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“THIS WE also pray for, even your perfection.” (2 Ccr. 13:9)

Christian Perfection! What a subject, and what a challenge. Has anyone attained it? Is there, on the face of the broad acres of earth, a solitary soul who can testify that he has arrived at this scriptural goal? Rest assured, the Bible never teaches an experience impossible of attainment, and it never holds out a goal at which we cannot arrive.

Christian perfection! It is there in all its radiant beauty -a life so hid with Christ in God that the temporal surroundings in which we live stem but a vapor in the glory of those eternal verities that blaze and shine with the beauty of holiness until heaven is seen on earth, and the voice of the Lord is heard in the corridors of the hearts of men.

We stand at the foot of the cross, washed in the blood and redeemed by His grace; but before us, just across the plains of our infancy in Christ, rise the stupendous steeps of Christian Perfection! Mountains are they with summits so high that they are lost in the heavens. No mortal eye can pierce the clouds of God that hide them from the vision of the sinful; but they are there in their glory and their holiness. They are the heights of perfection; they are what Paul saw when, having climbed so high that perchance he was already above the clouds, he declared: “1: count not myself to have apprehended, but forgetting the things that are behind, I press on” . . . and on . . . toward that goal , . , reaching . . . striving . . . climbing . , . to attain the mountain peaks of perfection in Christ . . . to the dizzy heights of overcoming. * , where a man will have attained the fullness of the stature of Christ Jesus.

HOW is this perfection possible? Is it an imputed holiness that is more theological than practical? Is it something God has given us to dream about and to reach after; but, like children crying for the moon, we cm never attain? For our answer we shall have to look away from ourselves and our inherent weakness and hindering weights -away from our criticism of others, and away from the sneers of a skeptical world -to the Pages of Inspiration, where we find the answer penned by the hand of God.

It is there -clear and unequivocal. There no evasive language allows of a double interpretation. It is clear and concise; and let me bum into your hearts the truth that God has never asked His children to do the impossible and has never held out an experience we should try in vain to possess. This is our goal - Christian Perfection!

This is our prayer, our hope, and our plea -that we grow in grace and in knowledge; that we increase in wisdom and understanding; that we “ovescome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony,” until we come to the perfect man, to the fullness of the stature of Christ.

Preachers are very reluctant to handle this subject, because of the difficulties of definition. For instance, one might say that we “cannot add to perfection.” If a thing is perfect, it can not be improved upon. Yet, is there a man who has climbed the heights of the hills of God to a place where there is no more ground to conquer and no peak rising in his future to beckon him on to heights that are higher still? Can one reach the place where he can no longer sing, “Lord, lead me on to higher ground,” because there is 130 higher ground for him to scale?

Such a conclusion would leave us in the midst of a cross-f& of biblical teachings and commands. It would leave us in a maze of seemingly opposing texts of scripture and certainly no sane teacher of the Word would leave the people there -yet perfection is taught!

If “Perfection” is taught, it can be experienced! What then is it? How do we get it” When can we rise to testify to the world that we have received at last this promise of the Lord and have experienced “perfection” according to the Bible definition and within the boundaries of the grace of our loving Lord?

What It Is

As you read, are you not already conscious of a gulf that lies between the doctrine and your own experience? Perhaps for years you have believed that your Lord had more for you than ever you have received, and your heart has been yearning for God like the heart panteth after the water brooks when heated in the chase. Even so your soul has yearned for the Living God.

You do not doubt your salvation, for the power of the Cross of Christ you know. ” The Christ of the Cross you love; but you have sung with tears in your voice “More love, Oh Christ, to Thee!” and you have waited for the moving of the Spirit to take you to higher heights in Him. Do not be discouraged. Possibly you are nearer to what you seek than you know. Perhaps you are very close to “perfection” as defined by the dictionaries of heaven, in contradiction to the sneering interpretations of a world that has rejected your Christ and knows nothing of a Saviour’s love.

Some time ago a skeptic approached me, after a sermon I had preached on Christian Perfection, and said, “Are you a perfect man?” You know my answer. “Why then,” he asked, “do you preach on something you have not attained? You should never preach on something you have not experienced!” Why not? I preach on heaven and I have never been there. I preach on hell and I do not expect to see it. I preach on the Resurrection and I have never died -except as I try to die daily to sin and self, I preach about the glory and beauty of my Saviour, and I am still awaiting the day when I shall see Him face to face.

