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Text Sermons : George Fox : Be Faithful in the Truth, Which the Devil is Out Of

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Be Faithful In The Truth, Which The Devil Is Out Of (1668)

My dear Friends, - Be faithful in the truth, which the devil is out of; in which truth you have obtained dominion over him. And live in the power of God, which was before the devil was; in which power of God, which is the gospel, in your fellowship. And live in the light, which was before the darkness was, and the power of it it: in which light is also your everlasting fellowship; and in this you will know God's dwelling, which is in the light. And dwell in the life, which was before death was, and the devil, the power of it; and in this life you will have dominion over death and the power of it. And so you do well that take heed to the light, and walk it it and thay that do evil do not take heed of the light. And so walk in the light, as children of the light,and that ye will have fellowship one with another, and with the son and the Father. And so mind the ingrafted word, which is able to save your souls; and that will keep your eyes and minds over all that which is not able to save, and keep you feet on the top of that. And so be of that good faith which gives you victory and access to God, in which you do al please God, and have unity one with another. and so mind the seed of Christ, which is over all that which makes to suffer, and was before that was, and will stand when that is gone that makes to suffer; in that seed live, and know it your crown and life, and in that you will be one another's crown and joy in the Lord God blessed for ever. And so keep your meetings in the name and power of the the Lord Jesus Christ that never fell; and the seed Christ reigns, in whom you have life, that was with the Father before the world began.


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