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R.A. Torrey (1856 - 1928)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker R.A. Torrey in text and pdf format. An American evangelist, pastor, educator, and writer. Called by D. L. Moody to head Bible institute in Chicago (now Moody Bible Institute). Dean of Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Pastorates included Chicago Avenue Church (now Moody Memorial) and Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles. Worldwide evangelistic meetings with Charlie Alexander. Founded Montrose Bible Conference, PA. Wrote more than forty books.

Torrey held his last evangelistic meeting in Florida in 1927, additional meetings being canceled because of his failing health. He died at home in Asheville, North Carolina, on October 26, 1928, having preached throughout the world and written more than 40 books. Torrey-Gray Auditorium, the main auditorium at Moody, was named for Torrey and his successor, James M. Gray. At Biola, the Torrey Honors Institute honors him, as does the university's annual Bible conference.

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Jesus Before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin Mark 14:55–65
      (Compare Matthew 26:57–67; Luke 22:54–56, 63–65) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS [NOTE.—Though in Matthew and Mark this trial is given before the denial by Peter, by a comparison with John’s Gospel. we find that the denial occurred before this, durin ... read more

Jesus in Gethsemane Matthew 26:36–46
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Jesus Praying—The Disciples Sleeping, vv. 36–41 Who entered the garden with Jesus? What direction did He give to His disciples? Why did He wish them to sit there? What did He tell them He was going to do? Did He tell ... read more

Jesus Journeying Toward Jerusalem Luke 13:22–35
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Are There Few that Be Saved?, vv. 22–30 Where was the scene of this lesson? The time? (Probably latter part of January, 783 A. U. C., that is 30 A. D.;, a little more than two months before Christ’s death. Robinson’ ... read more

Jesus Predicts that One of the Twelve Should Betray Him and Another Deny Him John 13:18–38
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. “Verily, Verily, I Say Unto You, One of You Shall Betray Me,” vv. 18–30 What was one of the bitterest drops in the cup of agony that Jesus had to drink (v. 18)? Where had this betrayal by one of the innermost circle ... read more

Jesus the Good Shepherd John 10:1–21
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Shepherds and Robbers, vv. 1–6 What is the exact translation of v. 2? (See R. V. margin.) What then is the contrast of the opening verses? What is the chief difference between a thief and robber and a shepherd which the ... read more

Jesus the Light of the World John 8:12–24
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Jesus the Light of the World, vv. 12–20 What is the first word of the 12th verse in the R. V.? What lesson is there in that word? Who is the speaker? What is His position in the society of the day? What did He say? That ... read more

Jesus the One Who Makes Free Indeed John 8:25–47
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Questioning About Jesus and Believing on Jesus, vv. 25–30 In the verses immediately preceding this lesson what had our Lord said a man must do unless he wished to die in his sins? What question did that lead His hearers ... read more

      "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace." Isa. 9:6. THE prophet Isaiah with a ... read more

Jesus Washing the Disciples’ Feet John 13:1–17
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The True Humility of the Master, vv. 1–5 What was the place of this lesson? The time? What was Jesus about to do? From whom was He to depart? To whom was He to depart? Had the world appreciated Him? Had the disciples? W ... read more

Jesus, the Son of Man and Son of God John 5:19–47
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Son of God Despised and Rejected of Men, vv. 17, 18 What was our Lord’s answer to the charge of violating the law of the Sabbath? What fact lay at the foundation of the obligation and law to keep the seventh day as ... read more

Jesus’ Appearance to Seven Disciples by the Sea of Galilee John 21:1–24
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Third Appearance of Jesus to the Disciples After His Resurrection, vv. 1–14 What is the relation of c. 21 to the rest of the book? (See 20:30, 31.) By whom was it written? What are the “these things” mentioned i ... read more

Jesus’ Appearance to the Eleven on the Mountain in Galilee Matthew 28:16–20
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Worshipping and Doubting, vv. 16, 17 Where is the scene of this lesson laid? Why had the disciples gone into Galilee? (v. 16; compare v. 7; Mark 16:7.) What mountain in Galilee was this? Had He appeared to them immediatel ... read more

Jesus’ Last Appearance to His Disciples in Jerusalem, and His Ascension from Bethany Luke 24:44–53
      (Compare Mark 16:19, 20; Acts 1:1–14) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Jesus’ Last Conversation with His Disciples in Jerusalem, vv. 44–49 Of what two things did Jesus say the events which had occurred were a fulfillment? Why did He say, “While ... read more

Jesus’ Last Words to His Disciples Before His Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion John 16:7–33
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. “If I Do Not Go Away, the Comforter Will Not Come Unto You, But If I Depart, I Will Send Him Unto You,” vv. 7–15 What was the feeling of Jesus’ disciples over His departure from them? (John 16:6.) Did it not seem ... read more

Jesus’ Prophecies Concerning the Destruction of Jerusalem Luke 21:5–24
      (Compare Matt. 24:1–28; Mark 13:1–23) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Perils to Come, vv. 5–11 When were the opening words of this lesson spoken? (Mark 13:1.) As the disciples looked upon the temple, of what did they think (v. 5)? As Jesus looked ... read more

