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A cup of bitters?
      My Dear Sister in our precious Lord, I sympathize with you in your trials. Do not think them strange. Your kind Father well prepared you for these exercises by that abundant love which He long manifested towards you. He let you rest long in His bosom; ... read more

A love-stroke
      Dear Madam, You thought right that I should pity you, when I knew the cause of the lameness of your hands. For who that loves can forbear the greatest pity to a worthy friend who was used most cruelly? Cruel treatment was this from the creature—but a lov ... read more

A spiritual appetite
      My Dear Brother in the Lord, A spiritual appetite, to relish spiritual things, is a distinguishing favor bestowed upon none but those who are Christ's own. "The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God—for they are foolishness unto him; ... read more

A sweet soft bosom to rest our weary heads
      Dear Sir, It gave me pleasure to hear from you, but I am sensibly touched with grief for your ill state of health. May the Lord support you under the trial, increase your graces in the furnace, and bring you thence with advantage. It is our unspeaka ... read more

Adore the grace which opens our eyes
      Dear Sir, When we do not hear from God by sensible answers to prayer for a long season, we begin to think it very strange, to fear His displeasure, and to have many grieving thoughts arise in our hearts. But all the while our God delays sending to us by ... read more

All our sufferings
      Dear brother, What are our little crosses, our light, momentary afflictions, to that great crown, that far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, for which, by them, we are being prepared? All our sufferings, as well as our faith and joy, are gifts ... read more

And lead us not into temptation
      My Dear Love, Our life here is one perpetual scene of various changes, all which, as wisely and graciously over-ruled by the sovereign Lord of all, shall effectually prepare us for our unchangeable and endless glory hereafter! The manifestative glory of ... read more

As if we had never seen Him
      Dear Sister in our Precious Jesus, We have had many sweet feasts with our Beloved in the 'wilderness'; but the richest provisions and the best wine are reserved until the last, and the Marriage Supper hastens. Oh, how little have we seen of H ... read more

Bottomless, boundless, endless love!
      My Dear Sister in our precious Lord, What was there in us that God should set His heart upon us? Were we better than those that perish under His wrath? No, in no way! For myself, I must say that I am the most vile and ungrateful of all, and not worthy ... read more

Does the lion of hell roar at you?
      My very Dear Brother in our precious Lord, The Lamb who died for us is worthy to reign over us. What a glory then must it be to mortal, sinful worms, to be the servants of Zion's King! My dear, dear brother, you are married unto the Lord, and nothing ... read more

      Dear Sir, As to the person you wrote me of, by the hints you give, I think he is erroneous. It is possible that God may give us notice of some things by dreams, but no article of faith, nor rule of practice, ought to be founded on nor drawn from dreams; ... read more

Glad for crumbs of mercy
      Dear Brother, Never was a poor sinner more unworthy of favor from God or His people than myself. I deserve not a name and a place among the children, but am as vile as a dog, and would be glad for crumbs of mercy that fall from the children's table. B ... read more

Glory is grace made perfect
      Dear Friend, I am glad the Lord enables you to believe that all your afflictions are given in God's mercy, faithfulness and love—herein is the strength of a believer's spirit for patient suffering. It is my joy likewise, that you have the blessed exper ... read more

Head or heart?
      For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. 2 Cor. 4:6 There is a vast difference between a conviction of the doctrines of g ... read more

Heart-ravishing and soul-attracting
      My Dear Brother in our most precious Jesus, Your last kind letter I most thankfully received; the Lord made it sweet and savory to my taste. I rejoice before God, and give thanks to Him for the rich display of His kindness towards you, for the bright man ... read more

His sovereign love
      Dear Sir, I rejoice that the Lord has often refreshed your soul with that great word (Jer. 31:3), "Yes! I have loved you with an everlasting love! therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you." These words were spoken by the Lord to His Church ... read more

I may lose all created sweets
      Dear Sister, Blessed be God, He has done me much good by my last year's trial. The Lord has humbled me under His mighty hand, melted down my will into His, purified my desires, exercised my faith, hope, and patience, and brought me in some good measure ... read more

In every crumb of blessing
      Dear Brother, God is the God of His people collectively, and yet He is the God of every one of them individually, as entirely as if there was never another that shared the same privilege, when yet there is an innumerable multitude as equally and entire ... read more

