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Text Sermons : F.B. Meyer : Our Daily Homily - 3 John

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For the sake of the name they went forth - 3 John 1:7

The beloved elder is anxious about some travelling evangelists, who had gone forth to visit the churches; and is commending them to the care of Gaius. He was to set them forward in a manner that should be worthy of God. This is a high standard for our entertainment of brethren and strangers withal. It would save us from niggardliness and stint, for God is never miserly or meagre. It would equally save us from ostentation, since in God there is perfect simplicity. It would pervade our behavior with the most perfect grace. But notice, in respect of these evangelists: -

Their motive. - "For the sake of the Name." It is not needful to say whose Name. There is one Name above every name; in which whatever we do is to be done. To teach the meaning hidden in that Name; to unfold its sweetness and power; to exert its spell over souls that had never felt its magnetism; to glorify it and make it honored and beloved - this was their one thought and aim. Oh that we were animated by the same gracious motive!

Their delicacy. - They would take nothing of the Gentiles. It seemed to them incongruous to go for alms and maintenance to those who do not love their Lord. Besides, could not He maintain His own servants? They certainly would not have sanctioned the means that modern Christians adopt of getting money from the ungodly.

Their welcome. - We ought to welcome all such; and in doing so we may be fellow-helpers with them and with the truth. It is a very beautiful act to link ourselves with God's honored servants by prayer and sympathy, that we may be counted their fellow-helpers and companions.

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