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K.P. Yohannan

K.P. Yohannan ( - Present)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker K.P. Yohannan in text and pdf format. Dr. K.P. Yohannan, the Metropolitan Bishop of Believers Church, was born and brought up in Niranam, Kerala. Niranam has immense historical significance in the tradition of Saint Thomas, a disciple of Jesus Christ who planted the first church there in AD 52. K.P. Yohannan dedicated his life to God at a young age to serve the needy and downtrodden. He prayed, “Oh my Lord, let my heart break with the things that break Your heart” and his life was never the same. It’s his belief that one can only demonstrate God’s love by loving people. After over four decades of selfless service, he says, I have no regrets in praying that prayer for I know God has touched millions through what He did in and through me. It is all God’s grace.

He spent the early years of his service in North India and traveled to the remote villages sharing the love of Christ and doing charitable works. Through numerous encounters during those years, he was instilled with an increasing passion to bring hope, peace, and comfort to the needy and deprived. His sacrificial commitment, farsightedness and aptitude to perceive helped him to lead a life of unhindered devotion to serve Christ and His church. K.P. Yohannan is also the voice of Athmeeya Yathra, touching millions through his daily radio and TV broadcasts. His 250 books offer practical and spiritual guidance on hundreds of subjects.

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Jacob’s life story
      The list of names in Hebrews 11 underscores this truth. In this passage, men and women of great faith are noted—ones whom God Almighty approved. One might be shocked, however, to discover how many of them were restored spiritually following failures such ... read more

      Jesus is our perfect example of how to do the Lord’s work in the Lord’s way. In his book Living As Jesus Lived, Zac Poonen spoke of this, saying, Jesus has not only redeemed us through His death, but also shown us through His life on earth, how God i ... read more

Jesus’ life is our model
      Have we armed ourselves with the willingness to suffer— to the same extent that Christ suffered for us when He was on earth? I am well aware that the idea of embracing suffering does not fit our 21st-century concept of following and serving Christ. Yet ... read more

Keep Looking at What Jesus is Doing
      John the Baptist sat in Herod’s prison. Knowing that his life hung by a very thin thread, he sent two of his disciples to Jesus to ask, “Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?” (Luke 7:20). What had happened to the mighty, fearless preac ... read more

Keeping the War in Mind
      Can you imagine an airline pilot flying a 747 over the Atlantic Ocean and in the middle of the flight forgetting his destination? One of the strongest and most successful attacks of the enemy on the work of God is to cause us to forget our purpose and ou ... read more

Keeping Your Heart Alive
      Nothing stays the same! Just one look at your car will confirm this. The tire tread is wearing thin, the muffler is rusting out and the engine will only go so many miles. Our houses have the same tendency. The paint peels off, the roof leaks after a few s ... read more

Knowing Him
      As the disciples testified of Jesus after His resurrection and ascension, incredible miracles took place. All throughout the book of Acts, we read of how thousands believed on the Lord Jesus, lame people walked and the blind received their sight. As the e ... read more

Lead by Example
      An ambassador to another country carries the responsibility and weight of properly representing his or her homeland. Everything communicated and done is received as a reflection of the policies, beliefs and wishes of the government. This is a heavy respon ... read more

Learning to Pray
      “The potency of prayer hath subdued the strength of fire; it hath bridled the rage of lions, hushed anarchy to rest, extinguished wars, appeased the elements, expelled the demons, burst the chains of death, expanded the gates of heaven, assuaged disease ... read more

Leave our Rags Behind
      Roy Hession puts it so clearly in his book “When I Saw Him”: If you are still mourning and blaming yourself it is not because God is blaming you; He has put the blame on Jesus. It can only be due to one of two things. Either that you have not really re ... read more

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus
      One of the senior leaders in our ministry told me about a man who had been aggressively pursuing the Lord over the past decade. This man made this statement: “All I want is to know Jesus. If someone comes and arrests me, puts me in jail, beats me or kil ... read more

Living by Faith, Not by Sight
      “Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe,all things are possible to him who believes.’ ”Mark 9:23 Knowing the Bible and being able to articulate that knowledge are not going to make your life, ministry or family situation improve. You can memorize ... read more

Looking to God to Accomplish
      Sometimes walking by faith seems passive and slow in coming to pass. Look at David’s life. In the book of 1 Samuel, we can see how David endured much, yet he never resorted to fighting to make sure the crown God promised him would be his. He had faith tha ... read more

