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1 Chronicles 1
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 1:1. Adam, Sheth, Enosh — Adam was the father of Sheth, and Sheth the father of Enosh, and so on to the sons of Noah. For brevity’s sake he only mentions the names, the rest being easily understood out of the former books. N ... read more

1 Chronicles 10
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 10:1. The men of Israel fled — Thus princes sin, and the people suffer for it. No doubt there was enough in them to deserve it. But that which divine justice had chiefly an eye to, was the sin of Saul. Great men should, in an ... read more

1 Chronicles 11
       Verse 1-2 1 Chronicles 11:1-2. All Israel gathered themselves to David — That is, all the tribes of Israel, as it is expressed 2 Samuel 5:1, by their elders (1 Chronicles 11:3) and officers, and a great multitude of their soldiers and people. The ... read more

1 Chronicles 12
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 12:1. Now these are they that came to David, &c. — This author thought fit to do those the honour of having their names recorded, (which was omitted in the book of Samuel,) who came and joined themselves to him when he was in ... read more

1 Chronicles 13
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 13:1. David consulted with the captains of thousands, &c. — With all the principal persons in authority, who had any command over others. For it is a dangerous thing for a prince, especially in the beginning of his reign, to r ... read more

1 Chronicles 14
       Verses 1-17 A.M. 2961. — B.C. 1043. David is confirmed in his kingdom, 1 Chronicles 14:1, 1 Chronicles 14:2. His wives and children, 1 Chronicles 14:3-7. His victories over the Philistines, 1 Chronicles 14:8-17. NOTES ON CHAPTER 14. 1 Chr ... read more

1 Chronicles 15
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 15:1. David made him houses in the city of David — A palace consisting of many houses or apartments for his several wives and children. And prepared a place for the ark of God — He did not fetch the tabernacle of Moses from ... read more

1 Chronicles 16
       Verses 1-3 1 Chronicles 16:1-3. So they brought back the ark of God — For these three verses, see notes on 2 Samuel 6:17-19. A flagon of wine — A draught of wine. — Hiller and Waterland. Verse 4 1 Chronicles 16:4. To record, and to thank a ... read more

1 Chronicles 17
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 17:1. Now it came to pass, &c. — This whole chapter is explained 2 Samuel 7., where the same things are recorded with very little variation of the words. Verse 10 1 Chronicles 17:10. Furthermore I tell thee, &c. — Must h ... read more

1 Chronicles 18
      Verse 1 1 Chronicles 18:1. Now after this David smote the Philistines — After the sweet communion he had had with God by the word and prayer, as is recorded in the foregoing chapter, he went on in his work with an extraordinary vigour and courage, conq ... read more

1 Chronicles 19
      Verses 1-19 A.M. 2967. — B.C. 1037. David’s friendly message to King Hanun, 1 Chronicles 19:1, 1 Chronicles 19:2. Hanun’s base usage of his ambassadors, 1 Chronicles 19:3-5. The Ammonites prepare for war, 1 Chronicles 19:6, 1 Chronicles 19:7. Da ... read more

1 Chronicles 2
       Verse 3 1 Chronicles 2:3. The sons of Judah — He puts Judah first, because the best part of the right of the firstborn, namely, the dominion, was conferred on him, Genesis 49:8; in consequence of which, his tribe obtained a pre- eminence among, an ... read more

1 Chronicles 20
       Verses 1-8 A.M. 2969. — B.C. 1035. A repetition of David’s wars with the Ammonites, and the taking of Rabbah, 1 Chronicles 20:1-3; with the giants of the Philistines, 1 Chronicles 20:4-8. NOTES ON CHAPTER 20. 1 Chronicles 20:1. Joab led ... read more

1 Chronicles 21
      Verse 1 1 Chronicles 21:1. Satan stood up against Israel — Before the Lord and his tribunal, to accuse David and Israel, and to ask God’s permission to tempt David. Standing is the accuser’s posture before men’s tribunals; and consequently the Ho ... read more

1 Chronicles 22
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 22:1. Then David said — Through the instinct and direction of God’s Spirit, by which as he is said to have had the pattern of the house, porch, altar, &c., (1 Chronicles 28:11-19,) so doubtless he was instructed as to the pl ... read more

1 Chronicles 23
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 23:1. He made Solomon king over Israel — Not that he resigned the kingdom to him, but only declared his mind concerning Solomon’s succeeding him in the throne after his death. Thus David himself is called king, 1 Samuel 16:1 ... read more

