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[MS Group 70, Box 1.6g, Judd Family Papers, Bernice P. Bishop Museum Library, Honolulu, Hawaii.]

Elnathan Judd (1773-1845) was a physician in Paris, NY.

Address: Doct. Elnathan Judd.

Paris, Oneida co.

N. York.


Troy 23 March 1827.

Dear Brother Judd.

Your kind letter came to

hand yesterday. I have heard [of] the transactions

in Oneida county - am not surprised much in

these days at any thing. My Dear Brother, things

seem to us to be carried forward in great confusion.

But with the blessed God there is no disorder, no

mistake, no confusion, no disappointment. All is well!

Dont be dismayed, the ark of God is safe. Be strong,

in that county, "acquit yourselves like men". Dont let us

be rash, Now is the time to "let our moderation be

known". Do all you can Dear brother to keep christians

in that county from a controversial spirit. A spirit

of party. "I am of Paul, & I of Apollos," To excite this

spirit just at this time, is doubtless Satans

object, & the occasion is peculiarly favorable

for his purpose. Here then, just now, lies our

danger. Say to all the friends of Zion, pray

& not talk much just now. The times are

too perilous, & the church & world in too great

a fermentation to say much. 'Tis better to pray, I

think, than to speak, when there is so much noise that our

voice cant be heard. I would express my gratitude for your

remembrance of me at a throne of grace. Things remain

here about in statu quo. Revival goes on in the midst

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of opposition from earth & hell. Our Brethren at the east are

certainly in great darkness with respect to the state of things

here & at the west. The fact is, the smoke has come up

from the bottomless pit & filled the & darkened the

air - lies have been hatched in hell, & have come

up like Locusts upon the face of the earth & filled

the land,& are so that they know not what to

believe. Let us pray that the wind of the spirit may

sweep away this smoke & these lies, & then we

shall all come out from und[er] the Cloud & see eye

to eye, & love eachother & serve our God better than

ever. Let us take care that we do not dash against,

& hurt each other in the dark. Satan wants to turn

our weapons against each other. O I pray God that I

may have no weapons to use in that way.

Mr. Beman's affair with Presbytery is going on.

You will hear particulars in due time.

The effect produced by the letters from the east is

here about what I suppose it is there. There are different

opinions of course. Hold still, & let us see what God

means by this. Say to Brother Waters, I have spent

3 sabbaths at New Lebanon. Revival there has become

powerful. His friend Tildens family deeply affected

I believe Mr. T. began to indulge some hope before I

left. Tall Oaks, & the "Cedars of Lebanon" bow down there,

at the foot of our Emanual.

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Love to all our dear [the] friends of Jesus.

O do My Dear Doct Judd to preserve

in that region the gentle spirit of the

blessed Jesus, "who when he was reviled,

reviled not again, when he was persecuted,

threatened not, who did not strive nor cry

nor lift up his voice in the streets". Only

cultivate & keep the true spirit of prayer,

& all will be well. Give that away, &

a blighting curse will follow.

In great haste yours fraternally -

C. G. Finney.

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