I preach about the reign of Jesus on His millennial throne, though this present, evil world, with all its sin and bloodshed, certainly has not entered the peaceful quiet of the time when we shall make Jesus King. We should not dodge the subject because of the sneers of sinful men! It is possible to answer an argument, but. it is hard to reply to, sneers. IS that not what we get from worldly men and professing Christians alike when the Biblical standard of Christian Perfection is held up?

We have already been reminded that the Scriptures command “perfection,” give examples of it, and promises regarding it. Let us never forget, however, that with every demand, God gives adequate grace. UPON you the demand, but FOR you the Grace to help you meet it. Hallelujah, there is our victory! Behind every command there is a promise! Read the command “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature;” then turn it over and you. will find, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto, the end of the world.”

You cannot find one without the other. You could not do one without the other. Here is a command, read it: “Heal the sick; raise the dead!” We are helpless, however, until we turn it over and see on the other side, “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” ’ That makes it possible! One could not be without the other. So it is with Christian Perfection!

If the command were all, then would we sit in our helplessness and cry, “Lord, ‘you have asked too much, these things cannot be.” But when He says, “As many as received HIM, to them gave He power to become the Sons of God, even as many as call on His name;” that changes the whole story!

We bend the knees of surrender and consecration as we pray, “Lord, give me that power;” and praise His name, that is just what He is willing to do.” Then and only then do we see the light from the hills that makes clear the meaning of Christian Perfection.

Imperfect Perfection

First of all, we must remember that all perfection is relative except the perfection of God. His is the only perfection that is complete -God’s Perfection --to which we cannot add, Noah was spoken of as a “perfect man.” The Bible calls him that. Yet, read on a chapter or two and you will find that he got “drunk” and acted in a shameful way. Abraham was called “perfect” and yet what lies he told. Job was called “a perfect man" and yet he said some very bitter things. Here in our text we find Paul exhorting us to perfection and then saying of himself “Not that I am already perfect or that I have already attained . . .

What does all this mean? How can these men be perfect, and that brought thee forth out of the nothingness of the dust and yet so “imperfect?” There is only one answer and that is there is such a thing as “imperfection” in perfection. Noah was perfect IN HIS GENERATION. The Bible says so! For that time and that place, he was called the perfect man. He did not know the truth as men knew the truth in the days Jesus walked the shores of Galilee.

That little babe in its mother’s arms is a perfect little specimen of babyhood. There is not a scar on its little body. It coos and laughs with radiant health and the doctor says “It is a perfect child.” But -- it still can grow! It should grow and grow and grow until it reaches the perfect man -- to the fullness of the stature of its father. Its perfection is relative. It is perfect ill its present babyhood; but that perfection does not preclude the possibility of increasing in perfection. It is possible that it can grow to manhood in unfolding and increasing perfection; but the perfection of today is not the perfection of tomorrow! Were it to attain absolute perfection in babyhood, it would always remain a baby. So, there is such a thing as “relative perfection” -- “imperfect perfection” in the things of God.

Part II

HAT WHICH is perfect today may be imperfect in the added light of tomorrow. A man can kneel before His Lord and give his all. He is separated in desire, purpose and practice from the sins of the world and arises a sanctified man. I believe in sanctification, is not this the will of God, even our sanctification? Think not, however, that such sanctification means he has attained a "perfect perfection."

Who wrote the law on the tables of stone, amidst the thunderings of Sinai? Was it not God? Was He derelict in His duty, or did he not give them the best for that time? Could He be capable of shortcomings? God forbid! I think, as I write, of another mountain, outside a city wall. Upon it my Lord was crucified, Who died to save us all. Sinai was perfect for its day; but Calvary was perfect for you and for me. Paul said the old was good, when he wrote his Epistle to the Hebrews; but he said the new was better!

