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Thou needest to hold thyself in readiness for this day that I have made for thee and for those to whom I have shown it. Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, shall ye be released and sent forth to stand in the secret place of My Will, and proclaim the words that I shall give thee. Thou shalt be sent by Me, and thou shalt know the difference of man's sending forth and My sending forth, for I go before thee and prepare the way.
Thou shalt know that I have declared it and thou shalt learn to lean hard upon Me. Thou must learn not to waiver, nor yet to turn aside when thou dost think that thou hast learned the way and
commence to walk after thine understanding, for in the way that I have called thee, thou canst only let Me go before __ and yet abide in thee.

I will lead in a plain path and, as thou art willing to be used of Me, thou shalt not fear and thou shalt know no lack, for I will care for thee as I direct thee, and thou shalt learn to keep in the way that I shall open for thee!

What is in thy hand but the chart and compass that thy Lord shall give thee! Thou canst not read the chart, and thou knowest not the use of the compass; but thou needest to continually give the right of way to the Spirit of God, which will keep "the arrow on dead-center," for in this course there shall be no deviation. This is the purpose of thy calling!

Consider the day for which thou hast been chosen. This is the course for which thou hast been trained. Thou shalt know of the preparation I have made and thou shall move in the course I have prepared for thee. Thou needest only to know that thou shalt release Me and, as thou dost release Me, thou shalt see miracles wrought by My Hand, for I will send thee and where thou shalt go thou shalt speak the Word of Liberation, for the Word thou shalt speak shall be the Word that I shall speak, and thou shalt know the Way of My Being.

Thou shalt see, with eyes that pierce the darkness, the glory of My presence. As I go before thee, I shall pierce the darkness and make it light for thee and thou shalt know the Almightiness of thy God and the power that is Mine to set the prisoner free. The glory of that day thou hast never known before; but as thou dost go, thou shalt see the increase of that glory and know that it is I that goeth before. The penetration of the Spirit's power will be unlimited. Nothing shall stand before it, and nothing can gainsay it. Nothing can resist it. Thou needest only to stand complete in Me, for that which I have shown thee shall shortly come to pass, and thou shalt know that thou hast lived in the day of My preparation.

As the lightning cometh out of the East and goeth unto the West, so shall the penetration of My Spirit rend the darkness of the night of man's day and illumine the path that I shall open unto thee. The course of My Spirit is the course for thy life.

Hold thyself in readiness until the day shall fully come and thou shalt recognize that that I have shown thee. Thou shalt move swiftly and thou shalt move above the course of thy thinking, for thou shalt encircle the globe and thou shalt not be hindered by the bondage of thy being, for thou shalt be made light in the course of My choosing.

As a messenger of light will I send thee forth and thou shalt recognize the way when thou art on it, for thou shalt dwell comfortably in My Spirit, with the buoyancy of My patience on either side of thee __ bearing thee up and moving thee on in the fullness of My love and the accomplishment of My purpose.

Thou shall move swiftly and lightly and thou shalt know no burden, for the burden of thy life shall be left behind. The heaviness of thy thinking and the burdensomeness of thy treading shall be no more. Thou hast trod upon the earth with the weariness of thy being, but thou shalt lose all this that has hindered thy course and even the course of thy thinking shall be transformed for

Thou shalt share with Me the delight in the preparation of our Father. Thou shalt journey in the nature of thy God, and the will of thy Father shall be done in earth as it is in heaven. That where unto I shall send thee shall give way to the right of My Spirit, and in that day thou shalt know that I am He that has promised, and thou shalt see the fulfillment of My way for thee.

Release thyself unto Me. The work that I have begun in thee I shall finish and thou needest to be anxious for nothing. The course that I shall give thee thou canst neither add to nor take from, for it is of the Lord! Let Him do with thee as seemeth right in His sight! Thine eyes shall be opened and thine heart shall be enlarged, and thou shalt be enlarged, and I shall be with thee to keep thee in the way. It is the end of the course!

Hast thou listened, hast thou heard what the Spirit has been saying to the churches? He who giveth way unto the leading of the Spirit walketh on the King's Highway and heareth the Word that I speak unto him. He, whose ear is tuned to the inharmonies of the Adamic nature, walketh in the confusion of his own think ing. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death; and to walk in the ways of thine own carnality, to walk in the way of that which is forbidden, thou needst but to be without the release from Me that I would give unto thee
Thou needest to hear what the Spirit saith, and thou needest to meditate in the quiet of thy thinking on the things which the Spirit saith unto the churches, for He saith, "I have somewhat against thee." He commended them for that good part which had been done, but He makes known unto "him, who hath an ear," that which has been lacking.

