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K.P. Yohannan

K.P. Yohannan ( - Present)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker K.P. Yohannan in text and pdf format. Dr. K.P. Yohannan, the Metropolitan Bishop of Believers Church, was born and brought up in Niranam, Kerala. Niranam has immense historical significance in the tradition of Saint Thomas, a disciple of Jesus Christ who planted the first church there in AD 52. K.P. Yohannan dedicated his life to God at a young age to serve the needy and downtrodden. He prayed, “Oh my Lord, let my heart break with the things that break Your heart” and his life was never the same. It’s his belief that one can only demonstrate God’s love by loving people. After over four decades of selfless service, he says, I have no regrets in praying that prayer for I know God has touched millions through what He did in and through me. It is all God’s grace.

He spent the early years of his service in North India and traveled to the remote villages sharing the love of Christ and doing charitable works. Through numerous encounters during those years, he was instilled with an increasing passion to bring hope, peace, and comfort to the needy and deprived. His sacrificial commitment, farsightedness and aptitude to perceive helped him to lead a life of unhindered devotion to serve Christ and His church. K.P. Yohannan is also the voice of Athmeeya Yathra, touching millions through his daily radio and TV broadcasts. His 250 books offer practical and spiritual guidance on hundreds of subjects.

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Unbrokenness is a fearful thing
      Unbrokenness is a fearful thing. It is the spirit of Satan, whose nature is incurable pride that can forever resist God. God’s greatest problem is not our sin (for He dealt with that on the cross), but the hardness and unbrokenness of our hearts. Tha ... read more

      When the Lord calls us to serve Him, our hearts are overjoyed. We are excited and eager to do our best. But very soon we discover that things would go a whole lot smoother if circumstances would be more favorable—if finances weren’t so tight, if John Doe ... read more

Vessels of Praise
      Thomas. Everyone thinks of him as “doubting Thomas.” This privileged man walked with Jesus during His ministry on earth and knew Him face-to-face. Unfortunately, when the other disciples had the opportunity to see their Lord after He was raised from th ... read more

Vital Differences
      Look at your body and you will see a left leg and a right leg, a nose and two eyes. We were all given two feet and two hands. Both hands are complete with five fingers—nothing is missing. And because nothing is missing, you are able to write with your h ... read more

Waiting for Orders
      Often, in India, in front of office buildings, you will see a messenger boy sitting on a stool, apparently doing nothing. But when he hears a bell ringing inside, he hurries in and asks, “Sir, what do you want me to do?” Whatever the instructions may ... read more

Walking in His Shoes
      When I first came to the United States, I visited a large, well-known church where the pastor announced an evening prayer meeting. I came early that night, genuinely concerned that I might not find a place in the sanctuary. I waited and waited for the tho ... read more

Walking into the Fire: Living on the Front Lines
      While traveling in the Midwest, I was looking forward to meeting an old friend of mine. Years ago we had worked together on a Gospel team. I remember how I was challenged by his zeal for the Lord, his burden for the lost and his example as a servant. The ... read more

Watch the Lamb
      Philippians 2:5–9 says, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the li ... read more

we all will stand before the judgment seat
      Let us look forward to the day spoken of in 2 Corinthians 5, where Paul reminds the believers to live in the fear of God because we all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ. This is not a punitive judgment; it is not as though we are being tried ... read more

We Will Be Like Him
      Imagine with me that someone bought a whole bunch of bright red, crisp apples and tied them onto an apple tree. Everyone who casually walked by the tree would think, Wow, that tree looks great. See all of those apples? Unless of course they studied it car ... read more

Welcome Home!
      [In Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son], the younger son chose to rebel and walk out from under his father’s covering. He rejected the authority over him and did what he pleased. In the end, however, what he got was waste and ruin. His inheritance was ... read more

Welcoming Jesus
      I stood one day at a busy Bombay street corner, waiting for the light to change, and I heard the voice of a young girl behind me. “Sir,” she said, “my father is dead. My mother is sick and can’t beg anymore. I have a little brother, and he is v ... read more

What Do I Get Out of It?
      There is no doubt in my mind that Simon Peter and his brother Andrew became the talk of all the fishermen around the lake of Galilee when they suddenly left their nets to respond to Jesus’ call: “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men” ... read more

What Do We Lack?
      I believe the Lord looks for that “one thing” we grasp so tightly and depend on. It could be anything: our strength, our abilities, our education, a meaningful relationship, our years of Christian experience, our connections, the good reputation we ha ... read more

What Happened?
      Someone once said that within the timeline of any movement, the original life, passion and vision would be sustained about 25 years. The excitement, freshness and newness are on a basic uphill incline up to that point. After that, things will begin to cha ... read more

What Is It Worth to Me?
      God’s desire to conform us to the very image of His own Son sounds like a good plan to us and a worthwhile pursuit. We immediately think of all the wonderful things Jesus did while He was on earth, and we feel privileged that God wants to use our lives ... read more

What Is Normal?
      Many years ago, my oldest brother came to know the Lord in a very intimate way. At that time my mother was a believer, but the rest of our family wasn’t saved. One day my brother read the promise in Acts 16:31, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and y ... read more

