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Text Sermons : A.W. Tozer : Finding Truth in Christ

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The Christian is concerned primarily with truth, and especially with Him who is Truth incarnated. Facts are not to be despised. They are to be sought for their practical value and used in the service of truth, but they are never to be allowed to substitute for those "treasures of wisdom and knowledge" which are hidden in Christ.
In this day of moral confusion, truth is not always understood to be a master to which we must render obedience; it is rather conceived to be a servant which we may use to further ends that lie outside of truth. Private ends are often sought by the aid of truth, ends that stand outside of and bear no relation whatever to truth itself.

If we were to observe strict accuracy, we should always capitalize the word Truth, for when we have pushed it back as far as we can, we will come to God Himself. For this reason, truth will always be the master, never the servant. And truth can never be understood apart from its moral and spiritual implications.

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