He, who determinedly thinketh his own thoughts, drifteth farther and farther away from "the path of knowing." The path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day, and thou needest to continually walk upon that path which is illumined from within; yea, illuminated from the very throne of God, and bringeth thee to thy desired haven. It is the path of the just, and, am I not the Justifier of the just?

The just shall walk by faith and not by sight, but thou want est continually to know "what" the path, and "what" the end, and "what" the way! Yea, I say unto thee, thou needest to know ME, and thou wouldst have the answer within thine heart that I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, and BE SIDE ME THERE IS NONE OTHER!

Am I not able to direct thy path and to choose for thee; and will I not call thee into that place of fellowship with Me and make known My ways unto thee? Meditate upon that which thou hast received of Me and be thou content in the calling wherewith thou art called! Be thou ready to give an answer to those who seek to know Me. Thine answer is received from Me when thou art in union with Me; and when thou art in union with Me, thou knowest all things, yet thou knowest not the way that I take, for My ways are above thy ways as heaven is above earth.

Thou askest to know all things about the way, but I reveal unto thee THE WAY, and thou needest not to know that which satisfieth the questions of thine own heart. Thou needest to know what it means to be satisfied when thou walkest with Me in the way, and thou needest not inquire of the ways of the way, for thou art complete in Me! Thou needest to walk only in the Light and Understanding which I AM in thee.

Follow on to know the Lord, and be ye content in that which I am in thee. Seek not to "know" but ask thou to be in union with Me, for I have called thee and chosen thee, and shown thee great and mighty things, and thou needest only to know the knowing that is of Me when thou dwellest continually in Me and I in thee!

I shall robe thee in the knowing of My Being, and thou shalt find thy place of being, as thou findest contentment in that which I am in thee! Be thou limited unto Me, and I shall be around about thee as a wall of fire. I shall keep thee from thy straying. Thou needest not to turn to the right hand nor to the left, but thou needest to walk in a path of singleness of eye and singleness of purpose, for thy life is dedicated unto Me and thy walk is the walk of the circumcised. Let go that which thou hast in thy hand, and fear thou not to walk hilariously free in My Will, for thou knowest thou art complete in Me.

I have called thee, chosen thee, and ordained thee that thou shouldst go forth and bring forth fruit, and as thou dost walk with Me and walk not in thinc own understanding, the fruit that thou shalt bring forth shall remain unto the glory of God thy Father, and to the extension of His kingdom.

Let not thy right hand know what thy left hand doeth, but keep thy will and thy way in perfect submission to Me, and I shall make thee to become a vessel fit and meet for the Master's use. Hold thou thyself in readiness, for in such an hour as thou knowest not the Lord thy God cometh to visit thee. Thou art made ready in the readiness of thy Lord, and thou art made complete in Me!

Walk thou before Me and be thou perfect. Be thou mature and be thou open that I may fill thee with all the fulness of God, and I will give unto thee a name that is above every name. I shall make known unto thee the good pleasure of My Father and together We shall know as We are known, for I the Lord thy God hath called thee and will be thy portion. I shall enable thee to do that for which thou hast been called!

Be thou faithful unto death and I shall give thee a crown of Life that fadeth not away.

Hast thou counted the cost? Hast thou been willing to run in this race __ the race that is stretched before thee?
Out of the depths of death wast thou taken. Thou has been redeemed with the Precious Blood and thou needest now to count the cost __ the cost of winning, the cost of surviving, the cost of paying, the cost that is set before thee, the cost of counting all things, as it were, but dung; the cost of casting cut all that would impede thee in this race for Life __ for he that findeth Me findeth Life and he that would run in this race, needeth to come forth with all impediments eliminated.

In this race for the Prize, thou needest to realize that thou art now being challenged; for, thcugh I have redeemed thee and called thee mine and made known the preciousness of thy soul to Me, thou needest now to decide for Me! I decided for thee and thou needest now to decide for Me. When thou wast dead in tres passes and sin, I competed in this race; and I have made thee the benefactor of that which I won for thee; for, was it not the Father's love for thee __ "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Yea, that love stretches through all dispensations and reaches thee where thou art. That nature that was rebel in all its attitude toward the love of God is brought into obedience ncw through the price that was paid in full for thy redemption __ that nature that refused to obey the commands of God and now is competing for that which has been offered gratuitously.

The race has been won and the price has been paid. The vic tory is assured, but thou needest to be identified with the Winner__ with the Saviour of thy soul! Thou needest to be identified both in death and in Life. Thou needest to have fellowship with My sufferings and needest to count, as Paul counted, all things but dung that you might win the excellency of the Father's will in attaining the Prize, for thou art running in this race.

