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Text Sermons : Andrew Bonar : Letters: A friend in Blairgowrie (2)

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GLASGOW, 2nd Sept. 1859.
— He that believeth shall not make haste. Go on quietly resting in the grace of Jesus, for His grace is like a full well which you may draw from and yet no way exhaust. Sit beside this well, and when your soul is sad because of sin in you, drink of this free love again. Sit beside this well, and when your soul is sad because of sin around you, drink of this well again. Yes, sit there always, and when the coldness of backsliding ones grieves you, drink of this well of free love again! Is it not a cure for every evil? Does it not also put hope and expectation into your soul? Sit there and pray on. Sit there and praise!
Pray for us here. We have some drops from heaven on our pasture.—Yours in the Lord Jesus,


GLASGOW, 1st January 1875.
—Thanks for your letter—it is always acceptable, and I try in return to pray for you as you desire. Is not this a word that we may use as Israel did: 'He knoweth thy walking through this great wilderness: these forty years the Lord thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing' (Deut.2:7). All this is true, and oh, what a comfort is here, 'He knoweth!' for it tells us that He will see to our safety and will order all for our good. And soon now the wilderness will be over. 'Thine eyes (yes, your eyes) shall see the King in His beauty,' and that is the very heart of heaven.
I think Christ grows more and more precious every day—His person, His obedience, His blood, all, all in Him. O to know His heart of love, and to be able to love Him as He has loved us; I mean, to love Him with all our heart, as He loves us with all His heart.
. . . Let this be our watchword this year, 'Grow in grace!'

'The Lord is at hand!'

Yours truly in the Lord,

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