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Text Sermons : George Fox : Concerning The Spiritual Warfare

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Concerning the Spiritual Warfare (1653)

The world of the Lord God to all my brethren, babes, and soldiers, that are in the spiritual warfare of our Lord Jesus Christ. Arm yourselves, like men of war, that ye may know, what to stand against. Spare not, pity not that which is for the sword (of the spirit,) plague, and famine, and set up truth, and confound the deceit, which stains the earth, and cumbers the ground. The dead stinks upon the earth, and with the the earth is stained, therefore bury it. And wait in the light which comes from jesus, to be clothed with his zeal, to stand against all them who act contrary to the light which comes from Jesus, and yet profess the words declared from the light; which are sayers, but not doers. All such are to be trodden with the city under foot; and woe proceeds from the Lord against all such, and the stone is falling upon such, and fallen, to grind them to powder. Arm yourselves like men of war; the mighty power of God goes along with you, to enable you to stand over all the world, and (spiritually) to chain, to fetter, to bind, and to imprison, and to lead out of prison; to famish, to feed, and to make fat, and to bring into green pastures.

So the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you! And go on in the work of the Lord, that ye may trample upon all deceit within and without, and their minds turned towards Christ Jesus, who doth enlighten them, that they may all see the Lord Jesus among them, their head, and they his branches; in the light waiting, and growing up in Christ Jesus, from whence it comes, that they may bring forth fruit to the glory of his name. And all waiting and walking in the light, with it ye will see the Lord Jesus amongst you. And ye will see with the light all that hate it, who profess Christ Jesus' words declared from his light, and walk not in it; by his light are they, and all their profession, condemned. And to you this is the word of the Lord.


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