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"I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me" (2 Kings 2:9).

0 that his mantle would fall upon me! Evil days are begun. He was so reverent toward God, so full also in desire toward Him, whether in family prayer or at common ordinary meetings. He seemed never unprepared. His lamp was always burning, and his loins always girt. I never knew it otherwise, even when we were journeying in Palestine. Lord, grant me henceforth more holiness; may I work among my people with the deepest solemnity. Whether they feel God present or not, may I teach them I feel He is there. I have had joy also in this season through the sight of a living Saviour with whom I shall soon be, but especially in feeling how sweet it is to be near God, and drawn off from earth; the thought too of Christ coming again, it may be very soon. This terrible blow may be the answer to my prayers for holiness, for I used to pray that even if very awful, it were better that God should take the way that would make me holier, although I should suffer. [This was written shortly after the death of McCheyne.]

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