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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 135

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Dear friends and lambs, put on the armour of light [Rom 13:12], and the shield of truth [Psa 91:4], and the breast-plate of righteousness [Eph 6:14], that ye may stand in battle against all the Philistines, and the enemies of God, being led and guided with the spirit up to God, the Father of spirits [Heb 12:9]; that what ye do beget may be to him and into his image, and that which ye do present, it may be perfect [Col 1:28?]. And so mind this. Sow not sparingly [2 Cor 9:6], for the <132> Lord hath a seed that-aways. So the Lord God Almighty preserve you! And stir abroad whilst the door is open, and the light shineth; and so go on in that which letteth you see the world, to comprehend it, and to see what is imprisoned by it and suffereth by it. So the Lord give you an understanding in all things, and his arm go along with you, that ye may be to his glory. And the blessing of the Lord be with you!

Dear Francis and Edward, in the life of God wait, that ye may be with it led and kept to receive wisdom from God, that ye may order all things [Wis 8:1] there with it, and be manifest to the witness of God in all [1 Jn 5:9f] that ye may beget to God; that as good ploughmen, and good threshermen [1 Cor 9:10] ye may be, to bring out the wheat. So the Lord God Almighty keep and preserve you.

G. F.

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