1 Chronicles 24
      Verse 1-2 1 Chronicles 24:1-2. These are the divisions of the sons of Aaron — The several branches into which that family was divided. Therefore Eleazar and Ithamar executed the priest’s office — Their brethren being dead, and leaving no issue, the ... read more

1 Chronicles 25
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 25:1. And captains — All the princes of Israel, with the priests and the Levites, whom David gathered together (1 Chronicles 23:2) for this very end, that, with their approbation and consent, all these things might be establis ... read more

1 Chronicles 26
       Verse 5 1 Chronicles 26:5. For God blessed him — With a numerous posterity, and other blessings, for his respect and affection to the ark. The increase and building up of families are owing to the divine blessing. And a great blessing it is to hav ... read more

1 Chronicles 27
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 27:1. Now the children of Israel, &c. — After the settlement of sacred affairs, we have here an account of the manner in which the army, or militia, as we may call it, was disposed. It was distributed into twelve legions, each ... read more

1 Chronicles 28
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 28:1. David assembled all the princes, &c. — A great deal of business David had done in his day, and had served his generation according to the will of God. But now the time draws nigh that he must die, and the nearer he comes ... read more

1 Chronicles 29
      Verse 1 1 Chronicles 29:1. Furthermore, David said unto all the congregation, &c. — He excites them to assist his son by divers considerations, 1st, That he was a person chosen by God for this work. 2d, That nevertheless he much needed their help, beca ... read more

1 Chronicles 3
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 3:1. Daniel — This son is called Chileab, (2 Samuel 3:3,) but whether he had two names, or there be an error in one of these passages, is not possible to determine. The other alterations in names, which are found in the follow ... read more

1 Chronicles 4
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 4:1. The sons of Judah — The posterity: for only Pharez was his immediate son. But they are all mentioned here only to show Shobal’s descent from Judah. Verse 2-3 1 Chronicles 4:2-3. The families of the Zorathites — So ... read more

1 Chronicles 5
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 5:1. The son of Israel — This is added emphatically, because the sons of Joseph, Manasseh, and Ephraim were treated as if they had been the immediate sons of Jacob. The genealogy is not to be reckoned after the birthright — ... read more

1 Chronicles 6
      Verse 5 1 Chronicles 6:5. Bukki begat Uzzi — In whose days it is supposed that the high- priesthood was translated from Eleazar’s family to Ithamar’s, for some cause now unknown, in whose line it continued for some successions. Verse 10 1 Chron ... read more

1 Chronicles 7
       Verse 2 1 Chronicles 7:2. Whose number in the days of David, &c. — That is, when David numbered the people, (2 Samuel 24.,) the descendants of Tola, Issachar’s firstborn, were found to be thus many; which was a very great increase. Verse 6 1 ... read more

1 Chronicles 8
       Verse 1 1 Chronicles 8:1. Now Benjamin begat Bela — He had spoken something of this tribe before, chap. 1 Chronicles 7:6; but now he treats of it again, and that more fully and exactly: partly for Saul’s sake, who was of this tribe; and partly b ... read more

1 Chronicles 9
      Verse 1 1 Chronicles 9:1. They were written in the book — In the public records, wherein there was an account of that kingdom, and of the several families in it. Verse 2 1 Chronicles 9:2. The first — After the return from Babylon. That dwelt in t ... read more

1 Corinthians 1
      Verse 1 1 Corinthians 1:1. Paul, called to be an apostle — There is great propriety in every clause of the salutation, particularly in this, as there was a faction at this time in the church at Corinth, which pretended to entertain doubts of his apostl ... read more

1 Corinthians 10
      Verses 1-3 1 Corinthians 10:1-3. Moreover — Or now; brethren — That you may be induced to attend to the exhortation which I have been giving you, and may run your Christian race with resolution, zeal, and diligence, and not become reprobates, conside ... read more

1 Corinthians 11
      Verse 1 1 Corinthians 11:1. Be ye followers of me — Carefully, therefore, follow my directions, and imitate my example, in condescension to the weaknesses and prejudices of others, for their good; even as I also — In this, and in every thing else, co ... read more

1 Corinthians 12
      Verse 1-2 1 Corinthians 12:1-2. Now concerning spiritual gifts — Miraculous gifts of the Holy Ghost, bestowed on many believers in those times, for their confirmation in the faith, and the conviction of infidels. The abundance of these gifts in the chu ... read more