There are giants in the land after you cross the Jordan. There are cities to be taken AFTER you have seen the power of the Captain of the Lord's host before the walls of Jericho. I arose this morning at daybreak and walked in the morning rays of the eastern sun. It was a perfect day. Around me the first golden rays of the sunlight gleamed. As I walked the sun rose higher and the skies became clearer. Should I go out at noon, there will be more light than when I walked early in the light of the morning sun. The perfect light at eight o'clock in the morning is not the perfection of light of the noontide.

Child of God be not discouraged! The hunger you have for MORE is not a condemnation of yesterday, nor a divine finger of criticism directed at your life. It is the love of God drawing you; the Voice of the Lord calling you to grow in your perfection, and to increase in all things spiritual until you come to maturity in Jesus and know the victory of a completely overcoming life.

Leave It There

For instance, how many of us have learned that there is no need for God's children to worry? Did He not clearly tell us to take no thought for the morrow; that our heavenly father, who cares for the sparrows would also care for us! Is a worried man truly a sanctified man? Though he has been saved from sin, does not perfection mean that he should also be saved from self?

It was not so long ago that a fretful, terrified little woman arose in meeting to request prayer. She was a saint of God and for years had walked with her Lord. The death of her husband had left her alone in the world and she managed to get along all right until this hour; but now there was a man who was going to foreclose on the mortgage held on her home. She had turned " everywhere" for help, but had not found it. She had prayed and agonized as she took her burden to the Lord, BUT she did not leave it there! Instead, she picked it up again and brought it to church; and having brought it once, she brought it again and again!

Why do we not learn the lesson of bringing our problems to Him and saying, "Lord, I can do nothing about it, nothing but trust you, and that is what 1 am going to do." After the meeting, I had a little chat with her. I told her that her nervous hysteria was a sign that she had forgotten how to trust, and that these sleepless nights were breaking her both physically and spiritually. I told her of the Christ Who loved her, and of the promises which were surer than all the world beside. She wept for a time and then came to the end of herself. On bended knee she brought her problem to the Lord for the last time and left the burden there. With a song she went home and when next I saw her, she told her story.

The avaricious lender came to her home at the appointed time; and found a smiling child of God awaiting him. She confessed to him that she had been unable to raise the money and said, "I am resigned to whatever you want to do." Her peace disturbed him! Her smile made him feel ill at ease! At first he doubted her confession, because her worry seemed to be gone, and thought it was a trick; so, she told him of what had happened. She spoke to him of the burden-bearer, Jesus. She told of the care of the Father for His children, and of her sin in worry, and how she had allowed anxiety to rob her of her joy. Then she told of the prayer and how Jesus had taken her burden and left her with a song. When the mortgagor reminded her of the trouble ahead, she replied that it was in such times that a child of God should trust the Lord!

It Pays to Break

As she spoke, a tear glistened in his eye; and he then told her that years before he had known the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour, when he was a boy. As the years passed he had wandered away, and his heart had become cold and hard. Then he broke and they knelt in prayer. When he arose, he smilingly put his hand in his pocket and pushed the mortgage across the table toward her and said, "You do not owe me a thing; but I am indebted to you. I thought I needed that money; but I have found I needed Christ more." Perhaps, as he went his way, he could hear a Voice within him saying, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me. That I do not know, but I do know that the next time I saw her, she was singing with a brimming heart:

"If the world from you withhold
Of its silver and its gold,
And you have to get along
with meager fare;
Just remember, in His Word,
How He feeds the little bird;
Take your burden to the Lord

In and Towards

Let us remember, friend, that you grow in perfection toward perfection! The thing that is God's best for you today is not of necessity God's best for you tomorrow. With our Father there is always more to follow. Is it not true that we recognize our need of more; that we should and can be richer, stronger and deeper in God? Though the Milk of the Word be perfect food for baby days, there is the Meat of the Word awaiting the growing, maturing Christian.

Let us not forget that we are fed "meat," not because we have reached maturity, but to help us grow into it. God's "meat" is given to us, not because we have already attained, but to give strength to attain. The great fault of the average Spirit-filled church is that it lives and glories too much in past experiences and accomplishments; and we too as individuals have too much of the same thing. Even though the things, past experience or accomplishment, doctrine or dogma, may be good and of God; their place and part in the will of God are as play toys compared to maturity in Christ.

