind one another's backs, nor speak evil one of another [James 4:11], for that is that which soweth the enmity among brethren. Nor judge one another ... read more

Epistle 111
      Friends of God and brethren,—This is a warning to you all from the Lord God and Jesus Christ, that all that ye speak, it may be in plainness of speech [2 Cor 3:12], according to that of God in all consciences, and that it may proceed from that of God in ... read more

Epistle 111
      Friends of God and brethren,—This is a warning to you all from the Lord God and Jesus Christ, that all that ye speak, it may be in plainness of speech [2 Cor 3:12], according to that of God in all consciences, and that it may proceed from that of God in ... read more

Epistle 114
      Dear brethren, in the mighty power of God go on, to which power of the God of heaven and earth, all the powers of the earth must bow; that to that of God in all consciences ye may be made manifest [2 Cor 5:11], that that in them which is of God may witnes ... read more

Epistle 115
      Friends and brethren, the eternal word, from which ye have both spoken and ministered to others, is the word of life [1 Jn 1:1], the word of peace, the word of reconciliation [2 Cor 5:19], which makes of twain one new man [Eph 2:15]; and if ye do abide th ... read more

Epistle 116
      Friends, do not judge one another [Rom 14:13] in meetings, ye that do minister in the meetings; for your so doing hath hurt the people, both within and without, and yourselves under their judgment ye have brought. And your judging one another in the meeti ... read more

Epistle 122
      Friends,—To that which is pure, I speak, in which is unity, where no defiled thing shall enter. Silence all flesh [Zech 2:13], who strive about words, in which is no profit; who would draw you out of your conditions, and others out of their conditions [ ... read more

Epistle 123
      Dear Friends,—My love is to you all in the everlasting seed of God, <118> that never changes nor falls, nor gives itself to that which doth change, which is not of this world, but is over it, and was before the world was; in which is the steadfastness, ... read more

Epistle 124
      My Friends,—Be faithful and keep your meetings; and in that light wait, which comes from the head, Christ, in whom are all your lives; from whence ye have your light, which is the life [John 1:4] in the son. And ye, who do witness the high calling in Ch ... read more

Epistle 128
      All Friends, to that which is pure, take heed, that with that all your minds may be kept up to God, who is pure; that as the lily ye all may grow [Hos 14:5], and receive wisdom from God how to use the creatures in their places, to the glory of him that cr ... read more

Epistle 130
      All Friends, dwell in the truth; in my Father's house there are many mansions [John 14:2], said Christ. And ye all, that know the life, go not from it. Heed not words without life; but heed that which lets you see and know the Father. For mountains will a ... read more

Epistle 131
      Friends every where, dwell in the power of the Lord God, which is without end, in which ye may all have unity. And take heed of striving about earthly things, which is the unredeemed part, that is out of the paradise and the garden of God; but that with t ... read more

Epistle 132
      All Friends and brethren every where, walk in the truth, and know one another in the measure of life, that in it your minds may be guided up to the Father of life; and stand in his counsel, that he alone may be loved with all your strength, with all your ... read more

Epistle 133
      Friends,—Towards all men walk in wisdom, and be gentle to all men [2 Tim 2:24]; ‘for the meek inherit the earth ,’ and receive the blessing [Mat 5:5]. ‘And they that thirst after righteousness shall inherit righteousness,’ and the blessing [Mat ... read more

Epistle 135
      Dear friends and lambs, put on the armour of light [Rom 13:12], and the shield of truth [Psa 91:4], and the breast-plate of righteousness [Eph 6:14], that ye may stand in battle against all the Philistines, and the enemies of God, being led and guided wit ... read more

Epistle 138
      Friends,—Ye that are the prisoners of the Lord Jesus Christ [Philem 1:9] in outward bonds, who witness him by whom the world was made [John 1:3], who is the King of saints [Rev 15:3], and who are his, and come under his dominion and government, ye are n ... read more

Epistle 139
      Friends,—Know the praying in the spirit, and with the understanding [1 Cor 14:15]; then ye will come to know the sighs and groans that cannot be uttered [Rom 8:26]. For such as have not the spirit that gave forth the scriptures to guide them, are as the ... read more

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