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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 194

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Dear friends, who have found the better part, and chosen the better thing, the one thing [Luke 10:42], which lasteth for ever, which is the ground of all true rejoicing and joy [1 Th 2:19?], in whom ye have all riches and life, and the blessings, and the immortal power, to be your crown and covering. And it may be, there will be a time of shearing and clipping; but the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof [Ps 24:1]. So, mind him to be your portion, and the seed Christ [Gal 3:16] your all, and your life; and fear not losing the fleece, for it will grow again. And keep your meetings in the name of him that never fell [1 Pet 2:22], which is above all the meetings of Adam's sons and daughters in the fall. And keep in the fellowship in the gospel [Phil 1:5], which is the power of God [Rom 1:16], which was before the devil was; and this fellowship is above all the national fellowships in the fall of Adam. And keep in the worship of the Father in the spirit and in the truth [John 4:24], which the devil is out of [John 8:44], and in that ye will live in the truth and spirit in yourselves, and walk in unity in the same; and then ye are over all the will-worships [Col 2:3] in the fall of Adam, where they are in the strife about them. And who are come to the church in God [1 Th 1:1], do see above all the churches of Adam in the fall, drove from God. And as the outward Jews suffered by the outward Egyptians and Babylonians, and they persecuted them and killed their children; so the spiritual Egyptians [Rev 11:8] and mystery Babylon [Rev 17:5] persecute and would kill the Jews in spirit [Rom 2:29], that worship God in the spirit, whose praise is of God, and not of man [Rom 2:29], and such have none from fallen men, but by them are persecuted. But all such go, as dumb before their shearers [Isa 53:7]; for he that gave his back and his cheek to the smiters [Isa 50:6], overcame, and reigns, and hath the victory and the honour, who is Christ, the amen [Rev 3:14], the first and last [Rev 1:11], the top and corner stone [Eph 2:20]; in him sit down [Eph 2:6], in life, and peace, and rest. So no more, but my love in the everlasting seed, the second Adam [1 Cor 15:45,47], that never fell nor changed, whose love is above all the love in Adam's house in the fall.

G. F.

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