What is Prayer?
      If you’ve had similar experiences as I, you may have found how oftentimes in prayer, either public or private, people change their voices and stretch their words, as if talking to some unknown, powerful being a million light years away. Their voice may ... read more

What Keeps Us Going?
      I am always intrigued when I watch the start of the marathon during the summer Olympics. All the runners appear to be in top physical shape, excited to represent their countries and determined to win the gold medal. However, it's a whole different sto ... read more

What Must We Do?
      Karl Marx said, “Philosophers have only interpreted the world differently. The point is to change it.”1 You can have all the ideas, dreams and desires for change in the world, but that will not make one ounce of change. So, how do I effect change in ... read more

What’s the “One Thing”?
      Two individuals came to Jesus, each with a deep spiritual problem. One found life, but the other lost it. What went wrong in this counseling session? The first person was a rich young ruler who approached the Lord with the most burning question of his he ... read more

When Can We Retire?
      When can we retire? This is a very real question for us, because we are living in a society in which we have been taught to plan carefully toward a time in our lives when we will have less stress, less responsibility, less work and more time for ourselves ... read more

When We Fall Short
      Chances are you can recall a time in your own life when you “wept bitterly” over something. Like Peter, what you thought could never happen to you did indeed, leaving you ashamed . . . confused . . . uncomfortable . . . frightened . . . con ... read more

When We Have Failed – What Next?
      I once heard about a man whose memory was failing. He went to his doctor to seek treatment. After this man had gone through various tests, his doctor’s conclusion was, “I want to be of help, but in my opinion, we only have one option. I can do surger ... read more

Where is the Master Plan?
      During the last few days of Jesus’ life here on earth, the entire universe, all creation and all the angels in heaven eagerly watched every moment. They didn’t want to miss a second! He was the Lamb of God who was slain before the foundations of the w ... read more

Where is Your Focus?
      A balance needs to be kept between our concerns for a deeper life and our concerns for world evangelism. God wants us to grow and become more like Him. He wants us to know Him intimately. He is a jealous God who longs for our fellowship and seeks our undi ... read more

Which Road Will You Travel On?
      We live in a culture in which, unless we consciously and deliberately seek to swim against the current, we will hardly make it as followers of Christ . . . at least, not the Christ of the New Testament, who said, “And whoever does not bear his cross and ... read more

Who is a Disciple of Christ? (Part 1)
      In her article, Speech without Words, Elizabeth Patten Moss narrates an incident: “Once St. Francis went to talk to the people. Instead of using words, he spoke through a smile of love and kindness to all those who came his way. He bought food for a per ... read more

Who is a Disciple of Christ? (Part 2)
      People have eagerly tried to find answers to certain questions since the beginning of the earth. This is exactly what philosophers do. They think, they discuss, they talk, they write long articles – about what? Their topics are “what is life?” and â ... read more

Who is a Disciple of Christ? (Part 3)
      What is Life? The philosopher C. S. Lewis said, “The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God.” Jesus wants to change us, to make our nature like His. He works closely with us to change our lives. Like the story of a toy made of t ... read more

Who is a Disciple of Christ? (Part 4)
      The Gospel according to Mark says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45.) Jesus is saying, “You have to understand one thing; God became a human with one desire. I ... read more

Who Qualifies to Stand in the Gap?
      It was by far the darkest hour in the history of the people of Israel. The lives of the entire nation were hanging by a very thin thread. At any moment, the judgment of their righteous God could wipe them off the face of the earth. They knew that each bre ... read more

Why do they always have to be either entertained or entertaining?
      Why do they always have to be either entertained or entertaining? I wondered. It was as if they were trying to escape from a guilt they had not yet defined or even identified. I was constantly aware of how large—and overweight—most Americans seemed to ... read more

Why No Revival
      God promised Abraham and Sarah a child. But as the years went by, nothing happened. As the years of childbearing passed, they began to wonder how God could ever fulfill His promise. They reasoned and agonized for months and finally decided that they had t ... read more

With Each Stroke of the Brush
      Have you ever watched an artist paint a picture at a street corner or in a park? I have, and it's a fascinating experience. Let me tell you why. When the artist first takes his canvas, puts it on the easel, dips his brush into a color and begins to pa ... read more

With Each Stroke of the Brush
      Have you ever watched an artist paint a picture at a street corner or in a park? When the artist first takes his canvas, puts it on the easel, dips his brush into a color and begins to paint, he alone knows how the painting will look when it is completed ... read more

You Must Choose
      The meeting was over. It was one of the strongest messages I’d ever spoken on dying to self. Maybe that’s why I was shocked when a lady came up afterward and asked me to pray for her problems with smoking and having a short temper. In talking to her, ... read more

Your Final Chapters
      Remember Roy? That was not the end of his story. After his friend’s death, he too considered suicide. But that same week he miraculously heard a Christian radio broadcast. He listened to God’s Word, and he too found restoration in Jesus Christ. His life c ... read more

Zeal with Wisdom
      When you read about Paul, Peter, Philip and others in the book of Acts, you see how their lives were marked by passion. They were full of zeal, enthusiasm and excitement, red-hot in following the Lord. Nothing could stop them. I believe the Lord desires ... read more

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