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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 207

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My dear friends,—Look above all sufferings that are outward, at the seed of God, which was before that was which makes to suffer; and the seed of God, Christ Jesus, will stand, when that which makes to suffer, is gone: and so, in the seed of God live, and lie down in the same, which is Christ, the life, the way to God [John 14:6] the Father of life. The tithes of the Jews, and the tithes of the apostate christians must all be borne testimony against, by them that be redeemed from the earth [Rev 14:3], and reign above it, in his life, and power, and wisdom. And so, be of good faith, and never heed, but make war in righteousness with the beast, dragon, whore, and her followers; for by the Lord many walls and troops have ye gone through and leaped over [Psa 18:29], and the Lord hath given you dominion over that which warred against you [Rev 17:14]; and by the power of the Lord ye have overcome, and in the power of the Lord ye will overcome all, and in it will stand, when all the contrary is gone. And know your portion, and sit down in the possession of it: so, every one of you to be in your possessions and inheritances, and with the shield of faith and helmet of salvation, and the breast-plate of righteousness, and the sword of the spirit [Eph 6:14-17], the word of God [Heb 4:12], which was before deceit was, which will hammer [Jer 23:29], and break, and cut down all that which is contrary. And being shod with the preparation of the gospel [Eph 6:15], which is the power of God [Rom 1:16], which was before the fall was, in that stand, in the power of God, which was before the devil was, and will remain when he is gone.

G. F.

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