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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 142

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All my dear friends,—Keep up your heads above the waters and the sea, in which there is a tempest. Fear not the devil, nor all his darts nor weapons, nor all his soldiers and instruments that he keeps in league with; but mind the power of God and the light of Jesus, and be clothed with, and put on the armour of light [Rom 13:12], and the helmet of salvation, and the breast-plate of righteousness, the shield of faith [Eph 6:14,16f], in which ye have victory [1 Jn 5:4], and unity [Eph 4:13], and access to God [Rom 5:2]. And dwell in patience and love to God, and one towards another; for the lamb must have the victory over them all, the wild beasts in the field or wilderness, who are in the fall from God. And though these beasts' horns be never so long, yet the lamb shall conquer them; who gets the victory, and overcomes [Rev 17:14], and takes away the sin [John 1:29]. And the lamb hath wisdom, the lamb hath power; follow him, then ye shall have his mind, wisdom, and patience; and in that ye follow the spirit of truth, and are led by that [John 16:13/Rom 8:14] (against which there is no law [Gal 5:23]) in which there is life and peace, and fellowship with the son and the Father, and all the saints, and their words. Therefore live in the truth, and then ye live in Christ the way [John 14:6], that lives, who was before the untruth was, in which the many ways in the wilderness are. And living in the truth ye live in the love and unity, yea, in that which was before the enmity was, and imperfection; in which truth is all perfection of love, and life, and light, which light, <137> life, and truth is the way to God, in whom the church is which Christ is the head of [Col 1:18]. And who come to this church they come into God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; and who come to God, they must come into the light, life, and truth. And that is the way in which people are renewed into God's image of holiness and righteousness again [Col 3:10/Eph 4:24], in which God is seen. Which way is out of the ways of man, that is fallen from the image of God's righteousness and true holiness; in which way are all the gadders abroad from God, out of the life.

G. F.

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