In the sweet bosom, in the kind arms
      Ever Dear and Honored Parents, I long to have my love to God a pure, fervent, solid, lasting flame, that in spirit, soul, and body, I might be one continual living sacrifice to His glory. But, oh! my little grace is so pressed and annoyed with the body o ... read more

Indwelling Sin
      Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects Dear Madam, It is indeed a very great privilege to be favored with a religious parentage and education, but if this were our greatest felicity, we would sink, nevertheless, into eternal misery! But the ve ... read more

Infant Grace & Giant Sin
      Dear Madam, Do not fear because you see so little grace in you that you have not the truth of grace; and because you see so much sin that you are all sin. For consider, grace is yet but in its infant state; and corruption, that makes against it such gr ... read more

It is a sweet thing to suffer with Christ
      My Dear Brother, The present state is a state of trial to all God's people. Troubles of various kinds, from within and without, like rolling waves, come thick, one as it were upon the neck of another. But yet, though in the world we have, we shall have ... read more

Jehovah's grace
      Dear brother, Out of Christ, God is a consuming fire; and we, sinners, can no more stand before Him than dry stubble before a devouring flame. But in Christ all the glories of the Godhead shine in the bright form of love! God is the God of peace to ev ... read more

Jesus your Friend
      Very Dear Sir, I am glad that you still rejoice in your sweet Jesus, though you have no other that you can call a friend. It is enough, beloved of the Lord, that Christ is your Friend, though all others should fail you, and no man care for your soul. The ... read more

Lie down in the bosom of Christ
      My Dear Brother in Christ—our Life, our Love, our All, You desire a line from me. What shall I write? Methinks you want to hear of your Beloved; and if His Spirit, sent from the Father and the Son, will please to take of the things of Christ, and show th ... read more

Live, and bathe, and dive, to a blessed eternity!
      Sir, My work on earth is almost done, glory be to God! A nobler work in heaven will soon come on. Now I would serve the Lord—but then I shall serve Him perfectly, incessantly, and eternally; serve Him without sin, interruption, weakness, and weariness—wh ... read more

My dear husband's death
      I have received the news of my dear husband's death, as the ship in which he sailed for England had sunk at sea. This stroke is so great that it almost overcomes my weak nature, and at times I am ready to sink in deep waters. But, glory to my God, I feel ... read more

My ingratitude, unkindness, and unfruitfulness
      My Dear Brother, Oh, the sweet whispers of God's free distinguishing kindness which I hear at times melt my soul down. Sometimes the Lord draws near to my spirit and talks with me about His love, and of the great things He has done and will do for me. ... read more

No step in your thorny path
      Dear Sir, I rejoice to see your faith in the unchangeable love of our three-one God, and your humility under its bright display. But why, my dear Sir, should you say, "I am discouraged because of the difficulty of the way?" You know the Lord led Isra ... read more

Not a trouble could touch you!
      Dear Madam, At your request I attempt, as the Lord may afford light and assistance, to give you my thoughts on those words of Psalm 71:20, 21—"Though You have showed me great and sore troubles, You shall quicken me again, and shall bring me up again fro ... read more

O proud worms!
      Honored Sir, It is well the Lord loves you, for His love is unchangeable and infinite, and in it you have Himself, who has all things, yes, is all things, abundantly and eternally! Ten thousand changes may pass over you with respect to yourself, and the ... read more

Of refuges for sinners
      My Dear Sister in our precious Lord Jesus, I compassionate you in the affections of Christ; and oh, that the Lord by me would strengthen your weak hands, and say to your fearful heart, Fear not! As to the fear which abides in you, "lest you have not tru ... read more

Oh, come, poor, weak thing
      My Dear Brother in Christ, What! Do you fear because you have so little strength? You have forgotten where your great strength lies. Not in yourself, but in the Lord; in the Lord Jehovah, in whom there is everlasting strength; even in Him who, as the Cre ... read more

Oh, free, rich, glorious grace!
      My Dear and Honored Brethren, Great things has the Lord done for your souls, in showing you your misery by sin, your lost and undone state by nature, in revealing Christ the glorious remedy, and in drawing your hearts to cleave unto Him by faith and love ... read more