Lord, Break My Heart Afresh
      Even though I was on a crowded airplane high over my homeland of India, it took all the energy I had just to hold myself in the seat. Only moments before I had finished reading a shocking story on page one of a national newspaper. It pierced my heart with ... read more

Lord, Cut Me Open
      Why haven’t we yet fulfilled the Great Commission? Why are we so ineffective in building God’s kingdom? Is it because we lack money or literature or because the Bible is not translated into all the world’s languages? No, I don’t think so. The de ... read more

Lord, Is My Heart Tender? Part One
      "You know, Brother K.P., one of the hardest things I have to deal with is to sit in front of a man who has done awful, stupid things in his life or ministry yet has no conviction of sin. Even if he is caught, he acts as if there is no problem and simply ... read more

Lord, Teach Us
      In this day and age, when a person desires to learn something new or become skilled in a particular field, he will seek some form of educational institution, be it a college or technical school, master’s program or certification. Years are spent, reports ... read more

Losing our focus and vision
      It is a challenge to follow His call to walk away from these things—but it is an even greater challenge to realize we always have the chance to turn around, to go back to a life that is more comfortable. Our Enemy, the devil, knows this, and he works h ... read more

Love Is Costly
      The story is told that when the apostle John was a very old man who could hardly walk, the believers would carry him and sit him before the congregation to share. It is said that the only thing he could say was repeatedly the phrase, “Love one another. Lo ... read more

Making Decisions
      Abraham had just heard God’s voice telling him to leave his country, his relatives and his father’s house and go to a land God would show him. How was Abraham going to make the right decision? Logic told him to stay where he was and not listen to mys ... read more

May Your Faith Not Fail
      Jesus sat eating the Last Supper with His disciples, sharing His final words with them hours before He was to be seized, brought to trial and crucified. In this setting, He turned to Peter and said, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But ... read more

Mighty man of God
      Paul, the Apostle—from a distance, he may come across as a self-made man who doesn’t bend before anyone or anything. But that’s really far from the truth. Paul was a broken, humble man who learned to live a life of submission before both God and man ... read more

      As Christians in a pagan land, we knew immediately he was demon-possessed. We gathered around him and began taking authority over the forces of hell as they spoke through his mouth. “We are 74 of us. . . . For the past seven years we have made him walk ... read more

Miracles For You (Part 1)
      The famous philosopher Pascal once said, “It’s illogical to not believe in miracles.” Miracles look illogical. But I have to say in the light of experience that in reality the realm of miracles extends beyond the limits of logic. A lot of miracles ... read more

Miracles For You (Part 2)
      One day a resident of Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala said, “You should have been there to watch it.” “What?” I asked. “Yesterday there was a stunning program on television.” “What program?” “A magic program! Ministers, police officials and ... read more

Miracles For You (Part 3)
      In the book of Exodus, chapter 14, Moses and millions of Israelites started a journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. They had to travel a long distance. But there was a big problem in front of them. Right in front of them was the Red Sea. There was no o ... read more

Miracles For You (Part 4)
      Now take the New Testament. In the second chapter of the Gospel according to John, an incident is narrated about the celebration of a marriage in Cana. Jesus, His mother and His disciples attended the marriage. In the middle of the party the wine ran out ... read more

Mixed with Faith
      Perhaps you have enjoyed standing back and watching somebody else who has stepped out on the tremendous reality of faith. Maybe you rejoiced and thanked God for what He did for them through faith. But when the time came for your faith to be tested, what d ... read more

      Almost daily we are exposed by television, radio or newspapers to disasters, famines and much human suffering around the world. And added to this, we are reminded frequently of the millions who die daily without ever hearing the Gospel of Christ. But as ... read more

Neither Do I Condemn You
      James and John were furious. These Samaritans had the gall to close their village to Jesus just because He was traveling to Jerusalem. Instead of being overwhelmed with gratitude that the Jewish Messiah would even set foot on their soil, they closed their ... read more

No Confidence in the Flesh
      Back in the 80s I had the opportunity to visit with Keith Green and the staff of Last Days Ministries. For a long time, I had received their newsletters and was quite impressed, thinking they must have some of the finest graphic designers working with the ... read more

No Second Best
      Growing up in the southernmost part of India, my friend and I would often pass the potter’s house on our way home from school. Stopping to rest under the tall coconut tree in front of his shop, we would watch intently as he and his wife made their clay po ... read more