Mistake me not! I love to hear the shouts of victory and to behold the glory of the Lord in the camp of the saints; but I also know it takes more than a shout to help one to stand in the evil day; and more than emotional ecstasy to give grace enough to walk into a fiery furnace with unshaken confidence in the God of our Salvation!

It was sweet for Peter to hear the Lord say "Follow Me" the first time. That was by blue Galilee three-and-a-half years before. "And he left his nets and followed." What adventuring in grace! What undreamed of walks and talks with Jesus. The message was still to "follow," follow from Galilee to the Mount of Beatitudes . . .to Capernaum . . . and still it was "follow." On to the sea where Jesus walked the rolling, restless waves . . . on to Jerusalem . . . on to Bethany. . . and on and on. . . and on. On to the Mount of Transfiguration . . . a perfect day, in which they witnessed the perfect glory of the Lord . . . but still it was on and on and on. Even though they were sure they ought to stay there the rest of their lives, and to build three tabernacles, Jesus led them on from that perfect morning to the greater perfection of the day when he would climb another hill called "Calvary!"

There was another "Follow Me" for Peter. It was when Jesus was saying "goodbye." This time He told the fisherman disciple of the death he would die in distant Rome. He told him that an other would gird him and carry him away to some place, from which the flesh would cringe and tremble; but the message was still to "follow," "follow on and on and on!"

Ever Increasing

We must learn that lesson. We are baptized with the Spirit and say, "We are through." How often have I heard it: "Did you get through last night?" and invariably the answer will come, "Yes, I got through!" How tragic. How sad. They did not get "through," they only got in. The life of unfolding revelation for them was just beginning.

Jesus is still saying "Follow Me," and I want to tell you that it takes real consecration to keep up with Jesus. If you will really follow, there will be growth and development you have never dreamed of, and that process will mean the crucifixion of flesh and self long after you have been baptized with the Spirit!

Don't you love John, the very spirit of tenderness and sympathy! He spent so much time with his head upon the breast of Jesus that he must have absorbed a lot of the love that overflowed from the heart of the Christ. Nevertheless, he lands on Patmos and perhaps in that great heart there crept the shadows of doubt and of fear. At any rate, he called himself a "companion in tribulation;" and tribulation it must have seemed to the old man whose heart was with his church in Ephesus, while his body was groaning on the penal isle.

Then Jesus spoke ; . . and The Beloved Disciple was lifted into the glory, while the hands of the Father reached into the curtains of the blue and drew them apart for the first time in history and allowed a man on earth to see so much of the glory of the world afar.

Ever Growing

Let us today be perfect in Christ! Let us trust Him completely, surrender fully to His will, mortify our members, count our selves dead, and walk these passing hours with nothing between our soul and the Saviour. Separated from sin and sanctified unto God, let us know the holiness of a life cleansed by the blood and filled with the Spirit! When the sun goes down tonight and your feet are on the highest peak today has revealed, rest in the Lord and praise Him for His grace! When you awake on the morrow, face a new and higher mountain faintly discernible in the mists of the early morning and hear the voice of Jesus still calling, "Follow thou Me." Consecration, in turn, will sing,

"Where He leads me, I will follow;
I'll go with Him all the way!"

Methinks, out of a surrendered, fully sanctified heart will come the cry, "Not that I have already attained or am already perfect, but I follow after . . . brethren. I count not myself to have apprehended; but this one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."

"Thank you, Lord, for yesterday. Thank you for saving my soul! Thank you for your guidance; your love, your care, and your grace. I could never have lived without you! But, Blessed Jesus, hold my hand! I cannot see tomorrow. What it will bring of joy or pain, I do not know. Yesterday was rich and for it, dear Lord, I am grateful; but today can be richer and tomorrow richer still."

Each succeeding day we walk with Jesus, He reveals more and more of His beauty and His grace; and this ever unfolding revelation can have only one climax: the day we see Him in the mansions of Our Father's House! Today, then, let us let Him live out His life in us!

The babe of yesteryear grows to the youth of today. So let us grow! Let us grow in Christian perfection; grow in grace and in knowledge; grow in love and in mercy; grow in trust and in confidence. He will never fail us. He will never let us down!