Jesus’ Prophecies Concerning His Own Coming Again Matt. 24:29–51
      (Compare Mark 13:24–37; Luke 21:25–36) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Events Accompanying the Second Coming of Christ, vv. 29–35 What other tribulation did the tribulation connected with the siege of Jerusalem suggest and typify? Immediately ... read more

Jesus’ Teaching Concerning Marriage, Divorce, and Children Matt. 19:3–15
      (Compare Mark 10:2–16; Luke 18:15–17) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Unnaturalness and Wickedness of Divorce, vv. 3–9 What class of persons do we see coming to Jesus in the first verse of the lesson? For what purpose did they come to Jesus? ... read more

Jesus’ Trial Before Pilate Luke 23:1–25
      (Compare Matthew 27:2, 11–31; Mark 15:1–20; John 18:28–39) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Jesus Before Pilate, vv. 1–7 What do we see done with Jesus in v. 1 of the lesson? Was it only by a few that Jesus was thus treated? Of whom was the comp ... read more

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem Luke 19:29–44
      (Compare Matt. 21:1–11; Mark 11:1–11; John 12:12–19) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Obedient Disciples, vv. 29–35 What city was Jesus approaching? Had Christ entered Jerusalem before? How does this entrance differ from other entrances? Why ... read more

Jesus’ Two Appearances and Conversations with His Apostles John 20:19–31
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Jesus Appears Unto the Disciples, Thomas Being Absent, vv. 19–25 To whom did Jesus finally appear upon the day of His resurrection? How soon after the return of the two disciples from Emmaus and their relation of Jesusâ ... read more

John the Baptist’s Last Message to Our Lord Luke 7:18–35
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. John the Baptist’s Perplexity, vv. 18–20 Who is the central figure of this lesson? Where was he at this time? How did he get there? What news reached him? How did he come to hear it? What clear revelation had he had c ... read more

John the Baptist’s Testimony Regarding Our Lord John 1:19–34
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. John’s Testimony Before the Priests and Levites, vv. 19–28 What proof have we of the far-reaching impression of John the Baptist’s work? What was the purpose of the Jews in sending these priests and Levites to make ... read more

Keep Praying Until God Answers
      There are two passages in the Gospel of Luke which throw a flood of light upon the question, "What sort of praying is it that prevails with God and obtains what it seeks from Him?" and also upon the question, "Why is it that many prayers of God’s own chil ... read more

Looking to Jesus
      If we are to run with patience the race that is set before us, we must always keep looking to Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-3). One of the simplest and yet one of the mightiest secrets of abiding joy and victory is to never lose sight of Jesus. 1. First of all, ... read more

      OUR subject this morning is Love Contrasted, Love Described, Love Exalted. Our text is the whole of the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians. This chapter, which we are to study this morning is not only one of the most familiar, but also one of the mo ... read more

Man’s Excuses Luke 14:15–24
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Despising God’s Gracious Invitation, 15–21 What gave rise to this parable (v. 15)? What is the connection between this parable and this utterance? What does the “great supper” symbolize? Why is the kingdom of God ... read more

Mary and Martha’s Message to Our Lord When Their Brother Lazarus Was Sick John 11:1–16
      DISCOVERY OF FACTS 1. The Messenger from Mary and Martha Brings Tidings to Our Lord of the Sickness of Their Brother Lazarus, vv. 1–6 In what home is our Lord recorded as having visited more frequently than any other? What shadow had now fallen ... read more

      "Ye were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of the promise, having no hope and without God in the world." Eph. 2: 12. THESE words describe the appalling condition of the Ephe ... read more

      "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass away." Matt. 24: 35. JESUS CHRIST here asserts that His words are more stable and enduring than heaven or earth: that while heaven and earth shall pass away, His word shall not pass away. W ... read more

Not by Bread Alone
      There is nothing more important for the development of a Christian’s spiritual life than regular, systematic Bible study. It is as true in the spiritual life as in the physical life, that health depends on what we eat and how much we eat. "Man shall not ... read more

Obeying and Praying
      1. One of the most significant verses in the Bible on prayer is 1_John 3:22. John says, "And whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep His commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight." What an astounding statement! John ... read more

One More Opportunity Luke 13:1–17
       DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Repent or Perish, vv. 1–5 What gave rise to Christ’s warning in these opening verses? What idea about the Galileans did those who spoke to Christ have? Did He say that these Galileans were not sinners? Did He say th ... read more

One of the Saddest Utterances That Ever Fell from the Lips of the Son of God
      “Ye will not come to Me, that ye might have life.” — John v. 40. That is one of the saddest utterances that our Saviour ever spoke. I wish I could reproduce His tender tones and His loving look when He uttered the words. I believe it would break ... read more

Open-Air Meetings
      OPEN-AIR MEETINGS 1. Their importance and advantages. 1. They are Scriptural. Jesus said, "Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind." Every great preacher of the Bib ... read more

