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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 195

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Friends,—All that are moved of the Lord by his power, light, and life, to go into other nations, as messengers of his covenant [Mal 3:1] of light [Isa 42:6], to preach the gospel, according to that which shows the secrets of every man's heart [1 Cor 14:25], wherein nations are brought into covenant with God, and redeemed out of tongues, and people, and kindreds [Rev 5:9]: keep your feet upon the top of the mountains, and sound deep to the witness of God [1 Jn 5:9] in every man; then will your feet be beautiful, that publish peace [Isa 52:7]; and to the <186> captives proclaim liberty, with your feet upon the mountains publishing peace, binding up the broken-hearted, [Isa 61:1] having oil of gladness for them that mourn [Isa 61:3]. And this is the word of the Lord God to you, keep ye atop of the heads of all the mountains of sin and opposition, in innocency, meekness, and true humility, in the fear of God; that in his dread and wisdom ye may all be kept, and in the fear of the Lord stayed. And dwell in the ‘light of Christ, that doth enlighten every man that comes into the world, that all through him might believe [John 1:9];’ and bring all to believe in the light, to give them the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ [2 Cor 4:6], from whom the light comes that they are all enlightened with; and that they may come into the covenant of light with God and his people. And so, dwell in the power of the Lord God, that ye may comprehend the world, and see over it all: and keep ye over all the unclean spirits, and execute true judgment, answering to that of God in every man; and here is the saints' honour [Psa 149:9]. And this is the word of the Lord God to you: enter not into consultings with the wrong nature, lest ye consult with the adversary, whose head must be bruised; and lest in the meantime, that blind your eye, and raise up a light spirit in you, and take you captive. But dwell in the power, dread, and fear of the Lord God, that ye may answer that of God in every man, and stop the mouth of that which opposes [Tit 1:11]; that ye may blind the eye that will not see the light, and the ear stop that will not hear it [Isa 6:10], for that must be judged. For that is it that keeps all from conversion, and that is the seed of the serpent, which must be bruised with the seed of the woman, yea, the head of it [Gen 3:15]: and keep atop of the head of it, that ye may answer that of God in every man; and be kept atop of the contrary, and tread it under feet. And so, the Lord God Almighty keep you in his power and wisdom, and by it bind the unruly; and when ye have bound them, then ye may speak to them, and by it fetter them [Job 36:8f?]; then ye may catch them when ye will, when they are fettered. And get the yoke upon the wild heifer [Hos 10:11?]; then will ye save yourselves from a push, and bring them down, and order them with the power, and reach to the witness. And see, that ye keep the bit in the wild horse's mouth [Psa 32:9, James 3:3], whereby his head may be held down: and howsoever, see that he be bridled, then with the power he will be ordered; though he snuffs and snores, the bridle being kept in his mouth, he is held down by it: though he cries aha, aha; that is above the witness. And when this is done, being kept in the power, ye will know him, that rides meekly upon the foal of the ass [Zech 9:9], (the colt, the foal of the ass,) to Jerusalem, the highest place of worship; who brings the prisoner out of the pit, where there is no water [Zech 9:11]. Christ, the same to-day as yesterday, and for ever [Heb 13:8]. And the Lamb gets the victory [Rev 17:14], he that sits meekly upon the colt, the foal of the ass, he it is <187> that gets the victory, he by whom the world was made [John 1:3], who is not of the world [John 8:23], that treads upon the highest worship in the world. Lay hands upon no man suddenly [1 Tim 5:22], I warn and charge you all in the presence of the living God, but touch the witness of God in every one.

G. F.

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