As we grow, let us remember to put the " toys" way. They were good for their time; but "toys" do not fit the hands of maturity. When we become men, we put away childish things. For this we pray, even our perfecting! For this my soul is reaching out after God; and, in spite of mistakes and failures, I still am telling my Saviour that there is nothing I want more than to walk daily with Him along the paths of Christian perfection.

What a privilege, but every privilege carries an obligation! However, there is no obligation without a privilege. I am not afraid; nor should you be; for, with an there is always a tomorrow. One gracious thing about my Lord is that He has such a wonderful faculty of forgetting about our yesterdays when He leads us along the paths of our today's and our to morrows.

In Him, there is ever a fresh starting point and the children of the Lord are led to their destination one step at a time. We know of the promised glory awaiting at the end of the road; but it is a mistake to believe that the Lord picks us up at some altar of consecration and transports us on a "magic carpet" from the beginning to the end of our journey. If that were so, we would never learn the beautiful lessons of trust and faith that await us along the way. God could have lifted Israel out of the sands of slavery in Egypt and set them down in the promised land a few minutes later. He could have annihilated their enemies at a breath and have had the country cleared of the sons of Anak when they arrived; but that was not the divine way.

Daily Trust

The forward march and the daily need demand daily trust. The feeling of helplessness makes us cry for the presence of the Lord. The Red Sea can be crossed only by the power of the Lord; and Marah is just as necessary as Elim. Sinai, with its thunders and its law was related to the shout of victory, when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. One step at a time, that is the way God leads His dear children along! It is not a hard way, for the pillar of fire is there by night and the pillar of cloud by day. One step at a time is all God wants.

Why will we not learn that the valley through which He leads us is just as necessary as the mountain that looms before us at the valley's end? The man who trusts in the Lord with all his might, and leans not to his own understanding, has a right to maintain that all his steps are ordered of the Lord!

"Through shady green pastures so rich and so sweet,
God leads His dear children along.
Where the water's cool flow bathes the weary one's feet,
God leads His dear children along.
Some through the waters, some through the flood,
Some through the fire, but all through the blood;
Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song
In the night seasons, and all the day long."

No one can grow in perfection until that lesson has been learned. Better by far to place our confidence in Him in perfect trust than struggle in vain to live a "perfect life" after the pat tern of man's desire. Perfect trust never complains when the will of the Lord is something other than the pattern of man's desire.

There was an organist in the ancient Cathedral at Friburg. He was so jealous of his instrument that he instructed the old caretaker never to let other fingers than his own touch the keys. He wanted sole control of the pedals and the stops and claimed that great throbbing instrument, with a thousand voices, as his own; and guarded it with jealous care.

One day, as the caretaker was cleaning out the church, an old man came in and entered into conversation with him. As they talked they walked near the organ and the stranger quietly seated himself upon the bench, and his fingers started to pull out the stops. The caretaker of the church knew his orders, but he was fascinated by the stranger and made no attempt to stop him.

The Master's Touch

The fingers then began to press the keys. They fondled them with an affection like unto the hands of a mother fondling her babe; and from the throat of that great instrument there came forth a melody. The old cathedral rang with it. It rose and fell like an ocean of symphony, until the building seined to say, "I have never heard such music as this before." The stranger played on. Then the sound stopped; the bellows emptied; and the old man stepped down from the console. Slowly he walked toward the back of the cathedral, and then he stopped; for there, sitting with bowed head, was the organist of the church whose orders had been broken. Tears were in his eyes as he spoke to the stranger. "I never have allowed another to touch that organ. No fingers but my own did I want to caress its keys. But you, sir, will do me an honor if you will play and play and play. I ask no higher privilege than to listen. Are you a stranger in this town? The old man replied, "I am." "And what is your name, may I ask?"

As the old man walked slowly away, he said in a whisper, "My name, did you say? My name is Mendelssohn."

There are other fingers than yours which can bring the sweetest melody out of your life, and it is only when the nail-scarred hands of the Christ touch the chords of heart and spirit that the melodies divine begin to throb through human lives.

Nothing of Ourselves

Christian Perfection! Can we poor mortals ever be perfect in anything? Certainly not, if we attempt it by our good works or rely upon self-attained righteousness. The secret of victory over sin and self is to recognize that in ourselves we can do nothing, nothing but open wide the door of the heart and invite the Galilean to enter.

