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St. Augustine

St. Augustine (354 - 430)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker St. Augustine in text and pdf format. Was an early Christian theologian and philosopher [5] whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy. He was the bishop of Hippo Regius in north Africa and is viewed as one of the most important Church Fathers in Western Christianity for his writings in the Patristic Era. Among his most important works are The City of God and Confessions.

When the Western Roman Empire began to disintegrate, Augustine developed the concept of the Church as a spiritual City of God, distinct from the material Earthly City. His thoughts profoundly influenced the medieval worldview. The segment of the Church that adhered to the concept of the Trinity as defined by the Council of Nicaea and the Council of Constantinople closely identified with Augustine's On the Trinity.

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Exposition on Psalm 36
      1. ...The ungodly has said in himself that he will sin: there is no fear of God before his eyes Psalm 35:1. Not of one man, but of a race of ungodly men he speaks, who fight against their own selves, by not understanding, that so they may live well; not b ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 37
      On the first part of the psalm. 1. With terror do they hear of the coming of the last day, who will not be secure by living well: and who fain would live ill, long. But it was for useful purposes that God willed that day to remain unknown; that the hea ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 38
      A psalm to David himself, on the remembrance of the Sabbath. 1. What does this recollection of the Sabbath mean? What is this Sabbath? For it is with groaning that he calls it to recollection. You have both heard already when the Psalm was read, and yo ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 39
      1. The title of this Psalm, which we have just chanted and proposed to discuss, is, On the end, for Idithun, a Psalm for David himself. Here then we must look for, and must attend to, the words of a certain person who is called Idithun; and if each one of ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 4
      To the end, a psalm song to David. 1. Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believes. Romans 10:4 For this end signifies perfection, not consumption. Now it may be a question, whether every Song be a Psalm, or rather every Ps ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 40
      1. Of all those things which our Lord Jesus Christ has foretold, we know part to have been already accomplished, part we hope will be accomplished hereafter. All of them, however, will be fulfilled, because He is the Truth who speaks them, and requires of ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 41
      To the people, on the Feast of the Martyrs. 1. The solemn day of the Martyrs has dawned; therefore to the glory of the Passion of Christ, the Captain of Martyrs, who spared not Himself, ordering His soldiers to the fight; but first fought, first conque ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 42
      1. We have undertaken the exposition of a Psalm corresponding to your own longings, on which we propose to speak to you. For the Psalm itself begins with a certain pious longing; and he who sings so, says, Like as the hart desires the water-brooks, so lon ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 43
      1. This Psalm is a short one; it satisfies the mental cravings of the hearers, without imposing too severe a trial on the hunger of those fasting. Let our soul feed upon it; our soul, which he who sings in this Psalm, speaks of as cast down; cast down, I ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 44
      1. This Psalm is addressed to the sons of Korah, as its title shows. Now Korah is equivalent to the word baldness; and we find in the Gospel that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified in the place of a skull. It is clear then that this Psalm is sung to the ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 45
      1. This Psalm, even as we ourselves have been singing with gladness together with you, we would beg you in like manner to consider with attention together with us. For it is sung of the sacred Marriage-feast; of the Bridegroom and the Bride; of the King a ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 46
      1. It is called, A Psalm, to the end, for the sons of Korah, for things secret. Secret is it then; but He Himself, who in the place of Calvary was crucified, you know, has rent the veil, Matthew 27:51 that the secrets of the temple might be discovered. Fu ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 47
      1. The title of the Psalm goes thus. To the end: for the sons of Korah: a Psalm of David himself. These sons of Korah have the title also of some other Psalms, and indicate a sweet mystery, insinuate a great Sacrament: wherein let us willingly understand ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 48
      1. The title of this Psalm is, A song of praise, to the sons of Korah, on the second day of the week. Concerning this what the Lord deigns to grant receive ye like sons of the firmament. For on the second day of the week, that is, the day after the first ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 49
      The First Part. 1. ...Hear ye these things, all you nations Psalm 48:1. Not then you only who are here. For of what power is our voice so to cry out, as that all nations may hear? For Our Lord Jesus Christ has proclaimed it through the Apostles, has pr ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 5
      1. The title of the Psalm is, For her who receives the inheritance. The Church then is signified, who receives for her inheritance eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ; that she may possess God Himself, in cleaving to whom she may be blessed, accord ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 50
      1. How much avails the Word of God to us for the correction of our life, both regarding His rewards to be expected, and His punishments to be feared, let each one measure in himself; and let him put his conscience without deceit before His eyes, and not f ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 51
      1. Neither must this multitude's throng be defrauded, nor their infirmity burthened. Silence we ask, and quiet, in order that our voice, after yesterday's labour, be able with some little vigour to last out. It must be believed, that your love has met tog ... read more