No Sweat
      When our ministry to the people around us is done as a ministry unto the Lord—doing His work in His way— there will be no striving. There will be no human sweat. Why? Because sweat signifies man’s effort. The first time sweat is mentioned in the B ... read more

Not at the Finish Line Yet
      Many years ago I was invited to speak to a group of medical doctors who were interested in missions. I was excited to share with them about the lost world—until I walked into one of their homes where the meeting took place. To my mind, the house was no ... read more

Nothing of My Own
      How many times must the disciples have heard Jesus say, “I do nothing of my own. I do only what My Father tells Me” (paraphrase, see John 5:19, 8:28)? One of the many examples of this is found in John 11. Lazarus, the man Jesus loved dearly, is terribl ... read more

Now Begin
      Now after reading many stories of answered prayer, perhaps you are beginning to realize in a new way the power of prayer, the many reasons to pray and what the attitudes of your heart should be as you pray. Maybe now you are inspired to pray in new ways t ... read more

O God!
      Most examples of the futility of walking by sight aren’t so clear as this one. You can make your life look spiritual by obeying the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. You can walk by sight and it can look okay, even good. Mahatma Gandhiji, the ... read more

O God, Let One of My Boys Preach!
      Achyamma’s eyes stung with salty tears. But they were not from the cooking fire or the hot spices that wafted up from the pan. She realized time was short. Her six sons were growing beyond her influence. Yet not one showed signs of going into the Gospel m ... read more

On the Other Side
      He was a lawyer—a good one. He demanded the best of himself, and nothing less was acceptable. But he didn’t stop there. He also required the best from everyone else. Unfortunately, few could meet his standards. The truth is, there was little joy in ... read more

One Step at a Time
      Consider this: Christ started His public ministry at the age of 30. Why did He have to wait until then? On top of that, why was there another three-and-a-half years before the cross? Couldn’t He have started His ministry when He was 18? When I was a bo ... read more

Only by faith
      Fourth, remember the Lord has good plans for you. He is faithful to you no matter what. We must remind ourselves of this truth continually, especially when things become difficult and unclear. Remind your self and say, “God loves me. He called me for a pu ... read more

Only God
      “I am ashamed to tell the teacher or our neighbors,” he told me. “Only God, our children, and my wife and I know the real story. We have no complaints or even unhappiness. We’re joyfully and totally content in our service of the Lord. It is a privilege to ... read more

Only the Beginning
      The silence of the great hall in Cochin was broken only by soft, choking sobs. The Spirit of God was moving over the room with awesome power convicting of sin and calling men and women into His service. Before the meeting ended, 120 of the 1,200 pastors a ... read more

      Normal Christian life in the New Testament was always other-centered. Even when Paul was sitting in prison, he hardly talked about his own agony and suffering, but in all his letters he expressed much more concern for the churches, coworkers and believers ... read more

Our Failure is Not Our End
      Many times when I’ve failed, I’ve felt like I should just toss in the towel. Resign. I’ve also felt like the worst husband or the most unfit father. Secretly, I wished someone else would just assume my responsibilities, because I certainly didn’t believe ... read more

Our Failure, His Sacrifice
      When we fail, the Enemy often uses those times to fill our hearts with guilt and pain. This can even drive some people to the verge of suicide. But there is power in recalling what Christ has done and why He did it! It was His love for us—His everlastin ... read more

Our knowledge of the Bible turns into a relationship with Jesus
      When we read through the book of Acts and all the letters Paul wrote, we see the result of one man’s commitment to know the Lord. Everything Paul did—evangelism, missions, sacrifice, hard work day and night—it all came out of one thing: loving Jesus, know ... read more

Our Need and Christ’s Sufficiency
      We all have expectations for ourselves. We all have ways we would like to be different. Perhaps we would like to be more patient or less prone to anger. When we do not measure up to the standards we have set for ourselves we become discouraged. But we hav ... read more

Our Sacrifice and God’s Grace
      In the four Gospels, Jesus talks about forsaking all, giving up everything, not laying up treasures on earth and being willing to walk away from even your own life. First Corinthians 13:3 says, “And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and tho ... read more

Passages of Scripture
      Not only was he upset over the situation, but also very discouraged, having lost two people he deeply cared about. As I spoke with him over the phone he said, “I wish they at least would have told me a few weeks earlier, so that I could have made arrangem ... read more

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