Our Lord and Martha and Mary Luke 10:38–42
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Martha Occupied for Jesus, Mary Occupied with Jesus, vv. 38, 39 What is the certain village mentioned in v. 38? (John 11:1.) In whose house? What other scenes in our Lord’s life occurred in that house? (John 11; 12:2; M ... read more

Our Lord and the Daughter of Jairus Mark 5:21–23, 35–43
      (Compare Matthew 9:1, 18, 19, 23–26; Luke 8:40–42, 49–56) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Our Lord Sought by the Sorrowful, vv. 21–23 What brought Jairus to our Lord? Does that often bring men to Him? Had Jairus been previously well disposed to ... read more

Our Lord and the Gadarene Demoniac Mark 5:1–20
      (Compare Matthew 8:28–34; Luke 8:26–39) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. In Satan’s Power, vv. 1–13 Where is the scene of this lesson laid? Was it a very godly neighborhood? Is there anything fitting that this extreme instance of the degradation ... read more

Our Lord and the Samaritans John 4:31–42
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. “My Meat is to Do the Will of Him that Sent Me and to Finish His Work,” vv. 31–38 As soon as the woman of Samaria left Jesus, what did the disciples do? What word in verse 31 shows that Jesus was in very deep though ... read more

Our Lord and the Woman of Samaria John 4:1–30
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Jesus, a Weary Pilgrim in a Hostile Land—“Despised and Rejected of Men,” vv. 1–6 Why did the report that reached the ears of the Pharisees that Jesus “was making and baptizing more disciples than John” make Hi ... read more

Our Lord and the Woman Who Had the Issue of Blood Mark 5:24–34
      (Compare Matthew 9:20–22; Luke 8:43–48) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. In Need of a Saviour, vv. 24–26 Whither was Christ going in the opening verse of the lesson? What does He do by the way? What lesson is in that? What was the condition of thi ... read more

Our Lord and the Woman Who Was a Sinner Luke 7:36–50
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. A Curious and an Anxious Seeker, vv. 36–39 Who invited our Lord to eat with him? What was the purpose of the invitation? Did He ever on any other occasion receive an invitation to eat from this class? (11:37; 14:1.) Did ... read more

Our Lord at the Feast of Dedication John 10:22–42
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, the Giver of Eternal Life, vv. 22–29 What exact time of year was it? Where did our Lord speak these words? What other Bible incidents occurred in Solomon’s porch? (Acts 3:11; 5:12.) W ... read more

Our Lord at the Feast of Tabernacles (Continued) John 7:25–36
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Many of the People Convinced that Jesus is the Christ, vv. 25–31 How did our Lord speak in those days (v. 26)? Is there any warrant for the change from “boldly” to “openly” in the Revised Version? (Compare the G ... read more

Our Lord at the Feast of Tabernacles John 7:1–24
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Our Lord and His Unbelieving Brothers, vv. 1–9 What was the attitude of the leaders of the people in Judea toward our Lord at this time? Why did they wish to kill Him? (5:16–18; Matt. 12:10–14; 21:37, 38.) What did ... read more

Our Lord Exposes the Traditions of the Scribes and Pharisees Mark 7:1–23
      (Compare Matthew 15:1–20) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Word of God and the Traditions of Men Contrasted, vv. 1–13 Who were gathered together unto our Lord? How far did they come? For what purpose? Did they display their hostility to Him on a ... read more

Our Lord Healing the Demoniac Boy at the Foot of the Mount of Transfiguration Mark 9:14–29
      (Compare Matthew 17:14–20; Luke 9:37–43) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Failure of the Disciples, vv. 14–19 While our Lord was in the mountain into what difficulty had the disciple fallen? In what state of mind were they in this emergency? W ... read more

Our Lord in Decapolis: Healing the Sick Matthew 15:29–31
      (Compare Matthew 15:32–39) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. The Lame Walking, the Blind Seeing, the Deaf Hearing, the Dumb Speaking, Matt. 15:29–31; Mark 7:31–37 After healing the Syrophoenician woman’s daughter, what did our Lord do? Why so soo ... read more

Our Lord in the Parts of Dalmanutha and in Bethsaida Matthew 16:1–12
      (Compare Mark 8:10–21; Mark 8:22–26) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. An Evil and Adulterous Generation Seeketh for a Sign, Matt. 16:1–4 What was the attitude of the Pharisees and Sadducees toward one another? (Acts 23:6–8.) In this lesson what ... read more

Our Lord on the Last and Great Day of the Feast of Tabernacles John 7:37–53
      DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. Our Lord, the Giver of the Living Water, vv. 37–39 To what day does the 37th v. take us? What and why did our Lord cry on the last day of the feast? What ceremony suggested the invitation? (Lev. 23:36.) Could a mere man ... read more

Our Lord Preparing His Disciples for His Crucifixion Matthew 16:21–28
      (Compare Mark 8:31 to 9:1; Luke 9:22–27) DISCOVERY OF THE FACTS 1. “Get Thee Behind Me, Satan,” vv. 21–23 For what was Christ preparing His disciples in bringing out so clearly the doctrines of His deity and the security of the church in ... read more

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