Thou art standing continually between the choices of Life and and thou needest to let Him, Who has gone before thee, take thee on the winning side. Thou needest to know that the decision of thy winning is in thy hand, for thou canst choose Life or accept death in thine own nature, for that which is of the Spirit is that which generates Life, but that which is of the flesh is that which lives in death.

Hold fast that which thou hast that no man take thy crown, for thou art crowned in Me; and thou art made to be partakers of My divine nature when thou hast been identified with Me. What thou doest, do quickly, for thou wilt do according to the nature of thy will. If thou hast made the nature of thy will to be My nature, thou shalt Live! If thou hast made the nature of thy will to remain according to thy nature, thou art living in death; for he that walketh after the flesh shall die, but he that putteth to death the deeds of his body shall live!

Thou art standing continually between the choices of life and death and thou needest to be sober-minded and quick of under standing what the Spirit is saying to the churches. That which thou lackest is made up in Me! That which thou hast succeeded in knowing, thou hast succeeded in knowing because thou hast dwelt in Me, for I am made unto thee wisdom and righteousness
and sanctification.

Hold thou true to that whch is of Me and thou shalt be assured thy portion will be granted unto thee in Life. Thou hast journeyed far in the way that I have led thee and thou needest to stand in this hour of thy temptation __ having done all to stand__ for thou art assured of reaching the goal when thou hast accepted the course of My choosing for thee.

Stand thou still in thine own allotment; be thou content with that which I have given unto thee, and thou shalt know that I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me!

Why seek ye to know that which is good and that which is evil? Knowest thou not that that that is not of the Spirit is of the flesh, and that which is of the Spirit is of God! Thou knowest that the flesh warreth against the Spirit and the Spirit warreth against the flesh. The one is contrary to the other!
Thou needest to know the God of the Spirit and of the flesh, and indeed everything that thou needest to know shall be thy portion when thou hast crowned the Lord, which is thy God, the Captain of thy Salvation. Thou needest to know the walk, the daily walk in the Spirit of Him Whose right it is to rule and to reign over all creation.

Lay aside from thyself the garments of thy much learning and be clothed upon with the garment that covereth thee com pletely, for thou needest to be hid with Christ in God, where the covering protecteth thee from that which is seen and that which is not seen. Thou needest to come out from the realm of things that do annoy, where thieves break in and steal.

The plane upon which thou hast lived is encamped upon with many an adversary. Thou needest not 'to know' that which demandeth of thee thy life; but thou needest to 'know' Him Who is thy Life. In knowing Him Who is thy Life, thou ascendeth above that which encampeth round about to destroy and to break in and steal.

The enemies of thy life are many and the battle is great; but thou hast been instructed that thou needest not to war in this battle which is so sore, for I have promised thee I will fight for thee and that thou shalt hold thy peace. In holding thy peace, thou holdest as a treasure within thy heart the Prince of Peace; and when He, the Prince of Peace, is come into thy heart in mastery of all that concerneth thee, thou dwellest in the Secret Place of the Most High. There no ravenous beast or foul thing shall approach thee or perturb the sanctuary of thy dwelling, for the Lord thy God maketh His habitation within thee. Thou canst then dwell in peace and in serenity; and in quietness and confi dence shall be your peace and shall be your strength.

They that do seek thy life are "without" and all they that offend are without; but that which maketh thee alive dwelleth within thee! Thou needest to stand complete in Me and know that the Lord Who is thy God is thy Life and thy portion as well as thy fortress. Thou needest to know the secret place of the Most High, where dwelleth, ruleth and reigneth the Lord, which is thy

As the willow sways in the breeze and showeth forth its beauty and symmetry, but showeth not the depths from which it draweth its strength__ for it needs be planted by the waters that flow in obscurity but which flow in abundance to give strength and life to the willow tree __ so those of My children who are planted by the Waters shall not be moved, but shall sway with the breeze and add beauty and lustre and give forth of the abundance of that which is drawn from beneath! Oh, let
thy roots be deep within the Fountain of the Deep, that they may draw and have to give of that which is not seen, for that which is seen is temporary, but that which is not seen is eternal.
Oh, draw deeply, My Beloved. Draw from the depths of the innermost of thine innermost. Draw from that which is not visible upon the surface, but draw from that which is the inex haustible supply of thy life. Draw deeply and be satisfied with the abundance which the Lord thy God giveth thee, for out of thine innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. They shall spring forth from the depths of thy being, and the earth which is thirsty, parched and dry shall cry out for that which is in thee
__ the inexhaustible supply of thy Lord.

Oh, draw deeply, My Beloved, and be thou satisfied with the abundance which the Lord thy God giveth thee!

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