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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 128

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All Friends, to that which is pure, take heed, that with that all your minds may be kept up to God, who is pure; that as the lily ye all may grow [Hos 14:5], and receive wisdom from God how to use the creatures in their places, to the glory of him that created them. For wo is unto you, that lay up for the latter day with covetousness; ye act in that nature contrary to the light, taking thought for to-morrow ‘what ye shall eat, and what ye shall drink, and what ye shall put on.’ Look at the life which is more than food, and the body which is more that raiment; and consider the lilies and ravens, and who feedeth them, and clotheth the earth? [Mat 6:25-30] That in the faith ye may stand, and with it ye may come to see him who is invisible [Heb 11:27]. He who lays up for the latter day with covetousness, goes from that, which should keep him out of days, up to God, the beginning of days; here the Ancient of Days [Dan 7:9] comes to be seen, and the life out of death springs, and a diligent serving God is known, and everyone for his family provides. For he is worse than an infidel, that doth not [1 Tim 5:8]. That which was before days were, mind, which brings to be diligent, serving the Lord; and that keeps down the destroyer. And that keeps down the covetous and the fleshly principle, and that which would run out into the observation of days [Gal 4:10]. And that keeps the life up, out of the earth, and keeps from trusting in the riches that are uncertain, and brings to trust in God, who is living [1 Tim :17], who is the condemner of all the gods, who have eyes, and see not [Psa 115:5]; who keep people under their dominion from the light. But all who take heed to the light, see God, who is living, who seeth all things.

G. F.

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