Oh, I am confounded at my own vileness
      My Dear Brother in our Precious Lord, Oh, I am confounded at my own vileness while He thus displays the riches of His abundant goodness; and my heart breaks within me that God should love me so much and I love Him so little! Wonder at His grace! Praise H ... read more

Oh, the heights, depths, lengths, and breadths of grace!
      My Dear Brother in Christ, Grace unto you, and peace be multiplied. May the God of all grace reward you with the more abundant displays of His love—His free, undeserved, rich and endless love! Oh, my brother, I am surely the most unworthy of love fr ... read more

Oh, the infinite patience of our loving Lord
      My very Dear Brother in our precious Lord, It was the end of the Redeemer's love and death, to purify to Himself a peculiar people, zealous for good works. What a shame is it that we love Christ no more—that we can bear to think, speak, or act for any o ... read more

Oh, what a heap of empty vanities and cruel vexations
      My Dear Sister, How good is the Lord to us! He tries us for a while, and then He comforts us. Light and darkness—joy and sorrow—bitter and sweet—are wisely mixed and graciously overruled for the glory of God in our salvation. Oh, the infinite wisdom of o ... read more

Oh, why me, the chief of sinners
      My very Dear Sister in our precious Jesus, I thank you for your last letter, it has been blessed to me. I have read it again and again, with tears of joyful wonder at the infinite grace of God to vile, unworthy me, in making my poor books of such blessed ... read more

Oh, why was not I left among the ignorant
      Dear Sir, Oh, what a mercy, what a privilege is it that the Word of God is not altogether unto us a sealed book! So it is as to its internal mystery and glory, unto every unregenerate man in the world. Natural men read and read not; they read the words a ... read more

Our Captain-Leader, the Lord our Lover
      Dear Sir, There may be obstacles and hindrances in the building and beauty of the spiritual temple, in the edification and glory of the gospel church. But the work is of God, and it shall prosper in the hands of our Zerubbabel. His hands, which have laid ... read more

Our extremity
      It is a great thing to know ourselves in our nothingness and vileness--and to know Christ as ours in His all-sufficient fullness. Our extremity is God's opportunity to display His glory as the God of all grace, and our very present help in time ... read more

Our light and momentary troubles
      Dear Sister, Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. It is the pleasure of our dear Father to exercise you in a very particular manner, and to continue it long upon you. But be not cast down thereat ... read more

Overcome us! Melt us! Draw us!
      Dear Sir, Oh! the infinite love, the boundless grace of God—that though we are bent to backsliding from Him, and are every day guilty of it more or less—He will still call us His people, and, according to His promise, will heal our backslidings and love ... read more

Really a work of grace or not?
      My Dear Brother in the Lord, The account you gave me of the Lord's work upon your soul refreshes my spirit, and that He was pleased to make my printed account of His gracious dealings with me a comfort unto you, as you found so great a part of it to ans ... read more

      Dear Sir, What shall we say to these things? Where grace and gifts meet, and God calls to ministerial work, that person should be used by Him—whether school-educated or not. I have, dear sir, a great veneration for learning, and think it a great adv ... read more

Religious parentage and education
      Dear Madam, It is indeed a very great privilege to be favored with a religious parentage and education, but if this were our greatest felicity, we would sink, nevertheless, into eternal misery. But the vessels of mercy—of God's free, rich, sovereign mer ... read more

Remaining enmity, sin, and ungodliness
      Dear Sir, It is well for us that Jesus, our elder Brother, now appears in the presence of God for us—of God our Father, who loves us—that God's first-born Son—His holy, His beloved Son, exalted at the right-hand of the Majesty in heaven—is not ashamed t ... read more

Soon your little crosses
      My Dear Friend, Think it not strange, my dear friend, that troubles beset you on every side. The world, since sin entered, has been a place of sorrow to the saints, from the beginning until now. Remember that our dear Lord has said of His followers, in t ... read more

That eternal feast!
      Dear Madam, Your most acceptable favor with your most kind present I received, and return my most humble and utmost thanks. My soul prays most heartily for your rich reward in and from the God of grace and glory, in time and to eternity. But who, or wh ... read more

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