Exposition On Psalm 52
      The title of the Psalm hath: "At the end, understanding of David, when there came Doeg the Edomite arid told Saul, David hath come into the house of Abimelech:" whereas we read that he had come into the house of Achimelech. And it may chance that we do ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 53
      1. Of this Psalm we undertake to treat with you, as far as the Lord supplies us. A brother bids us that we may have the will, and prays that we may have the power. If anything in haste perchance I shall have passed over, He that even to us deigns to give ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 54
      1. The title of this Psalm has fruit in the prolixity thereof, if it be understood: and because the Psalm is short, let us make up our not having to tarry over the Psalm by tarrying over the title. For upon this depends every verse which is sung. If any o ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 55
      1. Of this Psalm the title is: At the end, in hymns, understanding to David himself. What the end is, we will briefly call to your recollection, because you have known it. For the end of the Law is Christ, for righteousness unto every man believing. Roman ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 56
      1. Just as when we are going to enter into any house, we look on the title to see whose it is and to whom it belongs, lest perchance inopportunely we burst into a place whereunto we ought not; and again, in order that we may not through timidity withdraw ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 57
      1. We have heard in the Gospel just now, brethren, how loves us our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, God with the Father, Man with us, out of our own selves, now at the right hand of the Father; you have heard how much He loves us.... 2. Because then thi ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 58
      1. The words which we have sung must be rather hearkened to by us, than proclaimed. For to all men as it were in an assemblage of mankind, the Truth cries, If truly indeed justice ye speak, judge right things, you sons of men Psalm 57:1. For to what unjus ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 59
      The First Part. 1. As the Scripture is wont to set mysteries of the Psalms on the titles, and to deck the brow of a Psalm with the high announcement of a Mystery, in order that we that are about to go in may know (when as it were upon the door-post we ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 6
      To the end, in the hymns of the eighth, a psalm to David. 1. Of the eighth, seems here obscure. For the rest of this title is more clear. Now it has seemed to some to intimate the day of judgment, that is, the time of the coming of our Lord, when He will ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 60
      1. David the king was one man, but not one man he figured; sometimes to wit he figured the Church of many men consisting, extended even unto the ends of the earth: but sometimes One Man he figured, Him he figured that is Mediator of God and men, the Man C ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 61
      1. The title of it does not detain us. For it is Unto the end, in hymns, to David himself. In hymns, to wit in praises. Unto the end, to wit unto Christ....But the voice in this Psalm (if we are among the members of Him, and in the Body, even as upon His ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 62
      1. The title of it is, Unto the end, in behalf of Idithun, a Psalm to David himself. I recollect that already to you has been explained what Idithun is....Let us see how far he has leaped over, and whom he has leaped over, and in what place, though he has ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 63
      1. This psalm has the title, For David himself, when he was in the desert of Idumæa. By the name of Idumæa is understood this world. For Idumæa was a certain nation of men going astray, where idols were worshipped. In no good sense is put this Idumæa. ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 64
      1. Though chiefly the Lord's Passion is noticed in this Psalm, neither could the Martyrs have been strong, unless they had beheld Him, that first suffered; nor such things would they have endured in suffering, as He did, unless they had hoped for such thi ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 65
      1. The voice of holy prophecy must be confessed in the very title of this Psalm. It is inscribed, Unto the end, a Psalm of David, a song of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, on account of the people of transmigration when they were beginning to go forth. How it fared ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 66
      1. This Psalm has on the title the inscription, For the end, a song of a Psalm of Resurrection. When ye hear for the end, whenever the Psalms are repeated, understand it for Christ: the Apostle saying, For the end of the law is Christ, for righteousness t ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 67
