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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 157

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Friends,—By the wisdom of God were all things made [John 1:3, Wis 7:22], and by the wisdom of God must all things be ordered again to God's glory [Wis 8:1, 1 Cor 10:31]. Transgression and sin bring death and destruction; but that wisdom is hid from all their eyes that live in sin, by which wisdom all things were made and created; which was, before sin, death, and destruction were. And so, that is it, which the creatures and creation of God must be ordered by, that wisdom which made them, and doth not change; which is hid from death and destruction, and from that which is in the transgression of life, and must not rule. So Friends every where, be tender to those that have forsaken any thing for truth. And if that their parents have put them out from them, or their masters put them away for truth's sake, and them that are put out of their places for truth's sake, such in the truth receive and cherish; that they may be kept in the service of the creation to God's glory, answering that of God in all. For every one is to abide in their places [Exo 16:29], and there to be faithful, except they be put out, or put away, and be buffeted for no fault, and take it patiently; that is thanksworthy. And do good unto all, especially to them that are of the household of faith [Gal 6:10], and be as the church of God, guided in the wisdom of the Most High, who causeth his rain to fall upon the just and upon the unjust [Mat 5:45]. And so, be ye merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful [Luke 6:36]. And know the seed of God that is heir of the promise [Gal 3:29] in every one of you, and the wisdom, by which all things must be ordered to his glory, who upholds all things by his word of power [Heb 1:3]. By which word of wisdom all things were created, and must be ordered again to the glory of the Creator; in which man will be kept clean unto God, and honour God with his substance, and glorify God in his spirit. Whereby every one's conversation will come to be ordered aright [Psa 50:23], and ye come to set down in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus [E;ph 2:6]; and to know the high calling of God in Christ Jesus [Phil 3:14], who calls out of darkness into the light [1 Pet 2:9], out of death into life. For he that calls, is holy [1 Pet 1:15], and calls into holiness [1 Th 4:7], without which none shall see the Lord [Heb 12:14].

And all Friends, be faithful in the seed and life of the Lord God; that is it which abideth in the love of God for ever, where every one hath his bread which comes down from above [John 6:35-58]. That is the birth, <150> which abideth in the house of the Lord God for ever [Psa 23:6], and shall go no more forth; which is greater than he that is in the world [1 Jn 4:4]. And in the seed and life keep your meetings with God and one with another. So in that the Lord God Almighty preserve you all to his glory.

G. F.

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