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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 145

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Friends,—Where there is strife among any of you, mind the light to judge it down and condemn it; by which light your minds may be guided up to Christ, where there is no strife, to learn of him [Mat 11:29], and to condemn all that with the light, which a ground to reproach truth, and to see your nakedness. For that which is out of the light will fall and confound itself. So mind that which keeps your <138> peace, and condemns that which leads into weakness; and that which will let in prejudice, goes from the light. All which is to be condemned with the light, which leads to Christ the covenant of peace [Ezek 37:26]. And where there is strife which leads out into many words [1 Tim 6:4?], such will wither and bring themselves under condemnation at last. Such must be silent and mind that which doth condemn them; that the life in them may arise, wherein is no strife. For where men's spirits are high, something is stirring that should be kept under; take heed that get not up into rule. So first learn the ministry of condemnation [2 Cor 3:9] in yourselves, that life may arise, before ministry in the spirit be known, which preacheth peace by Jesus Christ [Acts 10:36], where there is no strife. Therefore wait to know the time of silence [Eccl 3:7]. And all Friends, let your patience and moderation be known to all men [Phil 4:5]; for nothing is attained to that is good by strife, for that is out of Christ in the forward will, which is to be condemned with the light, (where is the unity,) which cometh from Christ, and leadeth up to Christ the covenant of life. And take heed, all Friends, of causing his name to be blasphemed through you among the heathen [Ezek 36:20-23], but mind and wait to receive the love of God which bears all things, and suffers all things [1 Cor 13:7]; and so comes to receive the armour of righteousness [2 Cor 6:7], which quenches all the fiery darts of satan [Eph 6:16], that the patience that bears and suffers all things may be witnessed.

G. F.

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