      1. Your Love remembers, that in two Psalms, which have been already treated of, we have stirred up our soul to bless the Lord, and with godly chant have said, Bless thou, O my soul, the Lord. If therefore we have stirred up our soul in those Psalms to ble ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 68
      1. Of this Psalm, the title seems not to need operose discussion: for simple and easy it appears. For thus it stands: For the end, for David himself a Psalm of a Song. But in many Psalms already we have reminded you what is at the end: for the end of the ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 69
      1. We have been born into this world, and added to the people of God, at that period wherein already the herb from a grain of mustard seed has spread out its branches; wherein already the leaven, which at first was contemptible, has leavened three measure ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 7
      A psalm to David himself, which he sung to the Lord, for the words of Chusi, son of Jemini. 1. Now the story which gave occasion to this prophecy may be easily recognised in the second book of Kings. 2 Samuel 15:34-37 For there Chusi, the friend of king ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 70
      1. Thanks to the Corn of wheat, because He willed to die and to be multiplied: thanks to the only Son of God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who disdained not to undergo our death, in order that He might make us worthy of His life. Behold Him that was ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 71
      1. In all the holy Scriptures the grace of God that delivers us commends itself to us, in order that it may have us commended. This is sung of in this Psalm, whereof we have undertaken to speak....This grace the Apostle commends: by this he got to have th ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 72
      1. For Salomon indeed this Psalm's title is fore-noted: but things are spoken of therein which could not apply to that Salomon king of Israel after the flesh, according to those things which holy Scripture speaks concerning him: but they can most pertinen ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 73
      1. This Psalm has an inscription, that is, a title, There have failed the hymns of David, the son of Jesse. A Psalm of Asaph himself. So many Psalms we have on the titles whereof is written the name David, nowhere there is added, son of Jesse, except in t ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 74
      1. This Psalm's Title is, Of the Understanding of Asaph. Asaph in Latin is translated congregation, in Greek Synagogue. Let us see what this Synagogue has understood. But let us understand firstly Synagogue: from thence we shall understand what the Synago ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 75
      1. ...The Title of this Psalm thus speaks: At the end, corrupt not. What is, corrupt not? That which You have promised, perform. But when? At the end. To this then let the mind's eye be directed, unto the end. Let all the things which have occurred in the ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 76
      1. The Jews are wont to glory in this Psalm which we have sung, saying, Known in Judæa is God, in Israel great is the name of Him: and to revile the Gentiles to whom God is not known, and to say that to themselves alone God is known; seeing that the Prop ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 77
      1. This Psalm's lintel is thus inscribed: Unto the end, for Idithun, a Psalm to Asaph himself. What Unto the end is, you know. Idithun is interpreted leaping over those men, Asaph is interpreted a congregation. Here therefore there is speaking a congregat ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 78
      1. This Psalm does contain the things which are said to have been done among the old people: but the new and latter people is being admonished, to beware that it be not ungrateful regarding the blessings of God, and provoke His anger against it, whereas i ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 79
      1. Over the title of this Psalm, being so short and so simple, I think we need not tarry. But the prophecy which here we read sent before, we know to be evidently fulfilled. For when these things were being sung in the times of King David, nothing of such ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 8
      To the end, for the wine-presses, a psalm of David himself. 1. He seems to say nothing of wine-presses in the text of the Psalm of which this is the title. By which it appears, that one and the same thing is often signified in Scripture by many and vario ... read more

Exposition on Psalm 80
      1. ...If perchance things obscure demand the office of an interpreter, those things which are evident ought to require of me the office of a reader. The song here is of the Advent of the Lord and of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of His vineyard. But the s ... read more

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