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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 155

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Friends,—Ye that be turned to the light in it wait, in it meet together, that with it your hearts may be joined together up to Christ, the head, from whence the light doth come; with which ye may see all the world and all the gatherings that are out of the light, which are in the vanities of their minds, and in the rebelliousness of their hearts, and stubbornness of it from the light. But ye believing in the light [John 12:36] and receiving it, ye receive and come into the covenant with God, and peace with God; and into that which gives the knowledge of his glory [2 Cor 4:6] and of his image. And this belief giveth the victory over the world [1 Jn 5:4], and brings unto God, and into his likeness, and separates you from the world, and its likeness, and image, and its fashion, which are out of the light; and its knowledge, and its wisdom, and its honour, and its fear, <147> and its love, and its rejoicing, which are out of the light in the flesh, and in the iniquity, where the soul is in death. But in the light rejoicing and walking, ye receive the love of God shed abroad into your hearts [Rom 5:5], which love rejoiceth in the truth [1 Cor 13:6], (mark,) in that which the devil abode not in [John 8;44]. With that ye know and will know the increase of God [Col 2:19], and know God and his law put in your minds, and in your hearts written [Rom 2:15], where the fear is placed [Jer 32:40], where the secrets of the Lord are revealed [Deut 29:29], and the light, which is the truth, comes to be walked in. Here is a joy in the Lord where no flesh glories [1 Cor 1:29]. In this waiting, (in the light,) the world where there is no end it gives you to see; and the power of the world which is to come, ye will come to see and be partakers of. Which power ye receiving (who are in the light,) it brings you to become the sons of God [John 1:12], and to be heirs of the world where there is no end, and of the everlasting inheritance which fadeth not away [1 Pet 1:4], and the riches which are durable [Prov 8:18], where no thief can come, nor nothing to rust or canker [Mat 6:19f]; for that is out of the light that doth thieve, rust, or canker, and in the transgression. Therefore, ye saints in the light [Col 1:12] of the most high God [Dan 3:26, Acts 16:17], whose name is dreadful amongst you [Mal 1:14], and his power made manifest in measure, and his glory appearing, walk worthy of the high calling [Eph 4:1, Phil 3:14]! Keep your dominion, keep your place of rest in the power and strength of the Almighty, and meet together in the love, unity, and peace, and know one another in this love that changeth not; which being received, ye walk in that which condemns that which is changeable. This love rejoiceth in the truth, and hath dominion over him that abode not in the truth, but rejoiceth in that which the devil abode not in. And here the spirit is received in which God is worshipped [John 4:24], the Father of spirits [Heb 12:9]. He that believeth here believes in the Lord, and shall never be confounded; for he believes in that which doth confound and condemn those who are out of the light, and gone from the word of God in the heart, and from the power of God, and from the light of the glorious gospel, which is the power of God [Rom 1:16]. The God of the world hath blinded their eyes [2 Cor 4:4] that abide not in the truth, they are gone from the light which is the truth; and all that are blinded by the god of the world, these are out of the light and out of the truth. Therefore ye being in the light, and to it turned, (the light of the glorious gospel,) the image of God is seen, and the glorious gospel received. Therefore walk in the light [John 1:7] as the children of the light [Eph 5:8], and know the wisdom that is of her children justified [Mat 11:19]; that ye may answer the light in every one (that comes into the world) that hateth it [Col 4:6/John 1:9/John 3:19f]. And keep your habitations [Jude 1:6], that ye may every one feel your spring in the light which comes from the Lord, and feel your nourishment and refreshment; which waters the plants and causeth them to grow up in the Lord, from whom the pure, living springs come. And <148> here is the water which is the witness in the earth, which doth wash; and here comes the spirit to be known, the witness which doth baptize, and the witness the blood, which doth cleanse, which agrees with the witness in heaven [1 Jn 5:6-8]. So, he that believes hath the witness in himself [1 Jn 5:10]. (Mark and take notice.) And so, ye being in the light, every one in particular feed upon the bread of life which comes from above, which nourisheth up to eternal life [John 6:35-58]; wherein as every one grows up, here every one gives glory to the Father, and to the son, and knows the light which is the way, the truth, and the life [John 14:6]. Every one of you that are turned to it, ye are in the one way, truth, light, and life, feeding upon the one bread which comes from above; which whosoever doth eat of lives for ever, and shall never die [John 6:51].

Let this be read among all Friends every where, in this nation and elsewhere, that to the light are turned and in it are kept, that in the unity they may all be kept. And in it God Almighty preserve and keep you, that ye may feel his promises, which are to the seed; and know the seed to which the blessing is, and know the flesh of Christ, that ye may be flesh of his flesh [Gen 2:23]. And friends, live at peace among yourselves, waiting upon the Lord; and the Lord God of life and peace be with you.

Let no Friends be discouraged; but walk in the truth [3 Jn 1:3] and the love of it, and to it bend.

G. F.

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