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GLASGOW, 14th December 1874.
—It was very good in you to write me so nice a letter. It was well written every way, and makes me think you are already greatly the better of being away from home, breathing your native air. Your great-grandfather never saw Kelso, but I am sure he would have rejoiced to see his descendant, who is so like him in form and feature, walking by the banks of the Tweed and Teviot, and storing her mind with solid learning and precious truth. I enclose a little book (not so big as a Christian Treasury, nor so attractive as Hymns of Faith and Hope, but) containing a brief history of this year's awakening. Perhaps it will interest you. 'The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all that have pleasure in them.' Dear Emily, every day look to Calvary, and to the Right Hand of the Throne, to see there the Lord Jesus 'crowned with glory and honour.' Every time our soul 'touches' Him, there comes virtue out of Him, to heal and strengthen. Your cousins here are all well and send their love to you. . . .
—Your affectionate uncle,

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