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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 188

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Friends,—Live in the seed of God that destroys the devil [Heb 2:14], who is the author and cause of wars and strife, and bringing of men and people into the earth, where the war, strife, and pride are; here the outward swordsmen have not learned yet to beat their swords and spears into ploughshares and pruning hooks [Isa 2:4]. Yet ye that are in that seed, see that ye accuse no man falsely [Luke 3:14], that hath the sword of justice, which is to keep the peace, and is a terror to the evil doers [Rom 13:3f], and to keep down the transgressors, and for the praise of them that do well [1 Pet 2:14]; this is owned in its place. But he that killeth with the sword, must perish with the sword [Mat 26:52]. So there was a time the Jews were to fight with outward weapons, with sword, and spear [Neh 4:13-18]; but there is a time, when nations shall not learn war any more, but shall come to that which shall take away the occasion of wars, which was in the beginning before wars were. And Friends take heed of blending yourselves with the outward powers of the earth. . . .

In the seed of God is the stayed state, and in that are the life and peace with God, and the offering that satisfieth God, and that perfecteth for ever them that are sanctified [Heb 10:14]. And the seed bruises and destroys the serpent's head [Gen 3:15], who is the prince of the air [Eph 2:2], the prince of darkness, the tempter [Mat 4:3, 1 Th 3:5] and the troubler; in which seed is peace and life enjoyed, and by the wisdom of it be ordered to God's glory [Wis 8:1, 1 Cor 10:31]. And there the reign of Christ is known, who is come to reign and to rule.

G. F.

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