1 Corinthians 13
      Verses 1-3 1 Corinthians 13:1-3. Though, &c. — The apostle having observed in the last verse of the preceding chapter, (with which this chapter is closely connected,) that he would show them a more excellent way, that is, a way more wise, holy, and use ... read more

1 Corinthians 14
      Verses 1-4 1 Corinthians 14:1-4. Follow after love — Namely, that love, the nature, necessity, and excellence of which are shown at large in the preceding chapter; pursue this, which far exceeds all extraordinary gifts, with zeal, vigour, courage, pati ... read more

1 Corinthians 15
       Verse 1-2 1 Corinthians 15:1-2. Moreover, brethren — The resurrection of the body being one of the great objects of the faith and hope of Christians, the apostle in this chapter sets before the Corinthians, and all mankind, the proof by which that ... read more

1 Corinthians 16
       Verse 1-2 1 Corinthians 16:1-2. Now concerning the collection — During the apostle’s eighteen months’ abode at Corinth, he had exhorted the brethren there to undertake the making a collection for the poor saints in Judea. But the divisions in ... read more

1 Corinthians 2
       Verse 1 1 Corinthians 2:1. And I, brethren, &c. — As if he had said, I have been showing that God is wont to call and convert persons to himself by unlikely and contemptible means; and that his design in the gospel is of a very humbling nature, an ... read more

1 Corinthians 3
      Verses 1-3 1 Corinthians 3:1-3. And I, brethren — The apostle having, in the latter part of the preceding chapter, observed that mere natural men, still unenlightened and unrenewed, receive not the things of the Spirit, begins this chapter with informi ... read more

1 Corinthians 4
      Verse 1 1 Corinthians 4:1. Let a man, &c. — Having warned the believers at Corinth against entertaining an undue esteem for their own ministers, he now proceeds to show them in what light they ought to view all true ministers of Christ: and lest, from ... read more

1 Corinthians 5
       Verse 1-2 1 Corinthians 5:1-2. It is, &c. — As if he had said, I have spoken of coming to you with a rod of correction, and it is too probable I maybe laid under a necessity of using it, though it be an unwilling necessity: for it is commonly repo ... read more

1 Corinthians 6
       Verses 1-6 1 Corinthians 6:1-6. The apostle, having mentioned one very great irregularity among the professors of Christianity at Corinth, proceeds now to animadvert upon another, namely, their entering into suits of law with each other in heathen c ... read more

1 Corinthians 7
       Verse 1-2 1 Corinthians 7:1-2. Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me — The letter of the Corinthian believers to which the apostle alludes here, and in which it appears they put divers questions to him, hath long been lost; a circumst ... read more

1 Corinthians 8
       Verses 1-3 1 Corinthians 8:1-3. Now — As to the next question you proposed, namely, touching things offered — Meats sacrificed, and so consecrated; unto idols — When the heathen offered sacrifices of such animals as were fit for food, a part o ... read more

1 Corinthians 9
       Verse 1-2 1 Corinthians 9:1-2. Am I not, &c. — It appears from this, and several other passages of the epistles to the Corinthians, that some of them, influenced probably by false teachers, who had crept in among them, objected to St. Paul’s bei ... read more

1 John 1
       Verse 1 1 John 1:1. That which was — That is, as the expression here means, the word which was, namely, with the Father, (1 John 1:2,) before he was manifested; from the beginning — This phrase sometimes means the beginning of the gospel dispens ... read more

1 John 2
       Verse 1-2 1 John 2:1-2. My little children — So the apostle frequently addresses the whole body of Christians, and so our Lord himself addressed his disciples, John 13:33. It is a tender and affectionate appellation, denoting paternal authority, love ... read more

1 John 3
       Verse 1 1 John 3:1. The apostle, in the last verse of the preceding chapter, having declared that every one who worketh righteousness is born of God, begins the chapter with an exclamation expressive of his high admiration of the love of God in call ... read more

1 John 4
       Verse 1 1 John 4:1. Because the Gnostics and other heretics, in the first age, to gain the greater credit to their erroneous doctrines, assumed to themselves the character and authority of inspired teachers, John put his disciples in mind, (1 John 2 ... read more

1 John 5
       Verses 1-4 1 John 5:1-4. Whosoever, &c. — The apostle having discoursed in the preceding chapters, on the privileges of the children of God, now adds a further illustration of the great essential parts of their character, in order that those to wh ... read more

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