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Atonement: The Substance of Two Letters Written to a Friend.
      THE following letters are published at the request of many. Many arguments have been, and, no doubt, will yet be, offered against the sentiments. The most weighty of them I have noticed; but the most common are unworthy of notice, being nothing but retoil ... read more

History of the Christian Church in the West
      HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH No.I Towards the close of the eighteenth century, there was an unusual death in the professors of religion, throughout the western country, both among the preachers and the people. In the commencement of the present cen ... read more

       We have seen many things called revivals--great revivals. We have seen congregations greatly excited--many crying aloud for mercy, and many praising God for delivering grace. We have seen this state of things continue but a short time, and then disappe ... read more

Revivals of Religion
       This term I use for want of a better. It fully expresses my understanding of the subject; and so commonly is it used to express the same idea, that it needs no definition. Philologists [164] may object to the propriety of the term; but philology must som ... read more

The Kingdom of Heaven
      The very term kingdom implies a king, subjects, and laws. Of the kingdom of heaven Jesus is the king. In Psalm ii. 6, the Father speaks, "I have set my king upon my holy hill of Zion." From the next verse it is plainly seen, that this king is the Son of ... read more

To Young Preachers
       MY SONS: Hear the advice of an old father, just about to leave you--just about to be discharged from his services in the ministry for nearly half a century. I have been among the early pioneers of the West, in laboring through difficulties unknown to you ... read more


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