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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 141

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All Friends every where, that are in any sufferings, let your sufferings be gathered up together in every county, ye that have suffered by justices, or constables, or bailiffs; let your names be set to your sufferings, and a name or two to witness them, and the names of them that caused you to suffer. . . . Now these not judging and doing justly, sheriffs, juries, constables not doing justly, righteously, or equally; the sufferings being gathered together, short and true, and their actions that have not been just and righteous, who caused the righteous to suffer and truth to fall in the gates, and in the streets, that equity cannot enter [Isa 59:14], (for equity cannot enter where truth is fallen ; for that which lets in equity is truth.) Gather up such your sufferings in every county, that suffer by the unjust and unrighteous, and deliver them to the judges that they may see it; that they may judge justly and see what is done in the family to whom they give their charge, and what their master's servants have done, justices, sheriff, constables. And if the judge that sits in the gate will not judge righteously, nor plead the cause of the innocent [Prov 31:19], nor help the helpless, nor break the jaws of the wicked [Job 29:17] that tear and rend the innocent, (but is light and vain,) God, who is just, is ready to plead their cause [various, e.g. Psa 35:1], and to judge and cast out the unjust judges [Luke 18:6]. For he that judgeth among the judges, (and relieves the oppressed, and helps the helpless, and strengthens the weak hands and feeble knees [Isa 36:3], and gives righteousness to every one that loves it, to every one whose intents are upright and <136> single,) gives true judgment agreeable to that of himself in every one, and crosses the ends and intents of every one that is from that, and gives judgment upon the unjust. . . .

G. F.

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