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Text Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Clement of Rome : David's Sin, So Admonitory to Us Weak Men

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Does not the case of David instruct you, whom God found a man after His heart, one faithful, faultless, pious, true? This same man saw the beauty of a woman‚ÄĒ I mean of Bathsheba‚ÄĒ when he saw her as she was cleansing herself and washing unclothed. This woman the holy man saw, and was thoroughly captivated with desire by the sight of her. See, then, what evils he committed because of a woman, and how this righteous man sinned, and gave command that the husband of this woman should be killed in battle. You have seen what wicked schemes he laid and executed, and how, because of his passion for a woman, he perpetrated a murder‚ÄĒ he, David, who was called the anointed of the Lord.

Be admonished, O man: for, if such men as these have been brought to ruin through women, what isyour righteousness, or what are you among the holy, that you consort with women and with maidens day and night, with much silliness, without fear of God? Not thus, my brethren, not thus let us conduct ourselves; but let us be mindful of that word which is spoken concerning a woman: Her hands lay snares, and her heart spreads nets; but the just shall escape from her, while the wicked falls into her hands.

Therefore let us, who are consecrated, be careful not to live in the same house with females who have taken the vow. For such conduct as this is not becoming nor right for the servants of God.

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