Then, day by day, as we yield to His will; moment by moment as we trust Him for His grace; the life of Christ becomes manifest in us and through us. Then and then only can it be said that we are truly His disciples. Only Christ can live the Christ life in us. We cannot! It is the beauty of His indwelling presence that makes life beautiful. He is the Holy One Who imparts the spiritual grace of holiness. Is He not our wisdom? Is He not our sanctification? The glory of it all is that we can possess His perfection the moment we let Him in! Man is perfect in that day in which he completely yields his heart and life to Jesus! Then, through that surrendered, yielded heart and body, the life of Christ begins to flow; and every channel of our being is a river bed down which the living waters flow, making
the heart glad and giving victory over sin and self.

In that life-giving stream all our doubts and fears are washed away. He does not take away from us the storms that blow; but, in them He gives us His peace. He does not banish all our trials; but, he gives us grace to carry us through. In that victory there are two proofs of His power that should forever take away the wicked fears of our tomorrows. We prove Him and He proves us. He tests us and we test Him. When we come through the fire without the smell of smoke, we are able, then to testify that when we keep Him, He will always keep us!

That is the secret of perfection. Perfect today in His perfection! That does not mean that the morrow will offer no opportunity for following Him into paths never before known. Rather would I say that new ways and new paths, that lead into the richer, deeper things of God, will come to those who in obedience walk with Him along the road of a complete consecration and a surrendered will.

After all, are we not glad that until He presents us to the Father, there is always more to follow? More of love; more of grace; more of peace; more of Jesus; more to know and more to learn; more to see and more to hear. Still there is more to follow!

If the perfection of today was to be the perfection of all our tomorrows, then perchance we would become spiritually indolent and neglect each recurring means of grace. We would have " apprehended." We would have "attained." Then the end of the trail of the possibility of growth in grace would be reached and we would be living in memory more than living in hope. So, today is a new beginning! Where He will lead, we do not know. What new vision of His loveliness will fill the heart with gladness, we cannot tell. One thing we do know, He is so full of happy surprises that we are filled with wonder and amazement at the things He does.

Peace Be Still

We remember well the day He was with His disciples on the rolling Sea of Galilee! Do you not remember how he awoke at the cry of fear on the part of men who should have known how to trust? Then it was that he walked to the bow of that rolling ship; and, looking into the teeth of the tempest, He spoke the words "Peace, be still"; and the storm obeyed Him. Then it was that the disciples said a wonderful thing. They were amazed. They had never seen anything like that before. They had seen Him heal the sick; and they knew that disease and pain vanished at His word. They knew that darkness turned to light when Jesus spoke. They knew that sin burdens were lifted at His command; but here was something new! They had never seen anything like this before. So, they exclaimed, "What manner of man is this that even the wind and the seas obey Him? It was as if they had said, "Is there no end to the things He can do? Is there no limit to His power? What will He be doing next, when even the winds stop blowing at His command and stormy seas stop rolling?"

Have you ever felt like that? Has He not surprised you by His grace? Has He not amazed you by the limitless boundaries of His love? He is always doing the unexpected and He does it in the most surprising way.

Christian Perfection! You say you are weak? The Lord says that when we are weak, then are we strong. His strength is made perfect in our weakness! Are you needy? Only hungry people go to the table to be fed; only thirsty people go to a well and find Jesus waiting there. You say you do not amount to much? The Publican on the bottom of the steps was far more "perfect" than the Pharisee on the top, according to the standards of Jesus! So, do not be discouraged; but yield your all to Him today. Love Him with all your heart, obey Him completely and implicitly; and the "perfection of today" will be a prefect rung in the ladder.

His ladder of Christian Perfection can be climbed from one perfect rung to another. Whatever you do, do not insist upon lingering on any one rung, because it is "perfect"; but keep on climbing. The rungs will be perfect all the way! As you near the top rung, you will be able to hear the Heavenly Anthem of The Hallelujah Chorus. It will be the best of a long, successive line of "perfect" days!

"Let thy days be Mine to order.
Where I lead, obedient be!
Let thine own desires be nothing.
Only seek to follow Me!
Let thy will be lost in My will.
Ask no question; seek no place!
Render humblest duties gladly,
Showing forth My truth and grace!"

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